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Harry Potter

and the

Curse of the Seventh Horcrux


As Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall stood waiting for Hagrid to come with little Harry Potter, it seemed like there was much for the wizarding world to celebrate. Lord Voldemort was supposedly gone and years of fear and hiding were over. The Boy Who Lived was going to live here at 4 Privet Drive with his aunt and uncle and the wizarding world could settle back into a time of peace.

A loud roar filled the air as Hagrid and a huge bike fell from the sky, landing on the street in front of Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall.

"Ah, Professor Dumbledore, Sir," said Hagrid as he got off the bike, " You didn' tell me that James and Lily had two lil' ones!"

"Hagrid, what did you just say?" exclaimed Professor McGonagall.

"Well…. Hagrid, maybe you had better tell me what happened," said Professor Dumbledore, clasping his hands together, his index fingers coming to rest on his chin and his clear blue eyes staring over his half moon spectacles.

"Well, Professors, I went to James an' Lily's place like you said, an' I borrowed Sirius' bike, an' I wen' into the house an' there was little Harry there jus' like ya said, so's I picked him up an turned to go an I heard a lil' cry an' there under a bunch a rubble, hidin' under this invisibility cloak was another Babe. So's I brought 'im too," said Hagrid, showing them the cloak in his pocket.

"But Hagrid, James and Lily only had one child, little Harry, didn't they, Albus?" asked a stern-faced McGonagall.

"Hagrid, thank-you, I was worried something like this might come up. You see, James and Lily were in hiding for a long time, and being in hiding, communication with them was limited, as you can well imagine. I am afraid that to stand here and discuss this further is not wise. I am going to leave Harry here as I had planned and the other little one, we shall take with us for the time being." replied Dumbledore.

So that is exactly what they did. Dumbledore left little Harry Potter with the Dursley's and took the other child with him to Hogwarts. Once in his headmaster's tower, he took the child out from under his cloak and lay it on his desk. The child was tiny; only a few weeks old at best. Dumbledore sighed. "Oh Lily, why did you not tell me?" But he knew. The pregnancy must have been a surprise and with Harry so young too, only 14 months old now. James and Lily must have been terrified and not knowing whom they could trust, they told no one. Hopefully.

Dumbledore sighed again as the little baby started to cry. "Flip, I am in need of your assistance," and immediately a bent old house elf appeared.

"Yes, Professor Dumbledore, Sir. What can I do for you?" squeaked Flip, eyeing the crying bundle on the headmaster's desk.

Of all the house elves, Flip was Dumbledore's most trusted. "Flip, I need you to take care of this baby for awhile. Keep the little one up here and must I say it? Tell no one!"

"Oh, yes, Sir!" replied the house elf, picking up the baby, who was almost as big as him. He began to rock it gently back and forth.

"I must go see someone. I'll be back soon," and with that Dumbledore stepped into his flue and was gone.

Dumbledore knew that the only way to keep this child hidden and safe was to make sure no one knew about it. He knew that the Dursley's were out of the question. He had to force them to take Harry. Who could he find to take this child? He would have to call in a huge favour to have the child's name and date of birth erased from the Registry of Births and Deaths Department at the Ministry of Magic. Then he had to find somewhere to send the child. Lily's great uncle was too far removed to make it safe for Harry Potter to live with, but this unknown child…

Chapter One

The Letter

"Uncle Herbert, where are you?" called a small girl with short red, almost mahogany colored, hair and glasses. She had been looking for her uncle her whole life it seemed. He was always going off and not telling her where he was going. She stopped to gaze around. Other than this small clump of scrub brush, the prairie seemed to stretch to the horizon. To the west was where she caught the school bus to the tiny one-room schoolhouse. With only thirty-five students in the whole school from Primary to Grade twelve, and only two teachers, you definitely didn't get lost in the shuffle. Over to the south were the barn, tractor shed and tiny 3-room house she shared with her Uncle Herbert. Aunt Helen had died when she was only four and she knew nothing of her parents, except that they had died when she was just a baby. So it was just her and Uncle Herbert.

"Oh Uncle, where are you?" called the little girl again, shaking her head in frustration. Uncle Herbert was a recluse if ever she had seen one. Oh, he was nice enough, always making her laugh at something, but he had a weird side too. He would go into the tractor shed, shut the doors and stay for hours. He also liked to bend his elbow on occasion and when he did, oh my, some of the wild tales he'd tell. Flying broom sticks, people disappearing right before your eyes and wands doing real magic, he would say.

The little girl sighed and pushed her glasses up on her nose. What if her uncle had pulled one of his disappearing acts again? What was she going to tell the strange man standing in their kitchen? Slowly, she turned to go back to the house. I'll just have to check the barns again, she thought.

As she was coming out of the clump of bushes, she saw the man she had told to wait in the house come outside. "Can't find him?" he asked and smiled a knowing smile. "I've known your uncle for years and he is very good at losing himself."

The girl looked at the man more closely. He was an older gent with a drooping mustache and receding gray hair, but his clothes caught her attention the most.

He needs a wife to dress him, she thought. Pinstriped pants, rubber boots and a shirt that was outdated in the 70's.

Together, they turned and walked toward the tractor shed and barn.

"How do you know my Uncle? I don't think I've seen you here before," asked the little girl.

"I know your uncle from way back. We used to play… ah… a game together," said the man, looking quickly at the little girl by his side. "Your name is, let me think…ah, Trailer Potsworth."

"No!" giggled the girl, "My name is Taylor Porter. Oh, the door is locked," said Taylor as she pulled on the tractor-shed door. Not surprising she thought. Now what?

"Here let me try," said the man and he took hold of the door, gave an odd flick with his other hand and mumbled something and the door opened.

The next few days were a blur to Taylor. Her uncle, oh her poor dear uncle, had died of a heart attack. Mr. Nelson, the man who had come to see her uncle that day, had stayed with her until after the funeral. What now? What was she going to do? Child Welfare had already come by once and Mr. Nelson had put them off for now.

"Taylor, come on, eat some porridge," Mr. Nelson said over the paper he was reading.

Taylor looked down into her bowl of porridge and wondered what was going to happen to her. Surely Mr. Nelson wasn't going to take care of her. She glanced up again, looking at the paper. He always reads the same week old paper she thought. Of course, getting a new paper every morning way out here was impossible.

Suddenly there was a tap on the window and a large owl was standing on the windowsill. Mr. Nelson got up, went over to the screen and slid it open. The owl flew over to Taylor and landed on the table.

Taylor received a peck on the hand from the owl. Apparently, she had not recovered from the shock of his arrival quickly enough to suit him.

"I think he wants you to take the letter from him," said Mr. Nelson looking a bit surprised.

The letter was addressed:

Miss T. Porter

3789 North Road

Little Wood, Alberta, Canada

"Oh, my," Mr. Nelson said looking at Taylor closely. "I didn't think you were old enough to go to a wizarding school yet."

The owl flew back out the window after Taylor took the letter. She held it in her hands, looking at it and turning it over. "Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry", she read from the purple wax seal on the back. She was even more confused.

"I guess your Uncle never told you," sighed Mr. Nelson shaking his head slightly. "Well, you are a witch, Taylor, and even though Canadian witches and wizards usually go to the Academy for Magical Learning here in Canada, it is not unheard of for them to be invited to a school in Europe. Still, though I thought you had to be…" his voice trailed off and he was looking very thoughtfully at Taylor.

"A… A …WITCH!" exclaimed Taylor looking incredibly surprised. "But I thought those were just stories Uncle Herbert made up. I mean witches aren't real, are they?"

"Yes, Taylor. Witches are real. So are wizards. Your uncle was one and so am I. However, your Uncle tried not to be one. I can't imagine why, but I think it was because your Aunt Helen was a muggle." said Mr. Nelson as kindly as possible.

Taylor looked at him, and then her eyes were drawn to the paper laying face up on the table. The writing was somehow different, and the pictures were… were moving!

As Mr. Nelson had explained to her, witches go to a special school to learn all about magic and spells. He had told her that he believed that her parents had lived in Europe and seeing as they had died there, that was why she had been invited to go to school there. Something about some person he couldn't name dying and evil times before it, but all was okay now. He had told her also that the journey would be a lot quicker as a witch. She'd just have to catch a, some thingy, and she would be at the Ministry in London and he'd look after her paper work. He had also said he would look after selling Uncle Herbert's farm and things so she wouldn't have to worry about paying for her school books. "Hopefully." he had muttered.

So that is how a very scared, but excited Taylor found herself standing in a little office just off the big lobby. Along with a witch with grey frizzy hair and a tall wizard with a long white beard and hair, sparkling blue eyes and half-moon glasses. The tall wizard was saying, "I'm sorry Mrs. Longfellow, but Professor McGonagall was unable to come here now and even though she is the Registrar at Hogwarts, I can assure you that Miss Por…ter, is enrolled at Hogwarts."

"Well, this is unusual. However, in light of the fact that you, Professor, are here and you say that Miss Porter has a place to stay until term begins." said the grey, frizzy-haired witch.

"Yes, ah Mrs. Briggs, so kind of you to come to the Ministry on such short notice. This is Miss Taylor Porter, who I was telling you about," said the tall Professor to the short, plump woman who had just come hurrying in the door of the office.

"Oh, Professor, I was happy to come when I got your owl this morning." said Mrs. Briggs, smiling breathlessly. "So nice to meet you Taylor, I am Mrs. Briggs and you are going to stay with me until you go to school at Hogwarts. Sorry Professor, Madame Secretary, but I left a cauldron simmering and I really have to go." Again she smiled at the tall wizard.

"Not at all," the wizard said, giving a slight nod and smiling at Mrs. Briggs.

"I shall see you at Hogwarts, Miss Porter. Until then enjoy yourself and listen to Mrs. Briggs."

And with that, Taylor was off again, this time to a wall full of fireplaces in the main lobby, where Mrs. Briggs asked her if she had ever traveled by something called Floo powder. "No, I haven't. Sorry, Mrs. Briggs," said Taylor.

"That's okay, dear." said Mrs. Briggs with a kind smile. "We can go together until you get the hang of it." And with that, she put her arm around Taylor's shoulders, nodded to a couple of witches standing in the lobby, picked up some green powder, stepped into the fireplace with Taylor and said, "Briggs Cottage."

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