Summary: So after Thanatos left things changed for Toa and Jin and it result something neither expected

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She named herself Toa, and for over a year she had been going by Toa Kamishina. She was and love with Jin and they married, nothing too much just there closes friends. Her mother Thanatos had left the planet in peace and now it looked like they could have something of a normal life, the ISDA gave Jin and Toa a job, mostly in helping the other Dragonauts set up new stations on the planets they were trying to colonize. But one day near the end of their wedding Gio returned warning of a new threat. The new enemy came to destroy the planet that Thanatos decided to spare solely to do what she had failed. But none of that mattered right now, Toa was content. Only a few month ago something wonderful had happen, it was so unexpected.

Toa was not well she started to lash out uncontrollably, they feared something had gone wrong with her resonance but Jin stayed by her side. There was a strange Doctor in a pin stripe suit, he figured out why Toa was acting so strange, she was pregnant. It was unexpected to say the least, Toa might have looked human but she was a dragon it seemed impossible that this was happening. The Doctor explained that her communicator form was plenty human enough to allow this to happen but her Dragon traits were allowing her to carry the child to term in only a few days. A creature sent by the enemy had come to take her unborn child, the unique child's body could be used for there ends. To make matter worse she was going into labor. Jin held her hand when it began and until the end. The Doctor and Sieglinde helped with the delivery, but this was the first time for a dragon to give birth beside her mother and this was only further complicated by her new form and the nature of the child, so to make this short it was new territory for all of them. The battle outside the Dragonauts fought of the nightmarish threat so the child could be born. It wasn't an easy delivery, Toa screamed all the way through it but it ended as all things do eventually and she came out the other side bringing a new life into the world. The Dragonauts were able to end the attack and Amadeus gave Toa his coat to wrap the new born in. The Doctor lent her his coat to wrap herself in. But now all that problems were done, if just for a moment.

It had been months and now the baby had a room for her own. She slept wrapped up in pink blankets in her small crib. Toa could spend hour just staring at the bundle of life. Toa knew that when she came to the Earth she had caused death, not just death but pain to the one she loved, sometimes she felt that she did not deserve this happiness.

As if sensing her mother pain the baby opened up her red eyes and looked up to her. Toa's fears melted away and all that she could think of now was that small life that she and her husband brought into this world. Every time she thought back on it seemed impossible, she was a mother now. Toa brushed a long black strand of hair from the babies face.

Jin came into the room "You're still watching her?"

"I couldn't help it." Toa answered him

"I can't blame you but you both need some sleep. Come back to bed." Jin kissed her lovely on her cheek

"Alright." She relented as he began to pull her away to their bed

Toa turned back for a moment the baby cooed as she closed her eyes to go back to sleep.

Toa gingerly kissed her on her forehead as she fell to sleep "I love you Ai. Mama loves you."

Authors Notes: So I felt like doing something short and Fluffy and there wasn't a lot of Dragonaut fan fiction. Also there is a reference here I want to see if anyone gets it. Anyway if I get a good response to this I will do this into full stories next month after my finales. So review!