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Once Josh is inside his home, Mrs. Shepherd calls him from her favorite spot in the family room. The young Shepherd walked into the small den to see her in her rocking chair with a French poetry book in her lap.

"So did you enjoy your time helping Judge Holloway?" Lillian said with a tease in her voice. She knew that Josh felt uncomfortable around the woman.

Unfortunately, Josh wasn't in a joking mood. "It was actually pretty educational; she had some interesting things to say about our town's history." Lillian pause all motion. Then Josh asked, "Where is dad?"

"I think he's down in the basement, working on that darn washer again." She smiled up at him, but Josh could hear the slight hint of worry in her voice. There was clearly something she didn't want him to know.

"Thanks mom. Call me when supper is ready." He smiled back before heading to the basement entrance.

Sure enough, Adam was kneeling by the stripped washer, a pile of cloth to his left. Josh suddenly became nervous as he approached the man.

"Need any help, Sir?" He offered but the older man simply waved a 'no'. So Josh stood behind him, intent on doing what he came here to do. Question his father.

"Judge Holloway had me help at town hall after school today." He spoke to the back of the man's head.

"I noticed you were missing when I arrived home. Your mother informed me." With this the man stood back up turning to face the young man. "It seems we need to talk." Joshua nodded slightly. Then the older Shepherd led them out of the basement up to the attic.

Even before reaching the top, Josh was feeling dread from his last adventure up here. They walked over to the empty bookshelf at the back of the attic.

"Joshua, the four founding families, as you already know, came here to escape from the ways of the old town. However in doing so we had to make a pact to ensure our freedom and safety." Mr. Shepherd began to speak as he directed Josh to push the bookshelf aside. Where it once stood a hidden door appeared. Joshua stepped as his father went to open it.

"Safety from what, Sir?" Josh asked. Once the door was open, Adam turned back and said in such a tone a chill ran down the young man's spine. "The old Gods."

Beyond the door, a small room with a chest on the right side, a few boxes to the left, and in the center a desk with a gold and red tapestry hanging just behind it. It had a design that Josh easily recognized as the family crest.

His father walked to the desk and opened a small drawer. All Josh could see was some paper and a small box from where he stood. When his father turned back, he hid whatever it was in his hand.

"You know, a few years ago I tried to explain the truth to you, but I told myself that you were still too young. Now I'm staring at a young man, I'm proud to call my son, but I'm worried what you'll think. I was going to wait a little longer, until you were eighteen, but recent events are leading me to think its time. So I'll give you a piece of our past, as I've done before, then tomorrow we'll head to Town Hall again for the oath part. There you'll be given the whole truth." Then he revealed what he was holding.

Within his palm a gold ring with the family crest embedded attached to chain shined, and a rush of pain filled Joshua's head. However unlike the times before, he stood taking it on as his father handed the necklace to him. Josh gripped it tight, unsure of why such a small object could cause so much intensity.

With a pat on the back Mr. Shepherd led them out of the room and he made his own way down the steps leaving Josh alone. Once the man was out of sight, Josh grabbed a side of head with the hand not still holding the necklace, although something was telling him to throw the damn thing. He didn't however, instead choosing to just place it around his neck and head to his room.

On his was there, nausea began to build within him. When Josh made it to his room he ran to the side door leading to a powder room. There he heaved anything he had eaten (which had only been a single candy bar from his school's vending machine) along with stomach fluids into the bowl.

After a while, he got up flushing the brownish pink liquid, and washed his mouth at the sink across. He then walked over to his bed to lie down, due to the sudden headache. It wasn't long before he found his self-falling into the depths of sleep.

Something dripping and distant footsteps are what awake me; and I find myself in a rusted blood soaked version of my room. The bed where I was just lying is nothing but a frame. The only thing there now is my L-shaped flashlight, so I pick it up and attach it to my belt loop. I'm still trying to comprehend what this all is when a knock on the door forces me to move on.

I open the iron, formally wooden, door cautiously and stick my head out. I have to turn on my flashlight to see through the darkness. Judging by the state of the hallway, the rest of the house is in a similar condition as my room. When I turn to my left, a shadow of a man points to the attic, and then proceeds to walk through the door. I tell myself that its stupid to follow such a thing in this place, especially after last time, but my feet don't seem to care.

Since my last visit up here, the attic has had some remodeling. What once was a big empty space has now become a labyrinth. I have to duck under some railing to get to the center, or at least what I think is the center. I'm confused as to why I'm here till I here that familiar voice from before calling to me from somewhere to my left. As I duck and squeeze my way towards the voice, I find the shadow standing in a room; I guess the equivalent to where father kept the necklace.

Like the other rooms it's slightly different, the biggest difference being the blood spilling through the desk's small drawer. I turn to where I saw the shadow but it's gone. I figure it wants me to open the bloody thing, so I do. Inside, I find a rolled up paper which happens to be a map to the town 'Silent Hill', and to my real surprise a pistol. I roll the map back up and place it in my pocket before picking up the pistol. I can't tell what model it is, but I do know how to use it. I check the clip to find it full.

Suddenly I hear noises coming from back the way I came, and I find myself holding the gun towards the entrance. The only things I've shot were cardboard cutouts and some turkey and deer; so I'm not completely new to the idea of killing something. Still not sure of what I'll find when I leave I keep the pistol at a standby position as I make my way back out. After squeezing back through, I come across something curled up at the center.

Its looks like a dog, but when I shine my light at it, I come to the conclusion that whatever it is should certainly be dead. I don't normally see dogs with their skin missing from their bodies alive. Then the dog like-creature gets up and faces towards me. I freeze when I see that its eyes are missing, but its teeth are defiantly there, as the thing growls at me. No surprise when it lunges at me, as I had enough time to dodge it as I roll to the right. However it IS when I find another one just past the rail leading to my exit.

"Crap" I hear myself say. I stand back up and quickly fire the pistol at the one I had first encounter, before focusing my attention on the one making its way up the steps. All those times spend in track, and the firing range pay off; for my speed and precision is what gets me through the door.

Funny though as the door that should lead me to the small TV room ends up taking me outside the house instead. Its night time however and the streets are quieter than usual. I stand on the porch wondering what to do next, when I hear my name being called. I follow the voice as I've done before, this time it draws me to the gate that leads to the lake. I open it and head towards the dock, where a small canoe rocks against it. In it, a lantern and two ores can be seen.

"Get in." Says the voice, and I comply without complaint. It all feels to familiar, and the throbbing from earlier returns at a pace. I have no idea in which direction I'm supposed to go, but I do know a location. I unroll the map of the town across the lake. Obviously Silent Hill has some important role in this mystery of mine, so I grab the ores and start rowing towards it. Fog slowly engulfs me, and any sign of the world I have left, vanishes.

"Joshua." The young Shepherd reawakes to the sound of his name.

"Mom?" He asked confused once more.

The woman is leaning next to him, concern in her features. "Sweetie, suppers been ready for a while now, you didn't come when I called."

Joshua sits up and checks the room; no blood or rust. Josh still refuses to believe that what had happen was a simple dream. He turns back to his mother, who is still watching him carefully. "Sorry I was worn out from moving all those boxes, I guess. I'll be down in a minute." He lied with an easy smile, something he learned from her apparently. She nodded and straightens out to leave. Once Josh was certain she was down stairs he got up and headed for the attic.

There is no bookshelf this time, as Josh opens the door and walked up to the desk. Trusting the shadow, he opens it. Within it, the map and pistol, and this time Josh knows what he must do.


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