Issue # 1

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One of the biggest problems I find living in the Big Apple is the crappy transition into spring, all the precipitation that you get. First it's the snows of winter that have their charm in the romantic feelings that they bring up, but then it becomes days of endless rain. Snow I can handle because who doesn't love snow besides people who have never seen snow before and would probably think that it was a sign of the end of the world. Rain however is an annoyance, especially when it's cold because then it's like a cold shower all day and unfortunately with my outfit and my chest a rainy day means pictures on the internet. I remember some things about my old Earth, but I don't remember men staring at my chest that much back there.

My name is Karen Starr, CEO of Starr Enterprises, but secretly I am Kara Zor-L, otherwise known as Power Girl. I was born on a planet called Krypton, not the same Krypton that Superman comes from, well this worlds Superman, but a Krypton from a different universe. Just think of me as a Supergirl from an alternate dimension or universe. My universe was destroyed, but I survived somehow and now I've tried making a home in this universe except there are great differences in this world. To that end I started up the identity of Karen Starr and built my company to help change the world for a better place while kicking butt as Power Girl. Of course the men in this universe are total pigs, not that they weren't pigs in the last one, but they…they didn't forget to thank me for saving their lives just because they were too busy blatantly staring at my chest. They sometimes did, but they weren't obviously doing it.

But at that moment I had bigger problems, like the rain that seemed to be pelting my suit, which is thankfully absorbent enough so that it doesn't become see through and it's padded in areas so there are no embarrassing shots. And there was also mass chaos in Hell's Kitchen, but that's my duty as a superhero, I just hate added annoyances. I'd thought about calling Terra but I forgot who she was staying with and this needed to be resolved now. I flew as fast as I could towards Hell's kitchen after changing into my costume and leaving through the secret elevator shaft in my office. I was greeted by the usual scene, people running away from the chaos, the police trying to get those people to safety while keeping those too curious for their own good from running into the danger. Some things don't change, no matter what Earth you come from, a fact that is very comforting to say the least.

"Okay what do we got here," I asked the officer who seemed to be in charge, Officer Stagg.

"Some damn crazed metahuman started a shit fit in a bar," replied Stagg as he ran a hand through his black hair. "Sgt. Miller went in to try to calm the guy down but he hasn't come back. Suspect was first being tailed by another patrol for indecent exposure, but they lost sight of him. Apparently our weirdo's fast and wearing nothing but a Speedo."

"I'm sorry what was that last part," I asked, hoping that something crazy had just popped into ear and I didn't just hear that I'd be fighting a fast moving, strong guy wearing nothing but a Speedo. The crap I put up with sometimes is astounding, but I've never had to face a barely clothed man.

"Yeah, our suspect is dressed in what was described as a white speedo," replied Stagg as he looked down at his pad. "Don't worry, according to one witness he has a 'sweet ass.' So I guess all I can say is have fun with that. Arresting the guy…not his ass."

"I guess I better get this over with," I said with a sigh, not looking forward to having to take this guy down mainly because of how twitter would explode with random rumors as soon as I go in.

The police had blocked off the area within a five mile radius of the situation because these things usually get out of hand and could easily spill out within ten miles, but that was too much area to block off. In the middle of it all was this bar that was usually frequented with the less respectable entrepreneurs of the city and the more violent citizens. I really can't say that I was surprised that this was the bar where this was going to down because I've had to deal with multiple crimes at that particular location or around the general area. Why do bad guys always attack the same places? Maybe they'd be more successful if they put their base of operations in a place that is defended by superheroes.

"Alright I don't know who you are or what you're problem, but I'm going to have to ask you to stop causing trouble," I ordered as I walked in to be greeted to the sight of cowering thugs, unconscious thugs, and a few cops who were much of the same status. In the middle of all of this was a man with neck length red hair, maybe an inch shorter than me, and unfortunately wore nothing but a Speedo. "And also, put on some pants, no one is impressed by your over inflated ego!"

He looked at me for a second before cocking his head to the side a bit, as if he were studying me. He gave me a look over, as if he was sizing me up, and most thankfully he didn't stare at my chest. He looked down at the ground, as if he were looking for something that he dropped and reached down to pull the pants off an unconscious person before looking at them and putting them on. I let out a long sigh as I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration, hoping that this wasn't some crazed male stripper with super powers. I've never fought one, but I'd never live it down if I did. I'd probably wind up killing Guy Gardener and maybe a few others.

"Could you please put those pants back on their rightful owner," I said politely, hoping he wasn't one of those psycho types. "I'll go get you some pants, just wait right here."

"Statement: Yes I think that would be wise, the wearer doesn't seem to be wearing anything else underneath," said the man as he put the pants back onto the person he took them off of.

"I did not need to know that," I groaned as I flew out of the bar and to the nearest clothing store, picked up a pair of jeans which I hoped fit him and flew off leaving money on the counter. I returned to find him standing there staring at the spot I was at before looking at me. Okay well that wasn't creepy or anything. "Okay you can wear these I guess."

"Statement: Thank you, I had originally hoped to find a place to buy clothes," he said with a smile of gratitude that was genuine,…but his words sounded strange, like this man might be an escaped mental patient. At least he had more clothes on, though I should have gotten him a shirt. "I asked some of the men here if they knew where I could find clothes and half of them responded with rude statements while the other half acted with hostility. The only solution I could find was to counteract their hostility with my own, but I appear to be a lot stronger than they are. The situation got out of control before I realized what was happening."

"Okay now that you have pants on you could inform me who or what you are," I said, relieved that the awkwardness had gone some, I still wondered why he had to be terrorizing New York. Surely Kara or Diana didn't have to deal with nearly naked men with super strength causing chaos in the worst part of their city.

"Statement: I have no idea of that myself," replied the man with a tone that was almost natural save for the emotionless way he started with statement.

"Where are you from," I asked, now feeling a bit weirded out by the man's manner of speech.

"Response: I don't know."

"Do you have a name?"

"Response: I have no name to the best of my knowledge."

"Do you know where you are?"

"Response: I lack awareness of the exact location of where I am, but I believe New York City."

"Are you alright? Do you need any help?"

"Response: I have not come to any harm, but I am distressed on a psychological level. Query: Was I correct in the evaluation that I am now currently in New York City?"

"Yes you were correct about that, but why do you ask? Where was the last place you remember being?"

"Response: I do not have any memories of ever being anywhere else but this New York City and I ask because that's the only thing I knew when I woke up. What happened before I woke up or where my abilities come from I have no idea."

"Why do you talk like that," I asked, finally not being able to bare the weight of the question that hung up in the air above our heads. He looked at me questioningly for a second and then down at his feet with the same expression. "Are you even human?"

"Response: I do not know," he replied as he shut his eyes hard and then opened them. The distress in his eyes made me question how he hadn't collapsed under the stress he was dealing with at this moment and I started to wonder if I could help him. "As to your other question…I'm…never really thought about it. Those men called me in-human and I'm afraid that they're correct in their assumptions."

"Okay, don't worry, I'll try to help you, just tell me what you do remember," I said, trying my best to keep him in this calm state before he snaps and I have to take him down. "Where did you wake up?"

"Response: I remember waking up in a lab of some kind that was far too advanced in equipment for the location it was settled in," replied the man as he sat down on the floor with his legs crossed Native American-style. "There were many people lying on the ground, though they weren't unconscious like the ones here, they were all dead. I left through a door leading to the street where I walked in hopes that someone might help me, but all I found were rude…cops…that's what they're called. They weren't rude but they were not friendly as they started to threaten me if I didn't go back to where I came from. Seeing as how I didn't like where I came from I ran."

"Could you show me to where this place," I asked holding out my hand. "I'm sure that if we find out who you are if we examine that lab."

"Statement: If you believe that will help then I'll go," he replied as he took my hand with a strong grip, definitely a metahuman though his upper limits were probably unknown. "Please tell me if I'm gripping too hard."

"I'm stronger than the average human so you don't have to worry but I wouldn't suggest using that grip on a regular human."

"Statement: I thought I was adjusting for a regular person. Query: Do you plan on flying there?"

"Are you able to fly," I asked.

"Response: No I am not able to fly and with how I do know I am more durable than most humans, I'd prefer to stay on the ground if I can."

"How far is it to the lab from here?"

"Response: It is 2.4 miles East of this direction. I don't know how I know that, but I am sure of the distance. I can run there in about thirty seconds if you can fly that fast."

"Alright then, but I'll have to inform some friends about this, one of them could definitely help," I said before making a call to the JSA and JLA for any detectives who have the time. Sand was too busy fighting off sleep, Dick Grayson was busy in Gotham, but Bruce was available, though I wondered how good it would be having Batman menace the poor guy. "Someone will meet us there to help us find any evidence. I'll need you to take the lead."

"Statement: Alright then," he said and he shot out in a run, his top speed by the look on his face. I could match that, after all I can do anything Superman can. I caught up to him in no time only to find a confused, somewhat shocked look on his face.

"Is something wrong," I asked as I looked at the lab that he had described only to find an empty basement with a cold slab and no bodies. "Are you sure this is the place?"

"Response: Yes this is the exact location and that is the exact same table I woke up on," he cried, oddly enough he only yelled after he said 'response,' almost like some robot from Star Wars. Then it got weirder as he started to stagger a bit, his eyes not focusing right and I noticed that his eyes were different colors, one was silver and the other was gold. "Statement: I…feel…"

He collapsed on the street, both eyes never shutting but there was the barest sign of life to him and when I reached over to feel his pulse it was faint. I knew I had to get him medical attention so I rushed him to the Hall of Justice to teleport to the Watchtower. Luckily Dr. Midnight was on call and was immediately able to check on him along with Bruce, who oddly enough was already in the Watchtower to check up on whatever the hell he checked up on, really I don't think anyone wants to know. I was able to relay everything that I had experienced from the beginning of walking in on him, omitting the barely clothed part and pants part. The one thing I hate about going to Bruce for detective work is that his face never changes and he always looks as if he's plotting something with everything you tell him, not unlike every super villain I've ever faced.

"I think we should check up on Dr. Midnight's medical assessment," was all he said and then he walked off to where the man was laid out. "Has he regained consciousness yet?"

"Not yet though I believe his condition is stable for the moment," replied Dr. Midnight as he started to use the defibrillator to stabilize the man's heart. "Does he have a name?"

"No, at least as far as he knows," I replied only to have Batman give that stroking of the chin that meant he was brining all the worst case scenarios to mind.

"Is he machine, a type of android," asked Bruce, which I was thinking as well.

"No there is definite organic matter inside, all the major human organs," replied Dr. Midnight as he pulled up the scans from the machine. They were strangely…blurry, almost like an old television set except this was one of the most advanced scanners in the galaxy. "Though the feedback that the scanners are getting is…peculiar."

"The only way to know for sure is to sedate him and cut him open," said Batman as he took off his gloves to put on a pair of latex ones.

"Interjection: Don't I have a say to you cutting into me," said the man as he sat up from the table, breaking the restraints that were put on him. Good thing that I've been in this line of work for so long or else I might have been startled. Showing fear in front of Batman is like dropping blood in a shark pool. "Apology: Sorry for that, I…I just thought it was cold."

"How long have you've been conscious," I asked, a slight grunt from Batman meant that I had beaten him to the punch, better give let him answer the next questions or else he'll get cranky.

"Response: In truth I was conscious when the scan started," he replied as he looked at the machine with great interest. "I'm relieved to find that I am somewhat human, at least technically, but that still does not help me achieve any normalcy or identify who or what I am. Query: Could my face be matched with an international database to try and find my identity?"

"We did that, but we've yet to come up with anything," replied Batman, the "Bat"-look already on his face for intimidation (or that could be how he always looks). "Do you know where your abilities come from? Do they feel natural? What do we call you?"

"Response: I know how a normal human body should feel, but this feels different. I feel more powerful than before and I'm not conscious on what I can do, only that I can do more than I've already displayed. As to your question of what to call me…Query: what would you call me?"

"I think it would be best if you chose a name yourself," said Batman, obviously wanting to see what type of name the man would come up with, anything to get a better idea of him. Not exactly the most cheerful of the group.

"Request: Would you mind if I chose Emet for my name," asked the man in his strange way of talking.

"The Hebrew word for truth, are you Jewish," I asked, once again beating Batman to the punch and probably making him crabbier than he already was.

"Response: Such things are unknown, but I…remember that word and what it means. What I remember it from, where I heard it, or why I chose that particular word is unknown to me. Query: What is to become of me now? Where will I stay? Statement: I hardly believe you would simply send me off on my way with the powers I contain and the potential of misunderstanding or mental instability."

"Karen, this was your bust so I guess it's up to you what we should do with him," declared Batman as he used his cloak to cover himself up. "Your lab crew could take a look at him."

"I doubt he would feel comfortable to be prodded like an object," I replied with a sigh at the new recent development. He wasn't staying in my apartment, that was for sure, but leaving him here with Batman watching over him was hardly a good idea, not that I thought Bruce would do anything it was that I wasn't sure about the man. "But I could disguise him as a night guard or something so he can stay there. Would that be okay with you, Emet?"

"Response: Anyplace would be fine as long as it does not involve dissecting me. I would like to remain as I am, not that I believe you would be the type of person to be carrying on such experiments in your lab. Query: Where would I be able to get more clothes though? Statement: I believe there is a hygienic need to change clothes and these undergarments are more in line for swimming than actual protection of the genital area."

Oh my god, I had some awkward days ahead.

Author's Note: I don't know how good this start is, but I one to stress that I'm doing this as a ocXpowergirl fic, I just thought the character would fit in well with the comedy aspect of Powergirl and I hope this does work. Please read and review.