Chapter Three

That night, Lizzie sat up on her bed, Gordo beside her, with History books on the Holocaust open in front of them.

"Agh! I can't concentrate! I'm just so worried about Miranda." Lizzie looked far off, a sad expression on her face. "I didn't see her the rest of the day yesterday. She'll probably get detention."

"Okay, what happened again? Kate just attacked Miranda?" Gordo put down one of the books.

Lizzie nodded her head, "Yeah, that's pretty much what happened."

"Man! My bladder is gonna burst if I don't get to the bathroom now!" Gordo hopped off the bed, holding his stomach. Lizzie sniggered as she watched him run out of the room.

It was a silent night. Outside she could hear the faint bark of a dog. Her cellphone rang with it's bouncy little ringtone under her leg. She pulled it out. UKNOWN, the LCD screen said. She answered it anyway. "Hello?"

There was silence on the other end. Complete silence.

"Hello?" Lizzie said, irritated.

More silence.

She hung up, but before she did she could have sworn she hear someone whisper Lizzie on the other line . . .

Gordo came out of the bathroom and sauntered back in.

"Much better! Now, that's let's get back to business!" he jumped onto the bed.

Lizzie cell buzzed.

A text.

Picking it up, she opened the message and read it.

Dear, Lizzie. My heart burns for you. And I will do anything to have you. Even if it means killing anyone who gets in my way.

Love, Stalker.

Lizzie's mouth hung open at the text. She threw her phone to the end of the bed. It bounced off and clattered to the floor.

"Wow. What's wrong?" Gordo asked, worriedly.

"Nothing. Just . . . nothing." Lizzie shook her head, looking down so she wouldn't have to look at Gordo.

She never was a good liar.

But the text had to be a prank.

It had to be, right?

Next day at school, Lizzie couldn't find Miranda anywhere. Perhaps she and Kate had been suspended. But up ahead, Kate was standing with her posse of friends. Her lip had a small clean cut at the bottom and her cheek seemed to be bruised. Lizzie noticed that when she shifted her bag on her shoulder, Kate's face went into a grimace of pain.

She looked around.

No sign of Miranda.

Then someone tapped her shoulder.

Lizzie whirled around and there was Miranda. Her normally glossy black hair was all dishevelled and dead looking, as if she had just finished her fight with Kate. Lizzie noticed that she had a black and blue bruise that spread down from her left eye to her cheek. She looked at Lizzie with an unhappy look.

"Miranda . . . are you okay?" Lizzie began to twist her locker combination, watching her friend closely.

After a slight pause, Miranda sighed. "Yeah. Had better days. Spending my lunch and after school time in detention for the next month."

"That sucks." was all Lizzie could say.

"You have no idea." Miranda gave Lizzie a slight smile.

Miranda turned to her locker, unlocked and opened it. When she pulled the door open, a small white sheet of folded paper came fluttering out.

Bending down, Miranda picked it up and unfolded it. She read it. Lizzie watched Miranda's eyes scanning the paper. Her dark brown eyes suddenly widened.

"What is it?" Lizzie asked, running around beside Miranda to look at the note.

Lizzie read.

Dear, Miranda.

Stay away from Lizzie, or you'll suffer . . .


Lizzie's blue eyes widened, just as Miranda's had. "Oh my God. I can't believe this!" Lizzie gasped. "Last night I got a text saying this . . ." Lizzie pulled out her cell phone from her pocket, found the message she had receive the night before and showed it to Miranda.

"O-oh . . ." Miranda stuttered.

Lizzie looked at Miranda with very worried eyes. "Do you think this could only a prank? This text and your note?"

"I think so, Lizzie. It's no big deal." Miranda threw the letter into the back of her locker and took out an English textbook.

"I also got this weird phone call last night. But no one was on the other line." Lizzie explained.

Miranda sighed, "C'mon, Lizzie. It was probably just someone fucking around with us. Just drop it. I'm sure there is nothing to be worried about."

"But who do you think it could have been?"

Miranda looked off down the hallway, behind Lizzie. Miranda's eyes narrowed with hate. "There's only one person I know who could have pulled a stunt like this . . ."

Lizzie noticed her looking and turned around.

"Kate." said Miranda.