The battle was won. They faced each other; one kneeling on the ground, a hand braced to prevent his fall, the other wand levelled at his opponent, blood dripping from his clothes, from his hair, from his hands.

Their armies also faced each other, one defeated with wands on the ground and despairing expressions on their faces, the other sporting triumphant smirks. Finally, after everything they had gone through, a result had been achieved.

Everyone watched as the winner lowered his wand and stepped forwards to stand above his defeated opponent. Tension built. Both sides were waiting for the curse, the strike that would signal the end of the war and the beginning of a new world.

Both sides watched as the winner crouched down and caressed the loser's cheek before helping him to stand up. The loser attacked the winner in a last, desperate attempt to…hug?

The onlookers were united in their disbelief as they saw the passion-rich kiss between the two, equally matched opponents…lovers.

"I won," said the winner, his tone playful and affectionate.

"This time. I'll beat you next time," replied the other.

"Let's go to that lovely holiday home in New Zealand," suggested one. The other agreed and they prepared to leave. A brave, or perhaps foolhardy, soldier stepped forward.

"But…My Lord! What about us?" Both of the men, still wrapped in each other's embrace, looked coolly at him.

"What about you?" replied one dismissively.

"What about the war…about your promises? Didn't you say that we would be a revolution that re-created the Wizarding World?" The two laughed; an identical cruel note in each of their voices.

"This? This was not a war, it was an entertainment. When you're immortal, it becomes a little boring to always be on the same side. I bet that I could win and he bet that he would win. I now wish to go and collect my prize. Take care of yourselves; we have played our parts, now it's time for you to play yours." With this, they vanished from the spot, no doubt going to the holiday home they had mentioned.

The once-warring armies faced each other. Somehow, in the light of the revelation that they had merely been toys for two bored immortals to play with, the animosity that they had held for each other seemed pointless.

Spontaneously, two soldiers from opposite sides approached each other and tentatively shook hands. Weary and emotionally drained, all the participants picked up their wands and walked away together, united for now in their mutual betrayal.

A/N This was inspired mostly by Death of Today by Epic Solemnity and the relationship between Izar and Voldemort. It's a very good fic and a wonderful portrayal of the kind of relationship Voldemort might have. I would advise anyone who likes slash pairings to read it. I also wanted to write this little snap-shot of a relationship because of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton (I'm talking about the English Monarchy, if anyone is confused). Not that I think either Kate or William are going to become immortals and destroy the world; it's just the idea of an enduring relationship that caught me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.