A Twilight and Criminal Minds crossover.

An Isabella Marie Swan, Edward Anthony M. Cullen and Dr. Spencer Reid story.


Then, it reached a point where the bass line was the only thing keeping me alive. Figures. The only thing I accomplished in this lifetime was to prove Kurt Cobain right. "The worst crime is faking it"

Skilla: Tragic Song

Let her in, let me out.

"It's Friday Fri-"

"Ah fuck."

I hate alarm clocks.

Moreover, I hate those awful ridiculous songs. Just like Friday.

"To hell with mornings. Oh pillow, my one true love."

My eyes were about to get another round of TLC when I remembered why I had to wake-up early.

I stumbled my way out of bed and did my morning routine with only half a brain.

I was just about to open the fridge when I saw a tiny yellow note stuck to it.

"Hey Bells,

Sorry I left with such a short notice. There's been a change of plans.

I had to leave immediately for a case in Chicago.

I'll be back in three days. Sorry I didn't wake you up earlier.

Charlie told me about your unhealthy sleeping habits.

I left a credit card in the kitchen drawer along with your cellphone

and your car keys.

Consider those as your late birthday presents.

Use it.

Don't complain about it.

It's all yours now.

Take care,

Uncle Hotch."

Credit card? Cellphone? Car keys? Seriously?

I opened the drawer and sure enough they were there. Then, I went to the garage to see my late birthday present.

Oh my freaking gosh. Holy schnitzel. I am seriously dying.

This is absolutely amazing.

I have car. I have a new car!

I opened the car and I was fascinated. This car just screams Bella.

There was another note attached on the steering wheel. Surprise surprise!

"Hi again Bells,

There's a reason why I chose this model.

I'll just explain when I get back.

In the mean time, I expect you go around town and do your thing

using this car.


Uncle Hotch.


It's a 2011 Buick LaCrosse CXL FWD."

I can't describe this beauty. Well, this just topped the "Thanks Uncle Hotch later" list.

After I finished eye-raping my new car, I remembered that I still have to eat and unpack.

"I guess it's better this way anyway. I have to get myself together first then I'll go and get a job. Figures."

After I showered and changed into my sweats, I began the painstaking process of unpacking my stuff. Which isn't a lot by the way.

It turns everything to blue.

In the middle of unpacking my stuff, I turned on my laptop and checked my e-mail. Sure enough I have numerous mails.

From Edward.

I clicked the 1st letter he sent.

"Hey Love,

I love you Bella. Doing this is killing me.

I hate not being able to be with you...

I'm sorry it has to be like this, but this has to be done.

I just wish that I could at least call you...

The Denalis already joined us and we just had a lucky day and we found a trail.

I have a plan Bella. I'll talk to Carlisle and they, along with the Denalis,

will continue the search and I'll protect you...

Alice already saw this coming but she's quite unsure of how this will turn out.

She sees no progress in tracking Victoria but your safety still remains the same...

I'll find a way to be with you again Bells.

But if being away with you means that you'll be safe, then so be it...

I love you Bella, never forget that.

Be safe.

I love you,


I read through the whole 3 page e-mail and read the other one too.

I quickly wrote a reply for both mails and it took me a good while to finish it.

This separation is killing us both.

I just have to be strong and have faith in my extended family.

This e-mail is bittersweet.

It's a reminder of our current situation and at the same time, our love for each other.

Ever since the La Push tribe told us of the Victoria situation, the Cullens and Sam's pack quickly managed the whole thing. They both advised that I move to a new state, to get away from the growing vampire army, and they both agreed to do their best in dispatching the enemy.

Edward told me everything.

I was with him the whole time.

The truth does hurt, but I won't have it any other way.

We can't call each other for now since we don't know the extent of Victoria's power.

This royally sucks.

I pray to God, everyday, for everyone's safety. They don't really need to do this but Carlisle said that they'll do everything for their family.

I feel so guilty.

Just then, the phone ringed and I rushed outside to answer it.

"Hotchner residence. How may I help you?"


"Uncle Hotch? Hey! How's it going there?"

"Everything went better than I expected. I'll probably go home later tonight."

"Cool. Will I save the leftovers for you?"

"Please do. I wanna have a taste of your famous cooking." He laughs.

"Sure you do. Fine fine. Anything else?"

"No. Just that. I have to go now. Sorry again."

"It's okay I'm kind of used to it now. You know, Charlie and all." I laugh too.

"Okay. I'll hang-up now kiddo. Bye."


I finished sorting my stuff and went down to make dinner.

I ended up eating in front of the TV. And passing out at around 10.