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One: Bullying and Cross dressing


"Good Evening," a voice from the dark said then a small bulb turned on, radiating a dim orange light near Nonoko Ogasawara's face. She was a third year top star student of Alice Academy with long midnight blue hair and full bangs that covered her big orbs. Adjusting her sight from the sudden spark of brightness, she slanted her eyes trying to identify who was talking to her. "Who…" she faintly muttered, wincing in pain as she struggled to break free from the tight rope that held her wrists since someone attacked her after class.

"You've been becoming popular lately, Ogasawara-chan" a small figure emerged from the darker side of the room. Nonoko focused and tried to study the mystery person—a girl. She had dark hair styled in a bob cut but Nonoko couldn't really figure out what the exact color was. The stranger was fit and had quite a good figure too, like someone she knew—someone everybody knew.

"Sa… Sakura-san?" Nonoko unsurely called out.

A smile crept up the stranger's lips, "My, my… you're like the rest." She stepped closer and closer, allowing herself to be visible, earning a loud strained gasp from Nonoko who had her eys bulged out in surprise. Nonoko struggled once again, rocking the old, wooden chair where both her arms and feet were tied securely but gained a hard slap on her right cheek instead.

"No way… You… The rumors are true!" the girl in danger said, eyes still fixed on the well-known bully who had a playful smile on her face. "Why are you doing this? I didn't do anything wrong to you!"

"Popularity. That's all. This is just a small warning, Ogasawara-chan!" she said cutely in mockery then two unknown girls came with buckets filled with water. They then poured all the contents on Nonoko who face the floor, letting them do what they wanted.

Her hair went into a mess and covered her face, sticking on her red cheek. "Oh! You suddenly look ugly!" Nonoko heard her and the snickers of the other two. "Let me help you. Shall I fix this? This way, hm?" she felt a hand touch her hair and saw a pair of scissors glisten.

"You'll never get away with this!" Nonoko fought but the other person only pouted.

"Oh. No one will believe you. Trust me, you won't tell this to anybody… cause if you do…" she said then she mercilessly cut Nonoko's long hair. "All of you, first years to even seniors… no one will. All top stars will let me play with them like this—and never talk. Cause this is the way. I only want something simple…" she continued, completely shredding Nonoko's hair.

"Stop," she cried. "Stop it, please!"

"Don't ever, ever join the Alice Queen Search." She said, dropping the scissors on the wet floor. "Have a nice winter break, sweetie. And grow your hair." Their laughs roared on as Nonoko whimpered to herself but everything stopped when they heard a loud bang and the school basement's door crashed open."


"That girl! That girl! That girl!" Aoi Hyuuga screeched. The girl of sixteen recently entered Alice Academy, a prestigious all-girl school famous for its rigorous training and discipline to students academically, socially and physically. She threw a tantrum that weekend, her face red and full of heat, and her raven hair cut in a short bob cut was in complete disarray.

"Lower it, Aoi" her brother, Natsume Hyuuga said, looking sleepy as ever with his tight black shirt and gray pajamas but still looking like he came from a photo shoot for Ceci. He also inherited their mother's hair color, dark raven hair that was naturally and genetically soft and shiny but his eyes, unlike Aoi's brown orbs was deep red but dull. Every time he looks at something, his eyes would appear like it had just seen the most uninteresting thing in the world and he's look like he want to throw it on fire instantly. A while ago, he was taking a badly needed nap when he and their mother heard her creating noise.

"Oni-chan," she said, her arm steadily on air with a pillow on her grip and if it were alive, it'd be very thankful that the other person came before she could even send it flying somewhere across the gigantic room. Shifting to a lax form, she just tossed the pillow on the floor but not close enough to Natsume who, if ever encounters something dirty, ugly or messy would immediately burn it in disgust without care of the consequences. He almost his room's carpet before, she remembered, when his friend Kokoro Yome spilled fish sauce on it.

He grumpily invited himself over her orange couch and picked a pillow somewhere among the mess giving Aoi a knowing look; the 'I'm-gonna-burn-your-room-soon-enough' look. He made himself comfortable, having his whole body occupy the lengthy cushion, "So, why are you throwing a tantrum early this morning? And for my sake, it's the start of winter break and you're starting it really right" Perking up, he managed to caught sight of Aoi's asymmetrical hair that looked like it was recklessly cut with something sharp, her lower lip was busted and there was a small reddish scratch near her chin. "Talk." He said seriously.

"It's that girl's fault! I only wanted a good start in high school but that girl! Oh! Why couldn't she just go with the flow?" she started her supposed to be monologue but turned into a blabbering mode, throwing her hands on her hair and messing it furiously. "I don't know what to do! I'm trying to make things work out for me but she always meddles in. I do this and she suddenly pops out of nowhere and starts to make things hard for me. For a senior, she's such a bitch!"

"Bad word." He interrupted.

"What?" she whined. "As if you don't use them,"

He smirked, eyes just half open since he was planning to resume his slumber after calming his sweet little sister. "Don't worry. Should I try talking to you principal then?" he stepped up and gave her a tight comforting hug.

"Wait—No! Her? No." she strongly disagreed. "Well, I mean. You can't. Going there had always been a hassle for you. You can't even step casually in even if papa was the engineer who created the buildings. Men aren't allowed remember? Plus, I don't want this bullying thing become a very big issue in school. And those girls would definitely crowd you over."

"Well, if you put it that way…"

"I'll just do my own business and let her be. No one likes that senior anyway."

He watched her in contentment then dragged himself back to his own room.


Alice Academy look book
AY 2008—2009

Natsume flipped the glossy pages of the all-girls school look book from two years ago as he sat comfortably on his bed after lunch. He had kept the thick article way back when he first had his hands on it. During his freshmen days, it was suddenly released without the Academy's permission—the look book's final draft. It was actually the unedited version which contained a very controversial picture that caused a lot of ruckus years ago.

Flipping eight more pages, he skipped the introductory messages and the facilities section cause he had already seen enough. Even before he had hit puberty, he had memorized the school's blue print since he was a pretty meddlesome kid while his father was working.

"Ranking System…"

Student's are ranked semi-annually from the low ranks to the middle ranks and the top stars and are judged according to physical ability, talents, character and discipline, lady-likeness and academics.

Ranks were identified through uniforms that's why the annual look book was pretty popular in his own boys school. Of course, boys like cute girls in girly uniforms. From the girls who are not ready to bloom yet, they wear black tight pants and the prescribed blouse with male collar.

"Tch. Not yet ready to bloom? Crap. Aoi had just entered it and she's already at the highest rank" he grumbled. Staring at the picture of the low rank model, he sighed. "Poor this girl. Not yet ready to bloom… Ha! More like ugly, ill-mannered and poor in studies" He glowered over the picture from head to toe. Her short and black messy hair irked him plus her face. "Make up TOO thick" But then, he admitted that the girl's body was commendable and every time he scanned that page, he wondered if the one on the photo was really supposed to be on that rank.

"Forget it. Perhaps the one who was bullying Aoi was from this rank." Turning on the next page, he looked at the model of the mid-rank students that wore a pleated skirt that was two inches above the knee and the prescribed blouse with sailor collar. "Imai… mid-rank before, now is competing with Luna for the Queen's title. She used to be a top star back in middle school… now what wrong did she do?"

Shifting his gaze on the right page, he was greeted by the picture of the now most popular girl in both Alice Academy and his school. His said –to-be girlfriend and Alice Academy's 'next Queen' : Koizumi Luna. She was wearing a dress patterned to the school's blouse, making her look like a princess with a very sweet smile. He had meet her often back during middle school during inter school events and Aoi was really fond of her. She was really a sweet, pretty and smart girl that was a bit popular in Alice Academy's middle school branch. His parents would invite her often at their house for dinner and close family gatherings. He even wondered before why there was still someone more popular that her. But then, he didn't like looking at other girls so he didn't really cared so much. Luna would bake cakes for him, shop with him in delight and she had always been concerned over his health and wellbeing that's why it wasn't hard for him to accept the future reality that he'd eventually end-up with her.

He closed the booklet, marveling the cover. The unedited version that he was holding had on its cover, a picture of an unknown girl wearing a different kind of uniform: the special rank's—the queen's uniform. Alice Academy used to elect a queen annually and gave the honor to be the school's representative on activities outside and also gave the right to wear a different and most wanted school uniform, a dark violet and velvety dress fit only to a fine lady. It had intricate stiches and imported laces plus a chocker with an emerald at the middle. Because of its exclusivity, even for look book purposes, the special uniform wasn't allowed to be worn by any student—just the queen. But two years ago, there was no elected queen so it became a shock when some unknown student wore it. Nobody talked and confessed on who was the student which led to the annual queen search to become a once in a blue moon activity.

"No one has met her still…" he touched the cover lightly with his fingers, staring deeply on the picture, a young and slim pretty girl with a very nice figure on the queen's uniform, her hair, shiny brown tied neatly on a Victorian style bun and her lips, curved into a bright smile. Her face had little make-up that was enough to enhance her looks making her ooze in charisma. One thing he hated himself was that, like his batch mates who had seen the look book, he also preferred her over Luna. He thought it was completely not right, he knew Luna would be hurt but he just can't shake the reality off.

"You've been staring at that five minutes longer than on Luna's picture."

Natsume snapped from his thoughts and saw one of his best buddies, Kokoro Yome , a thin and pale guy with a wide grin over his face who practically lives in his house since he's 16/7 in when they're not in their dorms. He only goes back to his own house to sleep and hangs out with Natsume like they're twins. He popped a small donut in his mouth and chewed as the powdery sugar fell on his purple sweater.

The young Hyuuga shot him a glare. "You're dirty."

"What?" Koko comically stood in attention, "should I throw myself in the fire place now?"

Natsume raised his brows, "Please do so."

Koko grinned. "I'd do that later. So what did you call me for? I was even fixing some papers for the dorm; I need to finish them before winter break's over. If you needed good advice then Ruka would've been a better choice. You know me." He playfully winked.

"I don't need good advice. I need a crazy plan so I need a CRAZY person."

"Ha—Ha. Funny." He sneered, rolling his eyes and placing the plate of donuts back on the coffee table. "So, tell me what the problem is."

"Aoi is being bullied and I have no idea on how to check her condition while she stays there. She refused my help so… Tch. Luna… I forgot. She could help me." He slapped his forehead upon the realization and reached for his phone.

"Nah-ah. No, not Luna."

Natsume shot a pissed look.

"No, trust me. Not her. It's best not to burden girlfriends with boyfriends' problems."

"Koko, she's family."

"Stop making me laugh. You sought me before her? Forgotten her, duh. Watching you stare at another woman's picture—no, Luna's not family. I got an Oh-so-better plan."


A boisterous laugh roared from the farthest room of Alice Academy's main building. Hii-sama, the school principal continuously hit her desk as she let her laughter fill the warm and dimly lit room. "And you actually came this late to tell me this?" she told her special visitor. "I do appreciate you for having courage to come here and trust me, but what made you think that I'd actually agree on this? I'm the principal and I need make wise decisions not what funders want me to do." She sat on her black swivel chair purely entertained on some proposal that came late that night before the resume of classes.

"I'm talking about some bullying happening in your school" Natsume Hyuuga sat almost regretful of even coming. He hated the idea of being powerless and asking help from someone he's unfamiliar with. The principal was another family friend but being Natsume, he rarely associates even to first degree cousins. His only world was mom, dad, Aoi, Luna, his manga collection and a couple of selected friends. "I'm assuming that you're aware of this by the fact that you just laughed it off. So tell me, why is this bullying whatsoever still going on?"

"Shall I tell you?" Hii-sama teased, rolling a few strands of her hair by her finger. "I'm doing nothing because I know."

Natsume shot a perplexed look.

"I kind of knew you'd come too. Did you know? This is the last semester of my favorite batch's stay here that's why I'm making this a very, very special time for them, for you Hyuugas and for me." She boastfully told him who was still puzzled and expectant. "Now this proposal," she tossed a shiny folder aside and nodded. "I'm letting it pass on one condition—keep me entertained. I " have enough confidence that if you do something, it'd be purely perfect and flawless. Is there anything you need?"

"So you know who it is." He said, "Then bring me to the class of that senior."

"Oh her," Then she roared in laughter once more. "I thought you'd like to be near your dear little sweet sister. I do tell you, there are more secrets in this school than you can handle. When people think students here are nice, disciplined and all—well they're all wrong. Students here are pretentious and they dream big. All of them. Have fun but I could only give you this semester… but you know, the school year's last month's a special time for our school and yours so you better not waste time.

"You're actually holding that? After two years, you are?" he narrowed his eyes.

"Of course. I told you didn't I? This is my favorite batch's last year. It has to be special." She slyly smiled. "You go back now. Classes start tomorrow, and I'd send someone within this week to give you a briefing about the school."

With that, Natsume Hyuuga finally relaxed a little. Just a little.

Curse you Kokoro Yome for making me cross dress.


Natsume left his tea untouched and exited the room, closing the huge and heavy doors with minimum effort. He turned to briskly walk out the school premises but saw a silhouette of some girl walking towards his direction but since the corridor was completely unlit he couldn't see any face. Holding on his left was a few transfer papers and that glossy magazine from two year s ago, he rummaged through his pocket looking for his phone. Surprised when it suddenly rang, he unconsciously let the papers fall. The stranger came closer and kneed down to pick up his things but she suddenly stayed frozen.

Natsume took the chance to look at the other person. He was sure it was a girl because of the S-line but was kind of disappointed to see her hair in a short male hairstyle. The girl stood up, handed his things and quickly turned away to head to Hii-sama's office.

Frozen, he stood lost in thoughts, "That was… Hotaru Imai."

"Seeing him up close, I kind of know why everyone's protecting Aoi Hyuuga from the bullying issue." Hotaru spoke to the tall lady with curly hair who was gazing outside the window, "I should have taken a picture. It'd sell quite well."

"Should you protect her from the bully then, Hotaru-chan?" she replied playfully.

Hotaru rolled her eyes and helped herself for some earl grey tea. "We should start our sem planning now, auntie."


She's not here again, Imai Hotaru, Alice academy's Ice Princess thought as she sat inside the huge air-conditioned classroom. Only five minutes left before homeroom starts, she was mentally pissed but kept her famous expressionless countenance. The class was quite lively since it was the first day after winter break, a new semester starting that would definitely be amusing.

Meanwhile, near the dorm area, there walked a fit girl on a black pants, her black hair half in front was on a short messy bob cut and the other half at the back, tied on a bun. She walked lazily like a drunkard, her head shifting from one side to the other as she perked up the bright sky, eyes half open.

Raising her hand up the air, she tried to grab the sun through her nimble fingers with a sheepish grin. "Oh!" she shoved her wrist near her face, gawking in disbelief at her watch. "I'm late…" Despite this, she still walked on the grounds as normally as she could, randomly picking flowers, taking the longer routes and gazing at the clear blue sky. "4 more months…"

Feeling her phone vibrate, she picked it out from her coat's pocket, focusing on the message she had just received.

'Sakura Mikan, if you're not here in five,
you're gonna be dead and please take that
coat off when you get inside the room. This
is the last year, at least wear the uniform
properly. 4 more moths…


She guiltily clenched her midnight blue coat and returned her phone, "Here we go with the talk of uniforms again."

"I would like to introduce to you, Hana Natsume." The homeroom teacher Narumi Anjo, a cheerful blond guy reeking with pheromones said as a tall and tense girl with jet black hair stepped inside the room. Her eyes were golden brown but as every girl knew, they were contact lenses. Still, everyone can't help but be jealous that she was a top star student, had long legs, fair white complexion and perfectly sculptured features.

Hyuuga Natsume had never felt uneasy at that moment, standing in a room full of estrogen and him being the only bearer of the Y chromosome at the moment. I still can't believe I agreed with Koko… For Aoi… I have to do this.

"Ohio, I'm Natsume Hana." He said, forcing a 90 degree bow to perfect his cover.

Hotaru Imai, class vice president, looked at the new student without much interest.

"Well then, there are still three available seats. Please choose one of your liking Hana-chan" Naru told him.

Male at heart, Natusme instinctively wanted the back seat and was really glad that the pair of seat at the back was empty. He struggled to walk with his pair of heels ignoring the stares of admiration they were obviously casting on him— or her. After he settled, Narumi bid goodbye and gleefully danced his way out, leaving the remaining homeroom time free for students to catch up and resume their talks. He didn't even check the attendance.

"Imai-san," someone called from behind the stoic class officer. "Shouldn't we have told Natsume-chan that..." the random girl weakly told her, pointing to the new student's direction.

Hotaru sighed, "Math class is about to start so you guys prepare."

All heads turned to her in attention, "What do you expect on the first day of the week with Jinno-sense? It's supposed to be a surprise quiz." And with that, all girls panicked, jumping on nerds to at least refresh their minds on any formula they could remember. She rolled her eyes. They had been students of Jinno from middle school yet they still weren't used to his predictable-only-to-Imai-Hotaru tricks.

As for Natsume, he sat comfortably, resting his legs on the desk and watched the girls scamper around. He had always been around girls, flocked him, not that he didn't like it that's why he felt weird now that they're not drooling over him.

"You don't mind your panties getting seen?" Hotaru beamed as she approached him.

Oops, forgot. He blushed and immediately sat properly.

"Well you know" she started. "I don't really care about your seating preferences but-"

The backdoor slid in a second and revealed Sakura Mikan, staring at the noisy flock of girls. The moment she stepped inside, all heads turned as she walked towards Hotaru.

Setting her eyes on Natsume, she stared at him with arched brows. "Black hair, gold eyes and a super bod" she muttered. "Natsume Hana as what I've heard."

T've seen her somewhere... Natsume fixed his eyes on her face as well; a good figure plus her heart shaped face. She looked feminine actually, but her eyes, there's just something off about how she looks at others. Eyes going down, he saw her rocking her skinny pants, obviously a one-star student.

"Pardon me for the interruption but as I was saying-" Hotaru huffed. "Never mind. Since you're both here, you should greet your new roommate, Mikan"

"ROOMMATE?" both exclaimed, Mikan's brows twitching as the other party looked dumbs trucked.

"Well you sure are pretty masculine to scream like that, Natsume Hana" Hotaru eyed him.

He gulped. Need to act feminine. He coughed gently then crossed his legs. Uncomfortable...

Mikan turned to Hotaru, breaking her staring contest with Natsume. "What's this? You allowed her to seat here?" she told her best friend, placing her finger on her supposed to be seat.

All eyes darted as the Vice Pres. and the President, Sakura Mikan started the cold war.

She's still scary after all.

I'm sure she'll never get her rank higher.

I don't even know why she's the president.

Imai deserves it better.

Natsume heard all the murmurs, catching all sorts of information. President of the class? A one-star?

Mikan tossed her brown leather bag beside Natsume and chuckled. "Whatever"

Interesting. Hi-sama knows sure enough how to spice the school up. Hotaru turned to look at the two girl, Natsume Hana and Sakura Mikan as they sat indifferently.

"NOTES DOWN, PAPERS ON YOUR DESKS NOW" an old hulky man with small eyeglasses barged inside the room with an 800 paged Calculus book on his hand and a little pet frog on his right shoulder. He didn't even send a look on the girls but instantly placed his book on the table, pulled some papers and immediately started the dreaded welcome pre-test.

All heads were facing down their desks not even daring to make eye contact with him. As he passed the questionnaires Mikan snorted, "now what crap did he wrote down..."

She handed him the paper and stared at it for a few more minutes while the other girls dashed to write random figures on their papers. Natsume didn't bother her and proceeded to answering his own.

This is the last semester; you don't need to hold back anymore. Do everything the way you would've done it. Sakura Mikan was a math geek. She used to—in middle school, and everyone knew that so it brought a lot of gossips when she started failing her subjects. During tests she'd be either perfecting them or failing them by not writing any answers at all) and her grade results would always be on the brink—exactly the passing grade. She had done it since the start of high school and soon, the name Sakura the math nerd vanished and now only Koizumi and Imai battle for almost every aspect in school. Even Hotaru can't force Mikan to properly do her school duties but a few weeks ago, they talked and Hotaru seriously told Mikan not to hold back.

"First to finish perfectly gets the privilege to cut for a week. No offense on the logbook." Jinno, the math teacher suddenly said in the middle of the silence.

Natsume felt Mikan glare at the teacher as she placed her pen down the desk. From his peripheral view, she was, he assumed, done a minute after Jinno's announcement.

He scribbled a few more numbers then boxed all his answers before purposely looking at the bored Mikan, chin on her palm as her elbow rested on the desk. "You're done. Why aren't you submitting your paper?" he curiously whispered lowly.

Jinno perked up from the book he was reading, "Miss Natsume Hana, are you done?"

He sighed then nodded on the teacher. "Since I'm going to him and you're too lazy to get up, let me do the honor to send your paper too- roommate" he told her without looking at her eyes.

Everyone watched in admiration as Natsume confidently walked on high black pumps towards Jinno. "I see Miss Sakura's done as well" he said sending a quick glance at Mikan after receiving the two papers.

Natsume have always been a math wiz since his childhood years, and since biologically speaking, men do outshine women in numbers that's why he was kind of intrigued over Mikan who purposely didn't submit her paper. This is annoying... I saw her papers. How could she be a low rank? He silently watched as the other student bent low on their desks, the others hitting their heads because apparently the test was too hard.

Mikan buried her head down the desk and planned to take a sleep with the remaining time. "Tch. Even if I finish it perfectly first, he's never let me skip class. I had too many late records on him last semester… or the other sem… and the other too… pfft."

And when the bell rang and Jinno sped out of the class, all girls jumped on Natsume, buzzing and adoring him like he's the most popular kid in town- as a girl.

Mikan helped herself out of the crowd, heading straight to Hotaru who was fiddling with some igloo-shaped gadget. "I'm hungry..." she told the busy girl.

"I told you to eat breakfast so you don't drain your energy on math tests"

"No... I didn't even burn a single neuron with that crap. I'm just hungry..." she scowled and walked out. "I'm gonna grab something to eat"

A few seconds later, the door slid forcefully open. "Everyone! Anna was being…!" a short and petite classmate of theirs yelled, huffing as she informed the class and gave them a look. "Anna-chan wasn't able to attend homeroom because she was at the infirmary since last night but then… thatperson! She came and is mocking her!"

The next thing that happened didn't please Natsume at all. Everyone turned silent and forced all doors, windows close as they all cower in fear. He saw them whisper and murmur undecipherable things.
It might be the bully Aoi was talking about... He was about to run outside but ceased when Hotaru stopped him

"You're a newbie right?" she reminded him. "Don't meddle in this things," she said, not doing anything as well.

All Nastume could catch was that there was a bully, a group of girls that scare top star students every now and then. He could hear small whimpers and cries from outside. Was Aoi treated like this too? I can't bear this... whoever it is... He strongly felt that he needed to know at that moment but when Natsume Hyuuga opened that door, it was one of the least things he thought he'd see:

Sakura Mikan pinning Aoi Hyuuga on the wall as the raven haired girl whimpered. His sister was bruised on her cheek and her eyes about to burst into tears.


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