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Summary- Joshua Shepherd has always been an only child, well that's what his parents tell him. After some recent events, Josh begins to question his parents, and the town of Shepherd's Glen. As the voice in his head starts to get louder and more real. Takes place seven years after the 'In Water' ending.

Remembering You

Its a dream, I know it is. Somehow though, it seems so real. In the dream, I'm being held under water by a person. Their face is blurred due to the ripples in the water. I'm trying to fight back, but the lack of air finally takes it toll. I black out.

Joshua awakes with a gasp. Soaked in his own cold sweat. He sits up and examines his room. This ends up being pointless considering its pitch black. He reaches under his bed and pulls out a L- shaped flashlight.

Josh can't remember the origins of the flashlight. His father said he got it when Josh was younger. The only thing Josh knew was that it was special, at least to him. On nights like this, when his dreams become nightmares, the flashlight was the first thing to come to his mind. By simply turning it on, his fears seem to disappear. Not even his beloved Robbie doll could do that. It confused the boy as to why exactly this was. At the age of sixteen, you would think such a childish thing would be past the young Shepherd. Josh however would disagree.

For now though, he lied back down with a new thought plaguing him. It was one he had often. It was about the accident that had occurred seven years ago.

Josh blinked up at his ceiling, letting his mind wonder.

He doesn't know much, just that any memory prior to that event is either foggy, or a complete mystery. Including the accident itself. Whenever he tried to remember the incident, a sharp pain could be felt at the back of his head. He only recalls waking up in the hospital. His parents had to explain everything to him. They had said he slipped in the bathroom and hit his head pretty hard. He spent a week in the hospital, it had been the longest week of his life.

He had to wear a neck-brace and stay in bed. They made him pee through a bag, and the food was God awful. There wasn't even a TV to distract him. Just a sterile environment, and his brain trying to piece his life back together. When Josh finally returned home, he went straight to his room. He was welcomed by a familiar scent, but something was off. When Josh mentioned this to his parents, they stated that they had gotten a new bed for him, as a welcome home gift. He found that odd, but made no attempt to ask any further. For he had just been happy to be back home.

After a few months, Josh was back to what felt like his normal self. He continued to collect insects, play with the neighboring kids, and live out his life. Years have past, he was growing up. Josh kept most of his boyish features. His body isn't as scrawny, now its more lean muscle. His hair the same shaggy mess, just lighter with age. His eyes as brown as his mother's. His apparel had changed slightly. He still wore his khaki cargo shorts, but traded his orange shirt for a hoodie of a similar color. All in all, he was pretty much the same.

As Joshua began to feel the heaviness of sleep, he noted one last thing. He rolled over onto his side, holding the flashlight to his chest. His finale though, was just how empty his room always felt. Almost as if something was missing.

Sorry for the short introduction. I just wanted the reader to understand Josh's situation. I also apologize for any grammar/spelling/tense errors. I don't have anyone to preview my work. Don't worry, Alex is indeed in this story! Seriously though, Homecoming needs more love.

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