These are expressions= ^O^= happy. -_-=annoyed or irritated or what-the-hell look.

Inside the (…) is also lacus thinking.

Mafia's love

-Chapter 1-

Welcome to Orb!

"Did you call Athrun yet?"

"No, not at all. He ain't answering his damn phone." She was a little annoyed.

"How annoying!" Luna scratched her hair softly but had an annoyed expression as well.

"Did that moron even know that Lacus went all the way here from Plants just to surprise him for his birthday?"

That was the only reason that I decided to come all the way here, but, I wasn't here just to surprise him and celebrate his twenty-second birthday, I was here to tell him something very important before it was too late…

I was here to propose to him… nah, I was just kidding. I was and still am a very beautiful lady, with good manners and conduct, so why was I thinking of going to him with a bunch of red roses with an engagement ring. It was so not me. I was just going to take the opportunity to help Athrun, to help him look after his heart. Hahaha. And exactly what was different of asking him to marry me -_-;

"Lacus I think you're not sane, why don't you go back to where you're staying and have a goodnight sleep. Can someone find warm water for her to drink?"

"I'm sane~~~" I answered with a singing voice and sang something unfamiliar even to myself. I just started singing putting words together that didn't even made sense.

"OH! Shut for a minute Lacus, and stop singing." Luna scolded at me; well I wasn't sure myself if it was really scolding.

Meyrin looked at me and asked "Where are you staying, Lacus?" Then she went where Luna was searching from my bag where my ticket or money was. I didn't exactly know what they were searching for. But sorry if it was money. My money wasn't even up to 100 dollar. I used my money from buying food for this trip, Haha!

"Found it! Red Avenue Hotel." Luna started shouting something unnecessary. She was holding a red ticket. I thought it was a lottery ticket or maybe something like that.


Luna and Meyrin looked at each other then smirked.

"How 'bout we call a taxi now and send this girl to the hotel because I need to be at home before midnight."

"And I also need to go home to have a good night sleep to keep my face still beautiful."

Then they both looked at me, who was sitting quietly with my eyes haft opened. I was really sleepy as well. Luna pulled me on my knees and out of the bar. Meyrin was already outside calling a taxi. I leaned at Luna for support.

I could hear Meyrin talking to the driver. "Can you send my friend to Red Avenue?" She asked to the driver and it seemed like she was flirting too. Hey! Why was she doing that to someone who even looked older than my dad?

"Send her to the exact place please; her father is a mafia leader who is very protective. If he found out that he's daughter was left alone somewhere unsafe. I'm pretty sure that he might come after us or the person she was last with^-^ and there's going to be a really big trouble"

What Mafia… My father owns a small restaurant in Plants -*-.

Luna and Meyrin helped me get in the taxi, and then slammed the door really hard.

"Good luck Lacus and see you tomorrow ^O^"

I turned to look at them disappearing from my sight. Even though they always made fun of me at least they didn't abandon me. They really were good friends. I was sleepy and slowly closed my eyes.

"We're here Miss." I heard as the driver woke me up.

I yawned. "That was fast."

I took the money from my purse and handed it to him.

"No need to change" I smiled at him.

"Actually it was 50 dollars -_-."

I was humiliated.

I gave 20 more.

"No need for the change, cause I'm rich haha." Actually there was no change.

I walked inside. The lobby was really big. I asked the front desk for my room key card. Then walked to the lift but I didn't know what to press. Actually where was this room 1006 and I already checked in this morning so all my things were there but I had no idea where was this room.

I guessed that my room would be at the tenth floor room six, so I pressed that floor. I waited patiently.


The door opened. I found room six in an instant. It was easy to find. I opened it and went inside. It was dark. I tried to find the switch to open the light. I walked about even it was dark then I found the switch. I looked around now that it was bright. If I remembered correctly it wasn't this big. The was a king sized bed, there wasn't anything like that this morning when I checked in. I sat on the bed. I lay on the bed it was really comfortable but…there was one problem, it was really hot. I didn't know why. This hotel was really expensive (it was for free) maybe the air con was broken. This was a five star hotel so how could this be?

I was too tired to change so I just took off my jacket, shirt and boots and threw them anywhere on the floor, and finally fell asleep.

Kira's P.O.V

Time 22.30… Dining Room of Red Avenue.

"Kira…I already talked to daddy about the land that you wanted"


I turned around to face Fllay's gorgeous face. To tell the truth I was actually already bored with her, what kind of person that only cared for herself. She was so selfish. If it wasn't that she was the daughter of the Lion Corporation, whose father owned a biggest land in the country then I wouldn't have to listen to this selfish brat.

"What did your father say then?"

"Kira do you really want to know?" she asked seductively.

This brat was really testing my patience. Looked like this girl was getting on my nerves. I wasn't a nice person who will just do what you say woman! But I had no other option.

I accept the wine that she was offering, and drank it fast.

"You're really good Kira, that's why I like you so much" She smiled and reached up to kiss my cheek. Thank you for the complement. Of course I was good, no, I was great. If I wasn't then you were never going to fall for me.

"Now can you please tell me what he said?"

"Daddy said he will give it all to you if you will marry me"

This brat!

"Kira…have you ever thought of getting married to me?"

"Of course (lying)"

"When exactly?"

"When the right time come"

She smiled and looking at me with those puppy eyes. I'd got to admit she was cute.

"Kira I don't really want to go home tonight. Can I stay here?"

Of course she wasn't just going to eat dinner here.

"Why not? Pretty girls like you, Fllay…I can give you everything"

I gave her the card key.

"Just wait for me in the room. I have to clear some papers and I'll follow you up."

"Hurry up, then"

"Of course."

But before she stood I reached for her and whispered in her ears.

"I'll hurry up so we can have fun"


After I took care of a mountain of documents. I went back to my room which was on the 10th floor room 6. When I got in, it was too quite. Weird. How come she was already asleep? Usually she seduces me with that rocking body of hers but she was only wearing a bra on the top but completely dressed on the bottom. But that's good. I was also too tired to do anything tonight.

I walked to sit on the bed, and then bend my head down, and whispered something to her.

"Fllay, sweethearts… are really asleep?."


She was snoring too –_-;;

"Okay then… just rest."

I said to the sleeping Fllay before kissing her cheek.

But… she seemed different. She smelled weird. She smelled like soap rather than an expensive perfume. Maybe I was just too tired but her side face shaped differently. But I was sane enough that time.

Just let it go Kira, I told myself. I laid next to her and wrapped my arms around her. But she pushed me away. She was facing her back to me. I wondered what's with her. I tried to sleep but there was something I was feeling that made me not to close my eyes. I stared at Fllay's back. I'd gotta admit she was really gorgeous even when I was only seeing her back. She had a luscious pale skin even if she smelled different. Maybe I could something to her while she sleeps, and besides she wouldn't get angry even if I really try to do something to her while she was sleeping, she would even like it. Well, I am a man and of course my hormones would definitely turn on. I kissed her shoulder, down her back I was about to strap her bra from behind when she suddenly moaned. "It's hot." She faced me. My face was just an inch from her.

What the hell was this? This woman wasn't Fllay. She wasn't even any woman I'd been with. I'd never even seen this girl and most importantly how the hell she was sleeping in my room.

This girl was really stupid. How could she sleep nearly haft naked on a guy's room. I'd never let a girl out of my room without touching them… this was really a crappy moment, how could I sleep with her that I didn't even know her. But this girl was really cute. She had a rare pink hair, perhaps a coordinator just like me, small pinkish lips, pointed nose and I could tell it wasn't surgery. Her chest size wasn't as big as Flay but it was fine. I'd rank her 9 out of 10, I didn't know why but I felt the number should be 9, she was the highest actually. Fllay was only 8 out of 10, maybe I ranked this girl 9 because she surely didn't have any surgery or her body wasn't made for seducing, but I like this girl. I wasn't going to let this little kitten out of here without feeling anything from me. Hahahaha.

End of Kira's P.O.V

Lacus P.O.V

The sun's light woke me up. It was really hot here in Orb, how did it got so hot here now. Was it already summer? My throat was burning. I yawned.



Wha…What was that?

I heard something and felt someone breathing against my back; I turned on the other side of the bed. O_O! Who? There was a guy who was just an inch away from my face. I couldn't really see him clearly even he was an inch away, my eyes were blurry. However, I was sure that he had brown hair, wavy brown hair, wait, maybe it was just messy. He was handsome (every guy my sight was gorgeous, even if I couldn't see them properly. Hahaha -..-) He looked like a prince or I thought so, but it didn't matter to me, what matter was, he wasn't my boyfriend! (Yeah like I had one +_+.)

I stood quickly and jumped off the bed. I stared at the guy sleeping. He was shirtless, showing his six packs. I could stare at him for hours. However, who was he? How did he end up here? I screamed or I thought I did with my mouth. I quickly covered my mouth with my hand. I didn't wake him up. I was still dizzy. I couldn't see straight.

Ouchhh! I was having a hang-over. This ain't good, ain't good at all!

But what the hell was he? (Of course he's a human Lacus, don't be an idiot.)

I walked around the room back and forth. I was so confused. Why was this happening to me? I looked at him again but still not able to see him very clearly.

Ping! Something chimed in my mind.

Maybe he was some kind of host and did something to me. He had a muscular body and handsome face (Guessed.)

Maybe something happened last night! Wait, if something really did happen last night, then that means I was… crap! What if I got pregnant! I was only 21!


Hey!O_O because I was so busy thinking of stupid things. I didn't notice that he moved. Maybe I pulled him out of the streets last night when I arrived here, I couldn't remember 'cause I was drunk.

I scratched my arm. O_O wait a minute!. I looked down at myself. What the? I wasn't wearing a shirt either. T_T. Lacus you were so stupid. You didn't even notice. Something really happened last night! I looked at my body; my body was covered in bruises. Why was my body like this? I took a long deep but silent breath. I'd decided that first I'd wear a shirt then walk out of this room quietly and lastly forget that this had happen for the sake of my future husband.

I did what I've decided. I slowly walked out of the room and slowly closing the door behind me.


I sighed. That was quiet enough right? I walked away to the room and as I was about to enter the lift someone called me.

"You!" I jumped. What was his problem? I turned around. There was a handsome tall guy with long blonde hair; it wasn't that long just above his shoulders. He had wondering eyes as he looked at me.

"What were you doing in that room?" He asked strictly. He grabbed my arm, I flinched. That hurts. I had a bruise there. He notice me then let go of my arm, he saw the bruise I had. "What happen to you?" he asked with manner this time. I pushed away from him. "Don't come near me!" He walked away two feet. "Okay, I won't come near you." he was staring at my chest! Wait no he wasn't. He was staring at the button of my shirt that wasn't properly buttoned.

"Do you need anything? Maybe I could help you." he offered.

"Help?" I repeated scornfully.

What help? Help me to take off my shirt for you to stare at? -_-^^ I was starting to hate this guy.

"I am the manager of this hotel." He informed me.


Oh My! Why did my life have to suck this bad. Why him? Anyone out of all people why did I need to meet him?

What should I do? Should I tell him the truth that I came here drunk then pulled out a kid out of the streets then sleep with me? That was stupid! If I said that he would probably call the police and have me arrested. Then I was going to be in the news, maybe the headline of the day.

'A Plantian girl that was here for vacation seduce a teenage boy from the streets then made out with him in the most expensive hotel there is to stay here in Orb.'

I didn't do it! That kid came in himself. T^T!

"I didn't do it. That kid came in my room himself!"

"Your room?" he asked, confused. Then he looked at the room door, the number was 1006.

"I think you got it wrong miss… because that room belongs to Sir Kira. The owner of this hotel."He explained.

"What did you say?"

"Well, actually this whole floor is only for Sir Kira. Outsiders can't go to this floor without permission from him. This floor is forbidden."

"But the desk in the lobby gave me the card key of this room."

"Excuse me?"

He looked at me with confused eyes again.

"May I see your card key?"

"Should I really give it to you? How could I be so sure that you're the manager?"

"Do I look to good to be the manager? -_-."

"Not really, more like a villain. Hehe"

I opened my bag to look for the card key, once I found it, he offered his hand for me to place the cardkey there, and I hesitated for a moment, but then decided to place it in his hands. Even if I wasn't so convince that he was the manager I still gave it to him. He didn't look like a manager, he looked like a supermodel that was why -.,.-

"Eh, this is 9001."

"Yes yes, 1006."

"No it isn't ma'am, your room is 9001."


"Your room is 9001, maybe you read it upside down."

What! I jumped up one level? Huhuhu, why didn't Mr. Manager kill me. I'd lost my virginity because I was stupid and went on the wrong floor and wrong room..T^T. I started sobbing.

"Hey Miss are you alright?"

I didn't care anymore, because I was stupidly drunk last night that this thing happened. I was so stupid that I entered the wrong room. TOT!

I couldn't even remember how I end up sleeping next to that guy. I didn't even know him. But now I've found out that his name was Kira, owner of the Red Avenue! But that guy was still a kid. He must be very clever to own a hotel at a very young age. I was impressed. But why did I have to compliment him! I hate him!

But I think that guy was handsome. (I think) But that kid got to see my sexy body. He was lucky to do that. And you must have already seen my red branded bra. It was my collection. Maybe you would be so nice to give me one, for Christmas. (It was months away-*-) we can talk through mail if you would want to give me one.

Oh! What the hell was I thinking I was suppose to think of a way to get away from here.

The manager was still in front of me. I didn't dare to look back at him and I walked away.