Kryptonian + Vampire

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Chapter 1: The Decision and Beginning.

In a large field a tall muscular black haired slightly tanned man with distinctive blue eyes that had small green flecks around the iris who was wearing a light blue shirt and a red jacket with worn-out denim trousers and large work boots was pondering a recent problem that had occurred earlier that day, Its affect it may cause for himself and that person's name is Clark Kent of Smallville, Kansas; the local teenager and farm boy.

At first this may seem like a normal average American farm boy teenager but the actual fact is that he is an alien humanoid being who had crash landed in a freak meteor shower that had destroyed half the town that Clark now lives in which he crash-landed during the disaster at the age of three years old and was found by two people who he considers his parents whose names are Jonathan and Martha Kent who have raised and discovered about Clark's strange but powerful abilities that had developed over time and have supported their now adopted son Clark through many trials and failures and would strive do so for a long time to come.

Clark's abilities according to his own observation and understanding are deprived from yellow sunlight and give him Super-speed, strength, hearing and heat vision plus x–ray vision and has used them time and time again to save other's in danger from strange things that happen to the town of Smallville and make it safer for those who live in it. But now Clark is thinking back to earlier from today when he received an invitation to Yokai Academy.

Earlier On

Clark was walking to the mailbox for any letters that had arrived for him or his parents while also contemplating how Lana Lang his old high-school crush is in Paris and how she is doing, how he was not always very truthful about his powers and real heritage, how he had lost the chance at having a relationship with her.

He was distracted from his thoughts by a letter in the mail that was addressed to him and appeared to be written in English and from what he can remember from world studies classes Japanese writing and an unknown wax symbol holding the letter closed of which reads below it 'Yokai Academy' this name makes Clark concerned as it sounds like a school of which is confusing as he is already in the middle of high school and thinks that he should talk to his parents and open the letter with them as they may have more insight into this than him.

So Clark collects the other letters and heads inside the house where his parents are eating breakfast but look up when they see their son's concerned and confused face and his mother Martha asks "Clark Honey are you ok" Clark looks up at his parents and speaks nervously "Mom, Dad I got this strange letter about some academy with my name on it and I was wondering if you have any idea about that" both John and Martha are concerned at this and tell their son that they had no such involvement in this so the three people sit at the dining table and Clark opens the letter and reads aloud the contents

Yokai Academy

Dear Mr Kent

You have been selected to attend Yokai Academy High School in Japan, the new term is beginning in a month's time from the date of this letter and I hope you attend; the instructions are below to read if you are to attend.

Yours Sincerely,

Headmaster Recxoist of Yokai Academy

Clark's parents and himself read the instructions on how to get to the school and the transportation and it says that he was to be picked up near Tokyo airport in Japan at a bus stop and the school bus was to take him to the school from there and Clark's parents told him to wait outside so that they could discuss this privately and make a decision and so he goes outside hoping a solution could be found for this new problem they could be facing.

Present Time

That was an hour ago and His parents were still talking but he was sure that something could be done to solve this and Clark had already called on his mobile phone his friend Chloe Sullivan and his other friend Lex 'Alexander'* Luthor along with his long time friend Pete Ross and he told them what had happened and after some talking and research Chloe and Pete did not have any answers as they had tried to look up for anything on the academy but came out with nothing new.

Lex who had found something with some investigating of his own (A/N: Cough rich boy Cough) had confirmed with Clark that it was a real academy but was very exclusive and apparently Lionel Luthor, Lex's own father had tried to get Lex to attend this school but was denied which made it apparent how exclusive it really was but Lex had told Clark that he would contact him if any more news would come up about the academy.

Clark was taken out of his deep thoughts by his mother calling him inside to talk and when Clark went inside his parents were wearing anxiety on their faces and this made Clark nervous as to his parents decision for him so he sat down and waited for his parents to speak with him.

Soon after his mother spoke, "Clark we found a number for the school in the letter you had gotten and so we phoned it and talked to the headmaster of the school and apparently you have to attend as it is the rules of the academy that once you receive the letter that has been sent out with your name on it but you can leave the school after a year of attendance and return home if you do not want to attend any longer at the academy."

After his mother finishes speaking Clark absorbs what he has been told and contemplates the Pro's and Con's of doing this such as his life in Smallville and his friends, family also his work on the Farm.

However, he was brought out of his thoughts by his father telling him "Clark we know this is difficult for you to decide but I know your worries and I can manage the farm and I can ask Pete to help while your away if I need help and you may need this to help sort out what happened between you and Lana as you will be away from here and with a different scenery you may find out some of your own questions answered along the way."

Clark stared in amazement at his father's wisdom as he did not know that his dad was this smart and knowledgeable but that is not to say that he already knew his father was wise already but this was a shocking discovery.

His mother was in a similar state but happy that her husband had managed to give some great advice for her son and was also thinking that she had better start to teach Clark about Japan as she did go there as child with her father and was taught to learn how to speak Japanese and how to act in the society of Japan.

This would be for her a better precaution if Clark does go to the academy plus it will be a good way to spend the limited time left that she had with her son before he probably does go to Japan.

A couple of weeks later...

Clark is with Chloe his long time female friend whom he was with investigating on a lead about a weird occurrence in Smallville which is usual for the normally strange Kansas Town where weird is normal and strange happenings are abundant.

The reports that the two friends had gotten was that there had been reports of strange deaths happening near were the two were walking but the bodies of the victims who were killed all seem to be connected to the fact that they were regular joggers who take their walks through a local forest soon end up killed by strangling or knocking the victims out and then cutting their throats but the thing is that no evidence of fingerprints are shown on the body's of the victims but they all seem to happen in coordination with the time of day as the deaths seem to happen around noon time and had started about a week ago.

The duo Clark and Chloe who are investigating this mystery believe it has to do with Meteor-Infected (Kryptonite-Infected) individuals who are normally teenagers or young adults who become crazed super powered vigilantes and criminals when exposed to this source.

Clark is sure of this as there was a scattering of the special rocks that are remnants of the meteor shower some years ago which are also from Clark's home planet but they also weaken Clark's powers to the point that he ends up as strong as a newborn puppy if he is in contact with either a large quantity of the rocks or a single rock for a long period of time and could eventually kill him or make him terribly ill due to the special radiation that they give off.

The special rocks by Chloe and Clark's theories show that they could also lead to a local person living in the forest who does not like people jogging through the woods near where he/she lives and would then become able to deal with it themselves (i.e. kill them) due to the Rocks effects which include psychopathic or temperamental personalities and physical abilities/powers and Clark who with his over-curious friend Chloe are hoping to stop this from happening and save more lives.

Chloe tells Clark while they are searching for clues "So, Clark are you ok with leaving Smallville for the Land of the Rising Sun and going to this academy as you seem to be ok with it."

Chloe says curiously and anxiously with a smile while hoping that Clark will stay as she will miss Clark deeply and it will be rather boring without her friend around but she does hope that it will be ok for her and him and that Clark will be back home soon and she can get to see him again.

Clark sighs as he thinks of an answer as Clark does want to stay home in Smallville with his friends and family but it does sound like a new opportunity to meet new people and help others as he likes to do at home but now it will be in Japan.

Plus he is really enjoying his lessons with his mother as he seems to be able to Grasp the language very well and his studies of Japan's land and culture are coming along nicely.

He is also a little excited with all the stories of heroes and of the country and the Legends of Japan he also got from Lex, who is organizing a plane to take him to the airport near the scheduled bus stop where he is to get the actual bus to take him to the academy, to help in his studies also.

Clark finally replies to his blonde haired friend Chloe "I am sure I want to go but I do promise that I will be back for the holidays like Christmas and the other breaks I will get at the Academy and I will only be a phone call away if you want to talk at all plus I can send pictures of the somewhat secret academy."

Clark finishes his sentence with a smirk as Chloe had hounded on him when she could not get much information on the Academy and he had promised to get any info he could on the new school as soon as possible earlier on when he told his friends that he was going to go to the academy a week ago after his agonizing decisions on going to Japan.

A while later after some more discussions on Clark's trip to Japan and some thoughts on what he should do the duo of investigators come upon a trail of footprints in the leaves and mud by some trees and when Clark tries to listen with his powers and see through the woods with his X-ray vision he catches some movement ahead that looks like a person but seems strange as there seems to be a sort of mist covering the person's body and he can see this clearly (You know what his x-ray vision looks like so imagine what I am saying and use that to picture it).

Clark tells Chloe that he hears something ahead and the two go and look and when they arrive at the other side of the trees and bushes there is nothing there but more trees and bushes and when they get nearer with Clark up front and his friend in the middle they see what looks like foot prints of which he remembers is where he saw the mysterious person and when he walks up still leaving his friend nearby and then leans down to look at the footprints but when he studies them for less than a minute he hears a gasp from behind him and next a choking like sound and so he turns around quickly he sees that his friend seems to be trying to grasp her neck but looks as if an arm is around it but he cannot see anyone there.

But then by inspiration and quick thinking turns on his X-ray vision and he can now see the same misty outline of the person he could see earlier and realizes that this is a culprit who he now knows is male but can turn invisible by using the man's meteor ability and as quick as he could Clark dashes at super speed to the figure that has their arm around Chloe choking her and knocks the assailant of whom is thrown off, of the gasping Blond girl who is trying to regain her breath, into a nearby tree and is soon knocked out cold by Clark's collision which by being knocked out turns off the man's invisibility and helps reveal the assailant.

Of whom appears to be a young brown haired and bearded man who looks as if he could be a camper or a man who lives in the woods by his appearance and is definitely unconscious by the bump that is appearing in the man's head.

Clark quickly goes over to Chloe and sees that she is fine and breathing so he bends down and helps her up as she had fallen down when Clark forcefully took away the bearded man's hold on Chloe and when she can speak she says "Thanks Clark for the save and it seems that we got our killer of joggers," she finishes with some attempted humour to lighten the mood.

Once the murderer was apprehended by the police and warned of the person's ability it seems that it was time for the investigative duo Clark and Chloe to make their way home so they get in the nearby truck of which the black haired boy had driven near the woods earlier on.

Clark had dropped his friend off home for a rest and Clark is on the road again heading home to the Kent Farm as he only has two days left till he is to go to Japan and has to get ready.

Soon he is at home driving up to park the Truck where Clark can see Pete his best childhood friend's bike parked near the fence and seems to be inside and he is wondering why he is here, not that he minded it's just that Clark has not seen much of his friend after Clark had left last week as the school was notified of his transfer of education after the letter to the Academy was sent back with written acceptance to the new school.

He walks up to the front porch and opens the front door to see that his dad and best friend are talking in the living room and he can smell his Mom's cooking going on in the kitchen.

When his friend sees him walk in Pete smiles speaks to Clark in a friendly cheerful tone with a small smile, "Hey Clark, your dad was just talking to me about the work I'm gonna be doing on the farm while your away and I'm staying for Dinner as well; it should be ready soon."

He nods with a smile and not too soon dinner is ready and everyone is around the table eating while Clark tells his parents and friend about what happened in the forest with the invisible criminal and saving Chloe were his parents talk about it as usual when something like this happens to Clark (You may know what I mean if not then watch the show online or on TV) and his friend congratulates Clark on saving Chloe who he knows that Pete has a huge crush on the blond investigator but is too shy to tell her but he hopes it happens soon.

Later on

After Pete heads home Clark starts to pack his suitcase and bag for the trip to Japan and is making sure to bring some things to remind him of home like photos, knickknack's and a camera so he can take those pictures also Clark takes out of a bag on his bed that has the Academy Uniform which makes Clark grimace at its design.

It is a suit that has a Green blazer that reminds Clark too much of the Kryptonite rocks which they are properly called as he actually had learned some more of his alien heritage recently and its recent information like how his home planet is destroyed, he is the supposed last of his kind and he has some great destiny and so on.

The uniform also has a white shirt and Crimson red tie and black trousers along with dark brown shoes and he puts all this in his backpack to wear when he gets to Japan as he is to wear the suit when he is at the bus stop.

When he is finished he puts aside his things for travelling and goes to bed for sleep as he will be having a fun day tomorrow where he is going to be having a party the day before he leaves and he does not want to miss anything.

Two days later.

Clark is standing next to Lex's sports car thinking about the fun day he had and is happy he had such a fun time the other day as he, his parents and friends all spent their time hanging out at the Talon the local coffee shop where they had fun telling stories and enjoying each other's company and afterwards they went to see a film at the local theatre nearby were they saw The Last Samurai as it was selected by Lex who was able to get the projectionist to play it as it was a good thing for Clark who was going to Japan to see something involving the country and its history.

After all that they all had a wonderful dinner at his home which was made by his mother Martha and once dinner was done they all sat in the Living Room talking until it was time for bed where Lex drove Chloe and Peter home and he, his parents all went to bed to be ready for tomorrow and Clark's last few moments in his Home.

Clark was brought out of his memories by his parents coming outside to say goodbye to Clark and also his friends were behind them and when they all got near each other Chloe and his mother each gave Clark a kiss on the cheek and a gripping hug and his dad and Pete gave him a pat on the back and a handshake along with a goodbye but not Lex as he was going with him to Metropolis airport where he will say goodbye and see him off.

After some more goodbye's to everyone else Clark and Lex get into the car and drive off to the airport where he would be taking the plane to Japan soon and as they rode in the car Lex quizzed him on Japanese as his friend could speak it as-well but was too busy to teach Clark it as Lex was making all the preparations for the flight and researching the school that he will be going to. When they reached the airport they stepped out and headed to the private hanger where Lex had arranged a private hanger to take Clark to Tokyo were Clark will go to so he can be close to the bus stop.

When the plane is ready and set to depart Lex speaks to him before he leaves, "Now Clark I want to give you this as a little going away gift and it should be a good thing to look at on the plane and also I hope to see you when you get back on the holidays and you can call me if anything happens; I can try to help if I can at all."

Lex gives Clark a medium-sized rectangular wrapped present and a letter on top of it which Lex tells him to read before he opens the gift and then gives the man a good firm handshake and a pat on the back saying "See ya around Clark" and as the Kansas raised Hero waves back while getting on the plane as his rich bald friend backs away to let the plane take off safely and properly without Lex getting run over by the plane.

The plane was soon taking off the runway and as the aircraft is gliding in the air Clark wonders what life will be like in the 'Land of The Rising Sun' as Chloe had said before not knowing his life just got more interesting than he could possibly imagine living at Yokai Academy.

*(wanted to put that in but was having trouble deciding if I should or not, so I just put it in anyway). Also I hope you know the meaning of the name Recxoist for the Headmaster if not try and figure it out by separating the words and see what they also spell and if you do not get it then you are not a true fan of Rosario + Vampire at all (Cross look at you).

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