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"Isn't this bluefin tuna?" Asked Kira as he walked to the table where that pretty maid placed my meal for the day.

Eh? Is that? Wait... It is the Bluefin tuna. I couldn't believe this! He remembered his promise. Oops now I felt bad for calling him a jerk, even if it was only in my mind.

I wiped my tears away.

Kira sighed in relief. "Glad you stop crying." He smiled so gently. He walked to me and bends down to give an embrace. "How adorable, this is the first time I actually witness someone cry in front of me and my own fault too." He rubbed my back.

I didn't believe that. All those girls that he broke, but why did I let this jerk hug me in the first place again? Hey! He's taking advantage of me again!

"Get off!" I pushed him off; fortunately it was hard enough to get him off. I ran to the table and took the plate.

"This is mine now, no taking back, no owning you anything, no asking me for piece, no nothing!" He grinned.

"Aww I wanted to taste it as well." Kira put out puppy dog eyes.

"Then ask your staff to cook you some!" I swallowed the fish while glaring at Kira, but why did Kira have a tug of creepy smile on his face? It was giving me creeps like he's eating me with his eyes. Hey I think it looked lustful.

"Stop looking at me like that! I can't swallow what I'm eating!"

"But I really want to eat you!" See, it was lust.

But how can he say that! He can't eat me I haven't been able to shower for a century (I didn't had the opportunity to take a bath since yesterday.)

Kira kept on staring while I eat. Fine! If he wants to stare then go ahead it's for free!

Kira walked to the balcony window and opened it.

"Athrun came today, he said he wanted you back."

He said casually.

I put down the knife and fork and turned my head to him; with wide eyes (Actually the tuna was finished.)


"Weird, Durandal didn't show his face."

"Then now where's Athrun?" I asked.

"Worried about him?" He asked.

"You didn't do anything to him right?" I grabbed his arm.

"Aren't you Durandal's woman?" He asked back.

Honestly, were we even on the same page?

Kira just kept asking about that cold blood prince Durandal. I wanted my questions answered. Out of the sudden, Kira murmured. "Hey Miss do you think Durandal will come and save you?" He asked.

"Woi! Stop calling me miss, you don't have to act so gentlemanly, it's annoying!"

"If you really want that." He simply answered.


"that Fuc..."

He paused.


"Ok stop!" I halt him.

"See, every girl likes it when a guy is being gentleman." Kira burst out of laughter and went to place his hand on my head and patted it. As for me, I just bowed my head because of embarrassment because I couldn't argue with him, what he said was true though.

After a while, I finally looked up and asked, "Hey, Athrun came right?"

He faced me, not saying anything.

"He's safe right? Tell me he is." I begged.

He didn't answer but asked a question of his own. "Do you want to see him?"

"Hell yeah I do! When are you going to let me go! I'm not a homeless kitty, you know, I also have a father and a mother!" I answered, well yelled.

He didn't answer. His eyes wandered around the room, thinking.

When his amethyst eyes locked with my blue ones.

"Why don't you write a letter." he said.

I frowned. He've got to be joking. "A rescue letter for Durandal to come rescue you, of course." He explained. I frowned once again. "Why do I have to write to him?"

"Because you're his woman." He answered.

I snorted. "No I am not!"

He shook his head. "Upset?"

I snorted again. "Do I sound upset to you!" I yelled. "We aren't..." I was continuing but Kira placed a finger on my lips and shook his head.

"You don't need to talk…" He paused. "I only believe the things I see."

"Nonsense." I snorted. Then looked and walked away from him.

He could just say that he's worried about Durandal taking his eyes off him. Geez!

Men, no actually, Gays! I don't really understand them. I sighed. Its such a waste because every time I look at him my heart keeps beating unevenly, he's so handsome.

I blushed at that thought. Haha guess I'm attracted too huh.

Later that evening…

Okay, I was forced to do this and I had no choice.

Really, my Japanese was and still is bad. If I'd never lived here in Orb there's no way I would be able to talk Japanese.

I hurriedly put the white paper inside the white envelope and was prepared to lick it and sealed it away but… Kira grabbed it before I even put the paper inside.

"Scan it first." He said. Then open it.

Hey! You cannot do that!

"Yamato got me locked up in his hotel, Athrun should come, and I can't stand it anymore, get me out, I'm scared." He read nonchalantly. He frowned at me when he looked up. "Just what is this?" He asked waving the paper in his hand.

"It's a letter." I said obviously, and acted as if he's a moron for not knowing what he's holding. "I didn't write it like that. Read it properly, I'm going to be embarrassed by you." I frowned back.

Kira gave out a hmp then crossed his arms on his well-toned. "What's wrong with the way I read it?" He asked confused, but politely. "If I'm wrong then should we ask Ray to come here and read it for us?" He suggested and turned around to call out for Ray but I grabbed him. "NO!" I also seized the letter back. And did want I planned in the first place: to seal it away. I'm so not letting cute Ray to read my pre-school hand writing and my ghastly handwriting.

"Is that some kind of code?" Kira asked as I was busy sealing it away.

"What code!" I yelled.

Geez! What was written was: 'I'm captured by Kira and is imprisoning in his hotel. Athrun please come rescue me. I just can't stand it in here anymore, I'm afraid he might just shoot me.

"Why isn't there Durandal's name?" He asked, just what was with this guy, he kept demanding questions.

"Why would I write his name?" I demanded back.

"Because you're his woman." He answered as if I was dumb.

"I'm not his woman." I answered too.

"You are." He argued.

"I am not!" I shrieked.

"Why are we arguing about this again?" He asked.

"Because you're so demanding when it comes to Mr. Boss." I replied.

"Demanding? Mr. Boss?" he asked.

I scowled at him. "Can you please stop asking questions?" I beseeched.

He looked mystify.

"Ah, forget it." I uttered. And walked away.

But then, "Wait." He grabbed me as we both fell on the bed.

Well I landed on top of him. "What is with you!" I scowled again. I tried to get up but his arms snaked around my waist. Just then I saw something flashed on his face.


"Come on let go!" I tried to let my self loose but it was no use. Our faces was an inches away. I gulped and, of course, blushed. I squeezed my eyes shut. I rather not see what he will do to me.

I waited…


He chuckled.

I opened my eyes wide.

"You're so cute when you're blushing, did you know?" He asked, caressing my cheeks.

"uuuu…" I tried to find words to say but I couldn't think of any in the moment.

"You know, your body is so small, I really should feed you more." He chuckled.

Feed… Food!


"Of course anything for you, my adorable little girl."

I didn't reply.

My…. Girl?

His girl?

Hmm I'll think about it… come to think of it. He's so handsome that anyone could die just to be with him, but be his girl! Wow! I noticed him leaning his face to mine. I didn't move or try to struggle. I wonder why that was.

Just then when our lips was about to land on the opposite…

*Knock knock*

Kira who was lying on top of me, sat up, making me sit on his lap. I blushed. I could feel my heart accelerating. He still had his arms around when he glared at the door. Ray came inside. He bowed.

"Miss Flay is here."