Your name's not in my vocabulary. - Chapter I .

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4 years ago... Amu and I started going out together. We seemed like the perfect couple everybody said we'd be. However, it was not meant to last. People tried to break us up and they succeeded. And I went out with Utau instead, the most popular girl in school. Amu really meant it when she said she'd forget me, she can't even get my name right!

She waved her hand in front of me multiple times to get me back to reality.

''Sorry for spacing out like that.''

She just nods and goes in the other direction, hugging her books close to her chest.

That's what she'd do if she's feeling insecure... Don't tell me..!

Ikuto ran after her and clutched her shoulder to prevent her from moving. Panting, he adds

''School's starting. Let's go.''

He took her by the hand and went towards the classroom.

I just wanted to go to the bathroom...

Ikuto went strode in the classroom with Amu behind him. All the girls looked up and scoffed at Amu, who just looked down behind her fogged glasses.

"Here." Ikuto opened the seat for Amu, signaling for her to sit down. You could just imagine the jealousy the girls were mustering. Without a word, she sat down. The students immediately went back to their seats as the teacher came.

"All right class, Page 168 today is our aim…"