Hey everyone, this is Nate the Ape making his debut in the Cartoon section! The premise for this fic came from a website about ATLA where it was mentioned that at one point during the show's development, Bryan and Mike considered having not just one, but a pair of sky bison frozen in the iceberg with Aang.

Taking that idea, I was inspired to write this, my first Avatar fic, featuring a mate for Appa!

Anmol was first aware of being terribly cold.

She couldn't feel her feet, her broad beaver tail, her ears, her six legs. She couldn't hear anything, see anything.

She tried to call out to her mate, Appa, or their playful young Master by groaning, snorting, stomping. But she couldn't even do that. It was like her seven ton body was made of thick frozen mud.

And the coldness was profound, worse then she'd ever known, extending into the very core of her body, past the layers of thick wool and skin and fat and flesh, right into the inner furnace that kept each sky bison alive.

Worst of all, it had gone into her womb, bloated by the forms of six unborn calves.

In a dim way, Anmol realized something had changed. But what was it? She had been-asleep-and was now awake. That was what had changed.

Now, a calming warmth began to slowly swell up within her great body, filtering through her muscles and bloodstream, and to her immense relief, Anmol realized she could sense her heart was beating again, and her unborn calves were still alive!

Her eyes still closed, unable to sense anything as yet, the sky bison now started to recall events that had happened before this solitude and darkness. She'd been with her mate, who'd been carrying the Master. The Master had been upset and confused about something she didn't quite understand.

When the Master had flown away on her larger, older mate from their peaceful mountain home with the other sky bison, she'd been the only one to notice him leave, and had followed to be with the father of her unborn calves. The Master had firmly commanded her not to come, but she had anyway.

And then, in a desolate, cold sea with great bergs of ice and lashing, frigid winds, there had been a terrible gale. The sheer violence of the rain, sleet, wind and mountainous waves had been too much for Anmol and her mate to endure, and they'd begun to sink, along with the Master.

Then the Master had done the strange thing he sometimes did, rising to a potent plane of energy and airbending that no sky bison could ever touch, his eyes and skin markings glowing like blue embers. Something had surrounded, encased then all, and then-this.

She could hear again. There was a deep, sonorous snoring, close to her left ear, and she realized it was her mate, who the Master called Appa! He was alive too!

Light came through her eyelids, and at the same time, Anmol heard someone skidding down a small slope of ice. Weakly, blinking, the sky bison cow lifted her head and opened her eyes in the bright polar daylight, sniffing the crisp air.

"Anmol! Appa!" a familiar voice cried out in delight, as the person came to a stop before them.

And Anmol's heart filled with a similar joy then, for she knew. It was the Master, Aang! They were all alive and together again!

More to come in Chapter 2! R & R folks!