The Beginning of Forever


I don't know when it started. At first you were just a challenge. The one that said no. I don't know when you became so much more to me. When it was no longer about the chase but, I actually liked you. You were unlike any other girl. You didn't swoon at the smallest smile and you were not afraid to tell me what you really thought.

Suddenly everything I was doing was to impress you. I started fights only because you were so pretty when you were angry. I always tried to be the center of attention just so that you would notice me. You were everywhere I looked and I couldn't get you off my mind. That's when I noticed the little things.

Things like how when you were concentrating you chewed on the end of your quill. Or when you were bored you would braid your beautiful auburn hair. When you were studying you always seemed to be humming a little tune. How when you were working really hard on something your hair would find itself in a messy bun without you even noticing and when you got nervous you would fiddle with your necklace.

Everyday I worked to notice another little habit of your. Like how you always added salt to your potatoes or you kept your school bag organized by subject. In my eyes you were the picture of perfection. You captivated my attention at all times. My friends had to stop me from staring at you constantly.

However I soon realized what you thought of me. I was only the arrogant toe-rag that wouldn't leave you alone. So I apologize. I am sorry for always embarrassing you. I am sorry for not respecting your wishes to be left alone. Though, I am the most sorry for breaking up the friendship between you and your best friend. I have always regretted that. I knew that I would be working for a long time to make it up to you. That is when I knew that I really loved you.

I worked hard to change for you. I stopped humiliating students. The pranks became good natured and even the victim would laugh with us. I got less detentions. I did my homework and as much as it pained me, I stopped asking you out. That is when I knew that I would do anything for you.

I guess all my hard work paid off. I became head boy along side you and we actually started to get along. A truce was called. We went from enemies to acquaintances. Acquaintances to friends. Things were good between us. Yet I couldn't help but hope for more.

Then disaster struck. My parents were taken from me. The world I had always known was slowly falling apart around me. Even though we were never that close you were always there for me. You became my rock, my shoulder to cry on. Then is when I promised myself that I would always be there for you like you had been for me.

When I came out of my depression, I noticed things were different between us. The slightest touch made you blush. You would glare at the girls that I talked to. Soon I found that we were flirting and I could believe it. I knew that you would turn me down like every other time and I could loose the small friendship that we had. However all of these years I had never given up on the idea of us so I took that risk. That is when I knew that you were worth it.

I expected humiliation. I expected rejection. I expected… anything but yes. Suddenly you were actually mine. You were the one I was going on dates with and you were the one that I was snogging. Nothing could have been more perfect. However all good things must come to an end.

Disaster hit us a second time. This time around your parents were the ones that were gone. You were the one needing someone. I was finally able to support you like you had done for me so many months ago. Together we got through the pain and instead of destroying us it made us stronger. That is when I knew that you were my life and I wanted nothing more than for you to be happy.

Those few months of normalcy afterwards passed in a fog of happiness. My dreams had finally come true. Our lives at school were coming to an end and we graduated along side each other. We held hand and kept each other together when we realized that our parents would never get to see this moment and from then on we were alone in the world. I had you, though, and that was all I needed. Here is when I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

So here I am before you on one knee. I am saying the things I have always dreamed of telling you. You are everything I have ever wanted. I can't imagine living without you. I know that I can call you mine now but, I want to be able to do that forever. I love you more than anything in the whole world. You are the only one that holds the key to my heart and I need you more than I need air to breathe. I only have one question to ask…

Lily Clare Evans, will you marry me?