Kryptonian + Vampire

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Chapter 6: The Little Witch – Clark's POV

It was about a month or so since I and Moka met and became somewhat friends with Kurumu and it was now the time of the Midterm Results as I wait for the others to arrive, I had already seen my results and I'm rather proud of myself as I ranked 16th in the top of the Exam results but to my surprise I see that Moka has beaten me in ranking as she is in 13th place.

I hear others moan and some celebrate over the results of their exam, I then hear Moka and Kurumu arguing which I shake my head at as I know what or who they are arguing about, which was me as the day after when we helped and talked to Kurumu about her Charm abilities and made up with her about the mistakes that the blue haired young woman made by using her Charm abilities against others who probably were in a relationship with another person which may have caused some breakups and problems between some couples.

The next thing that happened after that was startling, confusing and not to mention frustrating as Kurumu had now gotten it into her head that he was her new soul mate and destined person to be with. This of course started a little private war and debate between Moka and Kurumu of who should be with him.

He had tried reasoning with them about it and said that he wanted to date and get to know Moka first before he even thought or did begin a relationship with Kurumu but the girl remained stubborn and would not give up which caused Moka to act in a similar way.

I shake the memories away as I hear Moka arrive with Kurumu as their argument has seemed to have halted which he felt relived about as Moka looked on the result board as did Kurumu of which I see that she did not so great at the exam as she was in the lower scoring and ranking of the results.

Moka celebrates and smiles with wonder as she hugs me and I wrap my arm around her holding her close, I vaguely hear other young men moan even more and mutter angrily about how I and Moka are holding each other which I ignore as I enjoy the feeling of Moka in my arms.

I feel myself separated from Moka's embrace as Kurumu argues and tries to smother me with her large chest of which she finds difficult due to my size and build and the fact that I can easily push her away which I do as gently and easily as I can so that I do not harm her which she seems to pout about but I see behind her that Moka is fighting a smile and a giggle at how easily I stop the Succubus from smothering me to death with her large 'assets'.

I am snapped from my observations when I can hear a commotion from a little bit away from where we are as I turn to see a much younger looking girl who seems to belong somewhere in middle school being teased and bullied by much older students who one of them has an unusually long tongue.

I feel angry and indignant as the bullies are treating the younger girl who strangely looks to be wearing some cross between a Halloween costume and the school uniform, I go up to them as I see them begin to get mad as it appears that the girl threw something at the middle and possible leader of the bullies.

The middle bully is about to strike the girl when I intervene and catch the bullies wrist stopping him in his tracks as the bully seems stunned and confused as he probably did not expect to get caught at what he was doing, the bully tries to get his arm out of my grip but I clench my hand tighter making the bully's face show pain and agony as I hear the bones of the bully start to crack as I say to them "Leave this girl alone and you won't have to feel worse than this."

I lift up the bullies arm slightly to make my point of which I let go after he tries pulling again and this causes the man to fall on his back stunned as he gets up and tries to act cool and indifferent as he walks away with his other bully friends but I see the middle bully hold his wrist in pain as I appear to have sprained it a little.

I turn to the girl who appears to be given help from Moka as she checks her over of which the girl looks embarrassed for some reason from this action.

I use my X-ray vision to check if she is unharmed and see that no bones or parts of her body are unharmed so I stop my X-ray vision and speak to the girl.

"Hey, you okay there?" the girl looks at me and nods slightly replying "Thank you for helping me,"

I nod and speak again asking "What's your name?" she answers back a little more confidently "I'm Sendo Yukari" I nod and say back "My names Kent Clark but call me Clark."

She nods to me as I smile back at her kindly which she blushes back in return but stops as I hear her stomach grumble making her blush even worse as I and Moka take her to the cafeteria to have something to eat.

We talk with her as we all ate a small lunch together as Yukari thanks us and praises us both for helping her which I wave this off saying "I was just doing the right thing," she nods as Moka compliments her outfit saying that it's cute and about how she must be smart for becoming number 1 in the exam results and at 11 years old.

This gets Yukari flustered and again embarrassed as she mumbles back nervously in gratitude for Moka's compliments but then she does something that surprises me and leaves me dizzy from the shock.

She jumps across the table shouting "I love Moka-san" knocking Moka over and off her chair then onto the floor as Moka is in similar shock to how I feel but I then nearly faint from what Yukari appears to be doing to Moka's body which is feeling and squeezing her chest and rubbing up against her body in a way that should not be ever done by an 11 year old child.

Moka tries to speak back to Yukari as I see the little girl is not listening while Moka's face becomes red and her breath becomes short as she begins puffing and straining to not moan at Yukari's ministrations which makes me nearly faint again at such a lewd and horribly wrong yet erotic scene that is happening before my eyes.

I snap out of my dazed state and attempt to help Moka up while separating Yukari as far away as I can with my arm and hand blocking her as I lift them both up with each hand, Yukari seems to snap out of her strange mood as I keep my eye on her while Moka dusts herself off and fixes her crumpled and messed up state.

I am then completely taken off guard as Yukari jumps on me and grabs me around my chest and holds me tight as she appeared to have ducked under my arm when I was helping Moka up and assisting her in cleaning herself up. She then yells out in joy as she said to my horror and mortification "I love Clark-san too."

I stutter out in confusion and trepidation "W...what do you mean Yukari?" Yukari lets go of me slightly but still keeps a hold of my chest as she replies "The way that you saved me and stopped my Class President from harming me, I feel safe and now happy as I now have you and Moka-san to love and look after me which means that we can have a threesome together."

I now do feel really faint at what I have just heard from Yukari as my mind begins shutting down and begins blacking out from the shock and images that assault my mind as my vision turns dark as I fall to the floor.

Moka's POV

I jumped into action when Clark begins falling over, fainting as Yukari jumps away from Clark with a worried expression on her face, I struggle a little as I help lift Clark up never realising how heavy and large he was before but I am surprised as Yukari tries to help me when she takes out a long staff like object that she says is her wand as she is a Witch which I feel surprised at first about this detail but I ignore it as I and Yukari, who does a spell that gently floats Clark up until he is near my waistline in height, helps me bring Clark to the Infirmary/Nurses office and placing him on one of the beds.

Yukari appears to have cancelled the spell as Clark gently drifts back down on the bed and I sit nearby waiting for him to wake up.

Clark's POV

I feel my mind restart and wake up as I shake off the last off my dizziness of which I believe was caused by a certain young girl named Yukari, I shiver and nearly black out as the images assault my mind but I force them down and away from my mind at the moment.

I hear Moka and Yukari breathing deeply as I open my eyes to see Moka cuddled up to my side with a relaxed expression which makes me smile at how cute and peaceful she looks at the moment, I look around the Infirmary/Nurse's room as I spot Yukari snoozing on a nearby soft chair making me look at her more properly as I notice how small and sweet she looks which makes me smile at how nice it appears to look like.

I do not want to disturb them both as they look really peaceful and sleepy, I feel Moka snuggle up to me and drape her arm around me which I do too as I hold her closer to my side making me relax more as I gently fall back to sleep wondering if I can just stay like this forever.

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