Getting Winthrop Out Of His Shell

Chapter 1- Admission of Feelngs

Author's note: Set ten years after the events of Music Man take place. Winthrop and Amaryllis are now high school sophomores. I do not own rights to Music Man characters or quotes. Enjoy! I have revised this chapter slightly from its original version.

Amaryllis: I'm having a party on Saturday. I'd like it if you could come.

Mrs. Paroo: Well, Amaryllis asked you to her party. Are you going or not?

Winthrop Paroo: No

Mrs. Paroo: No what?

Winthrop Paroo: No, thank you.

Mrs. Paroo: No thank you, who? You know the little girl's name.

Amaryllis: I bet he won't say it.

Mrs. Paroo: No, "thank you, WHO," Winthrop?

Winthrop Paroo: No, thank you, AMARYLLITH!

Amaryllis: Amaryllith! Amaryllith!

Marian Paroo often wondered why her younger brother was so shy. She often rememberd back to when Amarylis was her piano student and the exchange they had when she invited him to her birthday party. She was grateful to her husband for helping Winthrop to find his passion for music.. at the same time she wished that Winthrop wasn't so overly focused on his music. She had a deep concern that this was going to have an affect on his social life.

Amaryllis was now Marian's teaching assistant. Marian was impressed with how Amaryllis had matured since her humble beginnings as her students and was grateful for her help since she was getting ready to start a family.

One Wednesday afternoon after the last lesson had finished Amaryllis and Marian sat at the kitchen table having tea.

"Amaryllis, do you still have any feelings for my brother?"

Amaryllis regarded Marian shyly. "Yes, I do." She whispered.

"Why haven't you told him? It's been six years since the River City Boy's Band formed. He's not going to be single forever you know and also the two of you will be off to college in two years."

"I'm just afraid he wouldn't feel the same way about me. We've been friends for such a long time."

"You don't know until you try."

"In general he seems really shy around girls.. has he always been shy?" Amaryllis asked.

Marian shrugged. "When he was younger I think he was mainly socially awkward because of his lisp but now that he's outgrown that I am not sure what makes him so shy."

"Do you really think I should tell him how I feel about him Marian?"

Marian nodded.

"I just don't want to get my heart broken that's all."

Marian stood up from her seat, walked over to Amaryllis and kissed the top of her head softly.

"Don't worry sweetheart, everything will work out."

Amaryllis sighed. "I hope you're right Marian."

One week later on a Thursday Winthrop and Amaryllis were doing homework at Amaryllis's house.

"Winthrop I think it's time you stopped being so shy and got yourself out there into the dating world."

Winthrop rolled his eyes. Marian and his mother we constantly saying the same exact thing to him. She was the last person he would have expected to be giving him this kind of advice.

"Why should it be your concern?" he asked

"Well because I think you're a nice boy and you have a lot of good qualities."

"Like what?"

"Caring kind considerate and you've become rather good on the cornet since the boy band started up."

Winthrop smiled at the last comment. "Thank you Amaryllis, that's nice of you to say."

"What's got you so nervous about meeting other girls?"

Winthrop thought back to Marian's experiences before meeting Harold Hill and also the events that went on during their courtship and also what happened when Zaneeta Shinn and Tommy Djilas first started dating.

"Oh you know these people in River City. They don't when to stop with the rumors. I mean look at Tommy and Zaneeta.. it took them awhile to release the fact that they were dating. They practically had to sneak behind Mayor Shinn's back."

"Well your situation is a little different."

"How so?"

Amaryllis sighed. She was about to take a big step but she remembered what Marian had said to her the week before.

"Well... there are many girls in our grade who think you're cute. I happen to be one of them."

Winthrop's jaw dropped.

"Are you serious?"

Amaryllis looked down at the table cloth. "Yes. Are you mad?"

Winthrop shook his head. "No, just a little shocked I guess. How long have you liked me?"

"Since we were ten and I invited you to my birthday party." She whispered.

Winthrop looked at his best friend.

"I would have never even guessed that." He said.

"Do you feel the same way about me?"

Winthrop shrugged. "I'm not sure. I mean we've known each other for such a long time. I'm not sure how I'd feel if we dated."

"Would it possible for you to give me a chance?"

Winthrop shrugged. "Maybe."