I don't remember when I saw you differently. You were just the one that wouldn't go away. The one I would always reject. I hated you. You annoyed and embarrassed me constantly. However somewhere along the line you changed. I started to see the minor details.

I always notice when you were around. If you weren't there I felt like something was missing. Whenever we got into a fight I would admire the sparkle that appeared in your eyes. I saw how when you were nervous you would run your hand through your already messy hair. Or when you really needed to think you would go out flying. I would stare at you for hours through all our classes. Never once did you catch me. You were starting to mean so much more to me. I noticed everything about you.

So I sat and waited. Waited for one of those signature overly dramatic gestures I knew so well. Yet what I was looking for never came. The pranks I hated stopped. They were now good natured and funny, even I laughed at them. You never once handed in homework late and as much as it pained me you stopped asking me out. This only helped intensify me feelings.

You may have embarrassed me time and time again. You may have constantly asked me out. You may have even broken apart a friendship. However don't apologize. You made me get over my fear of the spot light. You helped me practice my right hook. You showed me just because you think someone will always stand by you it doesn't mean that they will.

I was in for the shock of my life when you became Head Boy. I couldn't have been more excited. I never showed it though. To everyone who couldn't see into my heart you were still the boy that I hated, not the man that I loved.

I called a truce. I wanted to really get to know you not just pretend that I hated you. We went from being nothing to being the best of friends. I loved that I could tell you almost anything and you would always listen. I was comfortable and happy but, I couldn't help but wish for more.

Terror and pain soon made their way into our lives. Your parents were gone. Everything you had ever known was changing. I promised myself to be there for you because you needed someone. That's when I saw your softer side. The vulnerability you hid from everyone yet felt comfortable enough to show it to me. Right then and there I knew this is the side of you that I really loved.

Life went on like normal after. Or at least as normal as they could have been. My magnificent job of hiding my feelings was showing cracks that I just knew you could see. I wanted nothing more that to finally get the chance to say yes. Just when I thought it was never going to come you asked me out again. I, of course said yes. From the look on your face I could tell you were shocked. However to me it just felt perfect.

We were the happy little couple but, as all good things must come to an end, it didn't last long. The pain and terror from the past returned but this time it was me. Those few weeks of grieving passed in a blur and all I could remember is that you were always there for me even if it meant me crying on your shoulder for hours or just sitting in the silence.

Finally we were able to be happy again. Our lives at school were coming to a close and we were being thrust into the harsh reality of the real world. You were the one that kept me strong. When I realized that my parents wouldn't get to hear my speech or see me graduate, you were by my side. I will always thank you for that. You are all I need in life.

You say you need me more than anything in the world but it can't be more than I need you. You need me like air to breathe; I need you in a way that words cannot describe. How can I hold the key to your heart when you have all of mine? You may think you are lucky to have gotten me but I am so much luckier to have gotten you. So you ask me if I want to marry you.

I don't want to marry you. I need to marry you, because it has become impossible not to be with you. James Henry Potter, yes, because it means that I officially get to spend all of eternity with you and I could imagine it any other way.

The End

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