Kid vs Kat #3

Coop woke up. He couldn't help but wonder why Kat was sleeping, just inches away from his face. Suddenly, the memories of the day before came flooding back to him. He sighed. 'It had to be a dream' he thought. His doubts went away, when Kat opened her eyes, and smiled at Coop. "Meow" she said. Coop and Kat had spent most of last night trying to get Coop to understand her native language, and he knew enough to know that Kat had just said 'Hello, my love' Coop chuckled as he said, "Hello to you, too" He jumped out of bed so he could get dressed. Kat smiled as she walked out the door. When Coop was finished getting dressed, he walked out the door, to find Kat sitting there, waiting for him to come out. Coop smiled. He had never thought that he would see Kat waiting for him outside his door, without a trap. Kat smiled back. They went downstairs, and were greeeted my Coop's father. "Here come the lovebirds!" he said. Coop smiled as he took his seat at the table. Dennis knocked at the door. Coop's father answered, and he came running in. "Was yesterday... a dream?" he asked. Coop shook his head no, as he tossed Kat a treat. She caught it in her mouth, purring. Dennis grinned. "Well, it was just in time, today's Valentine's Day!" he announced. Coop frowned. "But... I don't have a present. And I promised Fiona I would dance with her today" he said. "Well, I'm sure she'll understand, if you tell her, right?" Dennis said, shrugging. Fiona knocked on the door then. Coop answered. Fiona rushed in. "Happy Valentine's Day!" she shouted. Coop sighed. "Look, I need to tell you something" he said. He knew she wouldn't like it, but she had to know. Coop explained everything to Fiona. When he was done, he looked to Fiona for her reaction. She merely shrugged and said, "Okay, I understand" Coop stared in disbelief. Fiona knelt down beside Kat and started to scratch Kat's ear. "If Kat makes you happy, then that's all I want" Fiona said. "Oh... um, okay" Coop said. "You'd just better hope Phoebe feels the same way" was Fiona's reply. "Oh, no! I forgot Phoebe!" Coop said, clearly upset. He slapped his forehead. "Maybe you could skip school today. There's not gonna be any classes, anyway" Dennis suggested. Coop looked to his dad for his permission. He was pretty easy going, when Coop wasn't destroying the house. "Sure, Coop. It would give you and Kat some time to get to know each other" was his father's simple reply. Coop smiled. Fiona smiled as well. She stopped scratching Kat's ear, and said, "I'll make sure everyone thinks you're sick" Coop shook his head no. "You tell them that I wanted to spend some quality time with my girlfriend, and tell them who she is, too" He smiled down at Kat as he finished, "I don't wanna be the kind of guy who tries to keep his relationship a secret. Plus, I wanna see Phoebe's face!" he joked. "I'll take a picture" Fiona said, giggling. Dennis and Fiona left, and Coop's father went to go wake up Millie, which left Coop and Kat alone. "Girlfriend?" Kat said in her language. Coop blushed. "Is that... moving to fast?" he asked. Kat shook her head. "That can be your Valentine's present, to me" she said, cuddling up against Coop's leg. He smiled.