Hey been really busy lately, but please forgive me. I have a teaser, cliffy I know. I hope it's oay, I guess I'm a bit rusty. Please REVIEW.

Chole Pov

"Ugh take take it easy, what up with the Hulk Smash." She said.
" Why must you embarrass my boyfriend you crazy sadist, It's not funny."
"Your right Chloe it is not in the least funny I'TS FRICKIN HILARIOUS."
"HOW, plus I miss my old boobs, I can't fit these can't squeeze into an A 32."
Sigh " Exibit A. Your face is like a zit college, B. We might actually have to buy Derek a wistle for you, and C- Chloe are you okay." Derek, I need Derek badly... and NOW. "Chloe your scaring me, now this isn't funny, of you want to get back at for pranking you okay, but not. ." Just like that, my nails went claw, my vision went black, and my legs gave way. Wolf: This isn't good. I grabbed Tori's arm. "Tori this isn't a joke, I'm in pain, I need your help. GET. DEREK. NOW. Not my best attempt at calm.