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A/N: So, apparently the word on the street is that drabbles are the new thing (not saying that I'm a sheep) and they are harder than they look. This idea came to me when I was half asleep. So, yay, for half asleep ideas! Enjoy. Oh, and this word counter on fanfiction really sucks. I had like 91 words and it was saying 117.

"Get it off!" Arthur yelled at his manservant. A small creature, gray in nature, had come flying out of nowhere, attaching itself to his shirt. It scratched its way up to his shoulder where it now perched, happily content in its location.

Merlin chucked causing Arthur's face to turn indignant, his eyes wide. He sneezed. "It's nice to see my suffering brings you pleasure. Now, get it off!"

Merlin approached his master carefully, "I think it likes you." He sneezed again.

"I am well aware of that." Arthur said, glaring as Merlin carefully pulled the kitten away from his shoulder.