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Olivia walked through the door of the building, staying low and keeping her eyes open for the girl she had heard scream only moments before. There was something wrong here, she thought, but she couldn't place it. Was it the eerie silence of the seemingly abandoned building that made her so uneasy? Maybe. But there was no doubt in her mind that something was wasn't right.

She looked carefully around a door frame and saw what they had come for. A girl of about eleven years was tied to a chair, hands and feet bound, and silent tears running down her face."I'm s-s-so sorry," the girl sobbed upon catching sight of Olivia, her head hanging in shame. "They m-made me do it. They said if I d-didn't scream, they would k-kill me! I'm so s-sorry."

Olivia picked up her radio to call for backup and an ambulance, but before she could radio El, she felt the cool metal of a gun barrel press against the side of her head.

"Don't move." The voice was enough to send shivers down her spine. It was like it's owner spent his free time gargling drain cleaner. Olivia's shoulders tensed as he breathed down her neck. "I'll splatter your brains against that wall if you don't cooperate."

"There are officers surrounding this building, awaiting my command," Olivia lied, praying he would buy it. "You'd be dead before I hit the floor."

The man chuckled humorlessly.

"Well, let's put their minds to rest, then," he said. "Pick up the radio and tell them everything's fine. One false move, and you're dead. The girl too." He gestured to the terrified captive in the chair. Olivia raised her hands in surrender.

"Okay, okay, just leave the girl alone." She picked up her radio with trembling fingers and fumbled with the buttons. "A-all clear so far, El. Just a couple more rooms to check." She held her breath until his scratchy reply was heard over the sound of the perp's ragged breathing.

"Any sign of the perp?" he asked anxiously.

"He seems to have..." she paused as she tried to think of a way to tell her partner she needed help, but the gun pressed harder into her temple. "He seems to have left. I-I'll tell you when I find the girl."

"Okay, be careful. I thought I saw some movement earlier."

Olivia nodded, forgetting that he couldn't see her, and winced as the barrel pressed into her skull.

"Bye, El," she whispered.

As soon as he thought her finger had left the button, the perp removed the gun. She sighed in relief until he pulled the weapon back and brought it down on her skull. She gasped in surprise and he covered he mouth before she could shout in pain. She fell in a heap on the cement floor.
Olivia closed her eyes and the darkness crashed down all around her as she slipped into unconsciousness.

"What happened?" Cragen asked as Elliot walked into the precinct. Elliot sighed. That's all anyone cared about. What happened. Didn't they see that he was trying to figure that out? It was killing him, not knowing. He had to find her. But he knew that he had to tell the captain what he knew before he started looking. "Start from the beginning."

"Well it all started when Krissy Douglas came to the precinct a couple days ago. She was really upset, but Liv calmed her down and convinced her to tell us what happened." His mind drifted to how amazing Liv was with the victims, especially the kids. He loved that about her. Her compassion and empathy. Liv had a heart of gold, no doubt about it.

"Elliot," said Munch, snapping his fingers in front of El's face and bringing him out of his trance.

"Sorry. Um, where was I? Oh, yeah, so Liv got Krissy to talk to us, and it was horrible. She said that a man took her from the street and brought he to this abandoned building, where they 'hurt' her. We asked her how she had escaped, and she said that she ran when 'the others' were making a distraction."

"The others?" the Captain asked, eyes narrowing. Elliot nodded.

"That's when we began to suspect there was more going on than Krissy was telling us. This was way bigger than that. But when we asked her about it, she started crying and said that she'd promised not to tell. We tried to convince her she was safe now, but she was sure that they couldfind her again. We decided to so some investigating, and we found the abandoned building that they took Krissy to. It looked empty, so Liv decided to go in while I kept watch outside..."

He stopped his story and looked down in shame.


"I didn't need to wait outside. We could've both gone in."

"And then two of my best detectives would be missing instead of one," the Captain said, patting Eliot's shoulder. As much as Cragen wanted his favorite detective back, he knew that nobody was more upset about her dissappearance than Stabler.

"She went in," Elliot continued, "and told me to wait ten minutes. About five minutes later, she called on her radio to say everything was okay, and that she thought the perp has cleared out. She said goodbye, and it sounded so...final..." He trailed off.

"Did you notice anything strange about what she said?" Cragen asked patiently.

"Well, she sounded different, but I couldn't figure out why..." then Elliot realized what Cragen was thinking. "Oh my gosh. You think they made her send that transmission, don't you?" The familiar sense of blame was settling on Elliot again, weighing him down. "How could I have missed that? What if she was sending me a secret message?"

"Here are the radio transmissions you asked for, sir," said a voice from somewhere on Elliot's right. "I cleaned them up so we can check or background noise."

"Thanks," Cragen said absently to the computer crimes guy. "Stabler. Find Huang and see if he'll go over that tape with you. Maybe he can find some emotional tells in her voice or something."

Elliot nodded, glad to have something to do. He grabbed Huang and went into one of the interrogation rooms. Truthfully, he was scared to listen to those tapes. He wanted information, but he was afraid of finding out what he had missed. He took a deep breath, which didn't pass unnoticed by Huang, and began playing the recording.

"A-all clear so far, El. Just a couple more rooms to check."

Huang immediately noticed the fear in her voice, and so did Elliot. The stutter, the worried tone, how could he have missed it? He paused the tape to steel himself again, and this time Huang decided to speak up.

"These things tend to seem obvious when you're looking for them, but they're almost impossible to see in a normal situation. You would have to be extremely perceptive."

Elliot wanted to be angry at Dr. Huang, but he couldn't bring himself to shout. Instead he just felt more depressed than ever.

"George, when it comes to Olivia, I AM extremely perceptive. I should have seen this coming."

"El, you're no help to Olivia when you're being angry with yourself. You can have time for that after we find her," Huang said, trying a new method. This time it seemed to get through to Elliot, and he started the tape again.

"Any sign of the perp?" Elliot's voice rang out on the tape recorder.

"He seems to have..."

"Wait!" Elliot said, pausing the recorder. "Did you hear that?" Huang shook his head and Elliot rewound it.

"Her voice suggests that she is deep in thought. Possibly thinking of a way to say something to you," Dr. Huang pointed out.

"Yeah. Now listen to right after she pauses."

This time they both heard it. A sharp intake of breath on Liv's end. Elliot's mind worked furiously. The perp probably had a gun to her head, otherwise she wouldn't have agreed to pretend everything was okay. So the gasp was from...the perp reminding her to keep it to the script. He must have been pressing the weapon harder into her skull. Elliot shared this theory with Huang, who agreed, and played the tape again.

"He seems to have left. I-I'll tell you when I find the girl."

Pain flashed across Elliot's face as he recognized the fear in her voice. It scared him. Liv never let her fear show, unless she was really in trouble. And if she was letting her fear show now...

No! He would not be logical! Liv was fine. He would find her, and he would tell her what he tried to say before he let her go.

"Okay, be careful. I thought I saw some movement earlier."

It's a little late for that, Stabler, Elliot thought sarcastically.

"Bye, El." Her angel's voice was no more than a whisper.

Huang heard Elliot's breath catch in his chest. Tears were beginning to pool in his eyes, and Huang's jaw nearly dropped. He had seen Elliot upset for so many reasons. He had seen him feeling angry at perps, he had seen him feeling empathy for the victims, and he had seen him downright depressed when he thought his wife was taking his kids from him. But never, as long as he'd known him, had he seen him cry. He tried to stay out of Psychiatrist-mode and in concerned-friend-mode as he clapped Elliot on the shoulder.

"We'll find her."

Elliot just nodded, cleared his throat, and stood to leave. He stopped suddenly in his tracks and sat back down.

"Wait a second..."

He played the recording again and eliminated the voices so that there was only background noise. He heard Liv's fast breathing and his own, but also a third. He heard a man on Liv's end taking deep, ragged breaths.
Then, after she said goodbye, he realized there was more. A gasp, a thud, and a hastily muffled yelp of pain that was cut short. And then the transmission ended.

"Oh, no."



Logic and fear battled for dominance in Elliot's mind. There was no gunshot, logic told him. The perp hadn't killed her. He couldn't have.

"Elliot, for all we know he could've just hit her. She's probably fine."

"You don't know that!"

Elliot desperately wanted to believe that Liv was okay, but all his mind would process was that he had been talking to Liv, there had been a gasp, a thud, and a hushed cry of pain, and then no Liv. He couldn't think about the fact that Liv was almost definitely not dead. Because there was a chance that she was dead. And that small chance shook him to his core and turned his blood to ice.

Elliot was on his feet now. His breathing was fast and uneven, and Huang wondered if he was going to hyperventilate.

"I'm going to see...how CSU...is doing," he said in between gasps. Dr. Huang was really concerned now.

"Elliot!" Huang called, but El just ran from the room. He jumped into his car and sped to the building- he refused to refer to it as a crime scene. When he arrived, he found a young-looking forensics guy named Jack and asked him if they found anything.

"Well, we think we found where Miss. Benson was taken from..."

"Detective Benson," Elliot corrected, almost smiling as he remembered a conversation he'd had with Liv. 'I hate being called "Miss" Benson,' she had said. 'I worked hard to get this job. The least they can do is try not to make me feel like a kindergarten teacher.'

"Sorry, Detective Benson I mean." The smile quickly slid off Elliot's face.

"Show me where it happened."

As they walked down the empty halls, Elliot kept his eyes open for evidence.

"How do you know it's where he kidnapped her?" Elliot asked curiously. "She probably left fingerprints in all of the rooms. She was searching for the victim."

"Well..." Jack started nervously. "We, uh, found some blood."

Elliot stopped as if he had run face-first into an invisible wall.

"Not nearly enough to be fatal, Detective Stabler. The odds of the injury killing her are extremely rare," he said quickly, fearing the detective's response.

"Show me," he said, fighting to keep his breathing under control. In. Out. In. Out. You're no use to Liv when you're passed out on the floor.

They got to the room where that monster had taken Olivia, and Elliot could have sworn the temperature dropped twenty degrees. He felt a bit dizzy when he saw the blood smeared on the floor.

"Based on the direction of the smearing...he took her that way," said Elliot, pointing. "He dragged her by her feet..."

Jack didn't have the heart to tell him they already knew all this. This detective needed to figure something out or he would go crazy.

"...and pulled her out this door." Elliot walked through the door and winced. The smooth, cold floor had turned to rough concrete, and he could almost feel the grating on his skull as he thought of how much it would hurt for her injured head to be dragged across the sandpaper-like floor.
He noticed more red marks on the floor and he saw where that monster had dragged her bloodied head across the cement. He saw a flaw in the scarlet pattern and asked Jack what had happened there.

"It looks like...the perp kicked her, and she rolled over, creating the inconsistency in the blood and the partial footprint."

Elliot pictured his partner being kicked in the side, hard enough to make her limp body roll over.

"At that point, she regained consciousness. You see where she tried to lift her head to avoid the scraping, but was too week to lift it any longer."

Elliot couldn't get that image out of his head. The perp's foot slamming into Olivia, her face scraping the floor. Suddenly he jumped to his feet and ran as far from the crime scene as he could before retching violently and losing the rest of his lunch to the concrete floor.
Jack looked concerned, but Elliot stood up when he was finished, wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

"Then what happened?"

Olivia woke up in a room similar to the one she was knocked out in. She groaned in pain as the feeling in her head and face came roaring back. How had she injured her face? She suddenly remembered being dragged across the rough cement floor in a garage of sorts. The side of her face had been grating against the concrete. She had tried to lift her head, but the darkness was closing in on her. She had lost consciousness and her head had slammed back to the ground in defeat.

As she fought to force her eyes open, she thought she saw movement next to her. Her eyes snapped open then, but she had to lift a hand to shield them as the harsh light stabbed at her brain. She groaned again, but quieter, ready to be under attack at any moment. But what stared back at her, when she was able to stand the brightness, was two pairs of huge eyes. Two children.

One was a girl of about fifteen, one a little boy that couldn't be older than four. The girl gasped when she saw Olivia staring back at her. The little boy just kept staring, his big, blue eyes looking past her face and into her soul. The girl finally opened her mouth and said,

"Guys, you can come out now. She's awake."