His bike stopped in front of seventh heaven. As predicted, the Sun had just risen, dying Midgar a deep orange.

"Have you got enough gil on you?"


"Grab your breakfast on the way, alright? Or I can whip up something for you now."

"It's ok."

"Careful, ok?"

He nodded, turned over, and left.

The knob had been broken by brutal force. Probably inflicted by metal tools. She knew just who is here. For she had remembered, clearly, that she had left the door locked.

She walked into the living room, and just as she had thought, Yuffie was there.


Yuffie's eyelids flipped open, with excessive force. And stood up, slightly wobbly. Yuffie's eyes were wide open.

"Whats wrong? You're trembling…" To her, Yuffie is family. A different type from Cloud, Denzel and Marlene, but family, nonetheless.

"Tifa. Trouble. Where is Cloud?" Yuffie scanned around the room.

"He went to fetch Denzel and Marlene, from Elmira's. Why? What's wrong?"

"A lot happened. I don't… Well, I don't know much anymore! Everything, and everyone th-"

"Calm down, start from where you know it."

"Tifa. It started off with Wutai receiving reports of sightings of dead people walking around."

"Dead people?"

"Technically yes. People who are recorded dead by the previous Shinra government was seen roaming around. At first they didn't seem like a threat, but then strange things were happening. Kids went missing, and there were even those rumors about them practicing alchemy using living humans and stuff. So Wutai sent in some people to investigate. A few at first, then more. They never came back." Tifa could see Yuffie tremble, though slight, but it was not common for Yuffie.

"So we contacted WRO. Though it was new, it had more knowledge about our world, and Shinra, at that. My father didn't want me to meddle with things so I had to leave home for good. I went to Vincent. Reeve had been in contact with him. The WRO knows much more than us. It was something Shinra did in the past. Vincent knew about it, but he never told me. Then just two days ago, he was sent on a mission or something. So I contacted Barret. I told him about these things over the phone, and we did our own research. He of course, worried about Marlene first. From what we know, recent months, areas outside Midgar had been strangely quiet. Especially the parts just short of Junon, and North Corel region. I think… It has got to do with Mako poisoning."

"Mako poisoning?" Tifa tilted her head and looked at Yuffie, confused.

"I… personally think that the food supply to these regions have been strategically tainted by the undead people… The weird thing is, a lot of people are disappearing. It's like they are spirited away. But only once in a while we find corpses. And…It's an unforgettable sight."

"And you need me in this?"

"Yes. We need you – and Cloud, too. We need to make sure Marlene and Denzel is safe, at the same thing. I think…we need you to do some spying. With me."

"You have a plan?"

"Well…not exactly. Vincent left, and Barret's off to get RED XIII, Cid, Cait Sith… You and I, will plan the spying."
"On the undead people? You know their base?"

"A rough idea. This is a job only we can do. They'll be less suspicious if we are weak females."

"I'm in. But I need absolute confirmation about Denzel and Marlene's safety. Who can we depend on?"

"Reeve and the WRO. Cloud and Barret too. I would be more worried about myself. I think we got the hardest job. Haha."

She walked towards Yuffie and hugged her. To her, Yuffie is her younger sister. If they are in this together, then it is up to her to protect Yuffie.

"Will you be staying?" She walked upstairs, signaling Yuffie to follow suit. "We can have a girls' night."

"Sure! Teehee!" Yuffie raced after her, excited, as usual.

"Ney, Tifa. Isn't it boring to stay here and be like a housewife? We used to go through so many exciting adventures together. Nowadays you're just here tending your bar." Yuffie asked, arms thrown around her neck. Around Tifa, she liked to act like a little sister. Just to Tifa.

"…Sometimes, I would think about 'ifs'. If Cloud stayed home more, if I really had a family… If we were still traveling. But you know. Simple is a bliss too. And I think… I'm happy. With Marlene, Denzel. With Cloud."

"Tifa… Tifa… Teeeeeee~fahhhh…"

"Yes?" She smiled, while taking a spoonful of the soup she had been cooking, for a taste.

"If Cloud ever treat you badly, I'll punish him for you!"

"Yuffie… Just between you and me… I sometimes feel that he is so far away. Occasionally I'll feel that maybe I'm not needed in his world. His world, must be soooo big. Inside, there is Zack, Sephiroth, Aerith, Shinra, the world, his responsibilities. But mine… It's just him."

"But your world is big too isn't it? You have me, Denzel, Marlene, and the world-saving hero within you too! Isn't it the same for both of you? If you think in this direction. He has the same fears as you do!"

"Pfft!" She let out a loud chuckle. "Hahahaha…"


"You sound so experienced."

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