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He strongly felt that he needed to know at that moment but when Natsume Hyuuga opened that door, it was one of the least things he thought he'd see:

Sakura Mikan pinning Aoi Hyuuga on the wall as the raven haired girl whimpered. His sister was bruised on her cheek and her eyes about to burst into tears.


Two: Female talks and Lies


Natsume tried to keep his cool despite seeing that someone he instantly disliked the first sight and his dearest sister in that situation. He tried, but no—he couldn't. "What are you doing?" he shouted, racing from the door to the where the two stood.

No one even tried to go out the class, only Imai Hotaru who stopped the pretending Natsume by one word, "Hyuuga- " She slowly paced out the classroom and sternly gazed at them.

He stood halfway frozen and uncertain whether Hotaru knows or something else.

"Hyuuga Aoi… you don't even know her. Do you? Nat—su—me—Ha—Na?" she circled him in amusement, pleased at his face that didn't know what really to show—concern for Aoi or a face of someone robbed off his secret. "Or perhaps, she or I dare say, her brother is that popular for even someone new like you. You like Natsume Hyuuga too? That you protect his dear little sister that much?" she continued, her purple eyes playfully staring at him.

He groaned in disbelief and ignored her, walking forward with eyes fixed on his sister, "Get your hands off her!" Natsume pushed Mikan who caught herself before even falling because of his strength.

Mikan, still oblivious to Natsume's real identity grinned at the sight of him cuddling Aoi like a baby. "This is what I'm talking about. You're a newbie, you don't know anything. Stupid girl." Shaking the bad mood away, she turned to Hotaru, "Take care of everything else. I pass, I'm hungry… I guess it is the math test after all." She held her grumbling tummy and tapped her best friend's shoulder.

"You still dare eat?" he growled of which she just shrugged off.

Hotaru interrupted, "Bring her to the infirmary if you like."

"If I like?" snarled Natsume. "A choice? What the hell is this school?"

She half-smirked, "Do what you want. One, I don't particularly care about her—unlike you and two, I'll be very much pleased to see you going hysterical later on as everyone laugh at you."

He ignored her implied prediction and instead retorted, "And you're a top star? You don't have concern at all and you speak ill of people. Next time this happens to her, I'll make sure it reaches her family."

"As if it hadn't reached yet…" she whispered lowly to herself. "Stop making me laugh. You're a top star too" Looking at Aoi, she said, "You too Aoi Hyuuga, you're a top star right? Do tell this new student here not to talk like she knows anything about school ranks. Such a pain."


"Oi, Just tell me!" Natsume tried to persuade the pinked haired Anna the rest of the break time after bringing Aoi at the infirmary while ignoring her so as not to be found out. "Did she threaten you? Aren't you concerned over Aoi Hyuuga?"

Anna frowned, sitting at the center of the circular crowd and her hand held in comfort by Nonoko Ogasawara who had also experienced the occasional bullying just before winter break. The two looked at each other's eyes and as if in telepathy, exchanged messages only they knew.

"All of you saw it right?" he continued as everyone avoided eye contact with him.

"No one saw. You saw nothing as well." Hotaru walked inside followed by Mikan and as usual, they were never unnoticed. As an odd pair, everyone wondered how friendship could evolve between a smart, sophisticated and perfect Imai Hotaru and a ruthless, stupid-looking, and horrible at make-up Sakura Mikan.

Mikan looked at him amused at his outraged and perplexed look, feasting on it as it was a gag show airing on TV. "How pathetic." She managed to murmur, quite the same as what Hotaru thought.

Hyuuga Natsume had never been talkative, whinny, feminine and war-freak all of his life that's why he hated the idea of cross-dressing as if it was a sin. Koko's idea wasn't even plausible yet he bought it, even Hi-sama bought it. Feeling helpless for the first time, feeling like no one would side him, he shut his mouth for the moment. We're settling this later—roommate.


Classes ended by five and everyone dragged themselves back to the dorms, each year level having their own five story building that housed at least a hundred and fifty girls each. Two students are allocated per room which is air-conditioned, have two queen sized beds, two desks, a walk in closet, a living room, a wide and spacious white-tiled bathroom with a tub and heater, and a mini-kitchen and fridge weekly supplied with goods by the school staff.

By six, Natsume Hyuuga casually walked by the huge marble hallway at the fifth floor of the third year's dorm. The skies had set a couple of minutes while he was confronting the principal who only shook off his "over-reacting" as what she had called his reaction. He didn't even get a proper answer from her when he asked if it was Mikan who was the dreaded "bully" who had hurt Aoi. Because of this, of course, he had a small scowl on his face as he walked pulling a medium sized trunk and a huge sports bag that he easily held by his shoulder. He didn't even care that he totally acted like a guy on a skirt since the girls had long gone inside their rooms, drowning themselves on the 300 practice exercise of Jinno-sensei for Integrals.

Upon reaching the last door of the top floor, and meeting slash ignoring Hotaru, the head girl, on the hallway, he stared at the door, determined to finish it once and for all.

He left his bags by the shoe cabinet, hoping to do things as fast as possible and be able to throw away the skirts, the wigs, and excessive cosmetics Koko delightfully packed the other night. His friend was seriously taking advantage of the situation to make fun of him.

He walked inside, glancing over the neat living room that had one long sofa and two single ones, a glass center table which had dried irises in a vase, a huge flat screen TV and a complete home theater. On his left was the mini-kitchen where a few cereal crumbs were left and an empty bowl beside a milk carton. The sight irked him. Moving forward past a wooden divider by the living room, he saw two beds and Mikan on a corner.

"I'm here." He called out in monotone from behind her. He found her sitting on her own oak desk in front of the laptop watching One Piece—Luffy going berserk over Ace's death. Before he could even be caught up in his own liking for Shounen, she paused the video and grabbed her wristwatch that was lying on the desk as well and for a second looked at it, tapping it thrice as if computing something then shifted her position to face the bed on her left.

"Welcome, let's be friends," she started, "yeah. Crap, don't expect that from me after how stupid you looked this morning."

"Well, you have some explain—"

"House rules. One, curfew at six. Two, light's off at 12. Three we cook our own dinner; someone comes to put the goods on Sundays. Fou—"

"I don't need that." He snapped.

Unfazed, she shot an uninterested look on him. "I don't care by the way…" she replied. "But it's written on the handbook page 16 article 3 section 7: It is the obligation of an older student to brief a new student in case she gets assigned to a new roommate about school and dorm policies." Her face was still looking at him, not a second blinking as she stated it straight from memory. "Heard me? O. Bli. Ga. Tion." She pointed out.

He tried to keep his poker face, actually not finding a particular word to describe her. Eccentric? Yet she was appealing. But he countered that she had bad make-up and that she had just pinned Aoi on the wall that morning. Nice way to greet a roommate.

"Four, personal issues between roommates are not supposed to be discussed during class hours." She paused. "So if you want to discuss something about me bullying someone—speak after I finish. I don't promise to answer everything."

And that word hit him; she had just admitted it. "Then wha—" he blurted out.

"I said 'after I finish' right?" she cut him, narrowing her eyes. "five…

… Twenty, wear the uniform properly and act according to your rank." She finally ended after a few minutes with Natsume bored to death, his high spirits in finally being close to the answer gone and drained.

"Now," he stretched, seeking his supposed to be 'bed' for comfort. He sat nonchalantly yet with his still so serious face. "Tell me what happened this morning."

"The premise was that Anna was bullied a day before the first day."

"Who was bullying her then?"

She shrugged, "It's not me."

He mentally groaned then continued, crossing his long legs. "Then tell me who was bullying Aoi?"

Mikan suddenly chuckled, "It all goes down to this eh? By 'was' you mean 'this morning' or 'the past few weeks', hm?"

"Answer both." He was so close. For him, she looked like she wouldn't even try making their talk a joke so he expected the truth.

Slyly staring at the new pretty like a flower new student, she hissed, "Me and me." A smirk graced her red and full lips after her reply sunk on his thoughts.

Natsume Hyuuga's face was didn't have any reaction. He was thinking… After finding out, he didn't knew. A girl was admitting it before his eyes; should he strip his wig off and hit her mercilessly? Drag her to Aoi and force her to ask forgiveness? Choke her? Or bring her to Hi-sama? He was confused, totally not knowing what to do. It irritated him more that she had a very confident and mocking countenance that she flashed right onto him.

"Do you always sound like that?" she innocently asked in wonder. "You sound like a Shounen Seiyuu. Well you're like a girl but your voice… it's unisex."

"Huh?" his energy sank low. She's just too unpredictable for him. Does she know I'm a guy? He shook his head, the long black wig on his head swaying softly, covering his eyes. "Next!" he impatiently tapped his foot. "Answer me properly. Why are you bullying Aoi Hyuuga?"

"Pass" her eyes rolled.


She slammed her hand on the desk, finally showing irritation, and said, "Do you like Natsume Hyuuga too?" Crossing her legs and leaning a bit, she continued, "Why is everyone like that—to her? Everyone's defending her like crazy! You—all of you. All of you want to get on Hyuuga Natusme's good side?"

"What?" he grunted. "You're mad! Why am I in this? I mean, why is he in this talk? Everyone's bringing him up. Why are you hurting her then? To be different? Ha, you want to be special in his eyes!"

"This is stupid. Why is everyone dazzled by a single guy?" she retorted.

"Answer me." He insisted, believing that he finally had found her motive. "You're bullying Aoi to get noticed by him huh?"

"What's there to do with someone I don't know?"

"Seriously? Not know me—eh, I mean, him? You're kidding. He's—" he didn't know what to describe himself. "but then, you're not answering! Why then bully her?"

"Do you have to know my reason? Will you die if I didn't tell you? A guy I don't even know? Tss. Of course I've heard the name. Heck! His face is plastered on all the newspapers published in every club in here—front page. It's sickening! You fan girls are crazy. Even if that Natsume-whoever-ass/ jerk he is, even if he comes here and slaps me, grind me or whatsoever I DON'T CARE. I have too much attention to handle until my next two lives. Do you know how many times they pushed me on the rooftop? Attempted to burn my room? False accused me and—jeez, I should be filing an attempted murder case by now. It's my last year after all."

Surprised, Nastume cannot find the words to reply back. What she had just said was so unreal but it just sinks into him and was forcing him to believe even though he refused. "You're telling me that those girls were…"

Bored, she looked away and back to her laptop. " Stop pitying me. Whatever your connection is with those Hyuugas, stop dragging me in. Just go with the flow." She picked her watch and sighed, counting the minutes she lost by talking too much.

He shut up and lunged himself on the bed, facing his left to avoid seeing her as she watched once again.

By the time he turned back, the clock said 10 pm. He had idled for so long as he drowned himself with music. Mikan had just shut her netbook and she immediately grabbed her sweater and headed to the living room, to the shoe cabinet and started to tie her chucks. He watched her but then she glared back at him then back at his two bags that stood screaming 'Look at me! I'm Natsume Hana's trunk!' in front of the shoe cabinet.

"At least fix up before snoring off!" Annoyed, she dragged the heavy bags with a little trouble but still managed to throw it beside a white wooden door.

With that, she headed for the door, "Oi where are you going? Curfew was six!"

"I'm heading for dinner."

"But you said we're cooking our own dinner!"

"I am heading for dinner at Hotaru's. Her door is just five inches beside my door, got a problem with that?" the she slammed the door, "Lights off at 12!"

"Go eat you pig!" he murmured as he sat alone in wonder. She ate past seven yet looked so fit and healthy. Mysterious woman with horrible make-up.


Whether Sakura Mikan returned or not, Natsume didn't know until he woke up, the skies still dark and his digital alarm clock not yet ringing since he woke up earlier than 'early'. His eyes were used to the dark ever since childhood and even used to guide Aoi to the kitchen during their midnight snack time when he was still five since the servants leave at ten.

He rose and fixed the misplaced wig on his head then took his jogging clothes from the walk-in closet, making no noise at all as he fixed up and placed the golden brown contacts on his naturally fiery eyes. Out of curiosity, he turned on the small lamp on his desk just to take a peak of Sakura Mikan who moved in her sleep when the light radiated on her face. He saw her on a blue sweater that covered the thin spaghetti strapped night gown she wore and a thick wool blanket on her half bottom. He let out a small chuckle upon realizing that her eyes was covered and was a little disappointed not to see her face. Men had this instinct of judging women based on their natural faces—not their faces on natural make-up.

But then, he immediately turned the light off when she groaned and turned, slapping his head upon forgetting that he had some business with the evil woman sleeping infront of him.

He needed to think.

After knowing, what did he plan to do? Did he even? It was so unlike him to be unprepared. The evil woman was making him run in circles, making him crazy.

Well, he had evidence. She did admit it. Telling it to his parents looked cowardly so he scratched it out. Telling it to Hi-sama… but she said "I'm doing nothing because I know" back during their talk. That statement still sends him perplexed every time he remembers. Is Sakura powerful? Does she have an influential family that backs her up? Money? As far as he knew, only them, the Hyuuga's are enough in Gakuen Alice.

Natsume shook his head in sweat furiously. Not only is he confused, the whole cross-dressing still isn't growing on him. He jogged the 2km race track seven times more before deciding to head back dorm.

When he reached the top floor, Hotaru Imai welcomed her with her stoic and cold eyes.

"Great." He said in sarcasm. "Oh right—if she won't talk, then you will."

"1000 yen per question." She replied with a smirk. "Why? It's pretty cheap."

He grumbled. "Fine." Reaching for his wallet he pulled a thick stack of bills. "Then assure me, it's her right?"


He scowled, "The one bullying Aoi. It's her."

"Oh yes. She already told you. You're wasting money, that's great." She offered her hand, waiting for one bill to land on it.

"Then tell me the reason why she's doing it."

"There are more secrets in this school than you can handle." She replied, "was it something like that? Well yeah, that's the reason I guess. She's a righteous girl."

"Righteous girl? Huh? Pinning an innocent girl on the wall? It was her who cut Aoi's hair back last winter break!"

With that, Hotaru narrowed her eyes. "You knew." Came her reply with which, Natsume tried to shake off upon realizing that he had let unnecessary things slip his mouth.

"Natsume Hana, hand me another bill for the second question." She said and he generously slapped it on her palm. "As for a bonus, which I rarely do, let me tell you some important things for 5, 000 yen. It really, really cheap." She expected him to bite her bait, earning money and making him do all the discoveries himself. "Take it? No?"

He bit his lip and slammed the rest of the money on her hands, making her smirk in contentment. "Let me tell you about five things you ought to know…

In Alice Academy, without a name, you can't survive. Being unable to use your name here unlike in your previous school makes you utterly powerless, girl.

Do you know why no one's answering you yesterday? It's not that they don't know. Everyone knows. It's because they choose not to know—not to answer you and in relation to that…

In Alice Academy, only academic and official issues are allowed to talk about. If you remember the looks of our classmates yesterday then you'll understand. It's one of the two reasons why they're all mute and refused to talk and the second reason is… Natsume Hyuuga. It's him after all, that's making everyone go mute. You don't need to be surprised.

And let me tell you about the four people ruling this nasty school: The four bullies. One is the slyest woman you'll find—if you manage to break her cover though. She manages to bully even without me noticing it—me who's the most informed person in school. Second is from a powerful family, she uses her name to make people follow her. A very vain lady. You should pay her a visit. The third one's the bully of the bullies. She only targets the two girls I've just mentioned. It short, she's a robin hood of the school. Lastly, the one who has access over every data in school and uses it to black mail people—don't worry, I'm not exposing you… yet. It's me. Yoroshiku, Natsume HYUU—GA.

With her last statement, Natsume finally showed a surprise and alarmed face which Hotaru returned with a smirk of triumph.

"Oh I forgot the fifth one…

Sakura Mikan is a Superwoman."


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