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Part Seven- Marian

She was about to prepare for bed when Robin's servant, Much, knocked on their door in a frenzy. She knew it had to be about Robin, everything was always about Robin- she was surprised however, when she stood with her father and saw that Much was accompanied by a small boy. She didn't pay much attention to the boy, for the most part, instead conversing angrily with Much. Robin got himself into this mess- they had warned him not to do anything, to worm his way into the sheriff's inner circle and corrupt the corrupt from within, but no- he couldn't do that could he? No, he had to go and be Robin, and lose everything for a naïve view of justice. Because she hadn't been paying him much mind, Marian had forgotten about the presence of the small boy. That is, she had forgotten him until the moment she and Much became heated in their argument and she saw the boy being led away from the room, his face slightly pale. She frowned. Why was there a boy here in the first place?

She put the boy out of her head whilst she sweet talked her way into Robin's cell. It seemed every conversation she had with this man only confirmed how little he had changed in his years away- still so sure of himself seeing him grin at her in such a righteous way made her want to knock him down a few places, and she decided this was the perfect time to breach the subject of the boy. Why was there a boy following his servant around? Why had they not taken him somewhere safe, left him with people who would care for him? What sort of a place was a forest for a child? Robin's face grew dark as he opened his mouth to speak- that is, until a noise was heard just outside the room

"This... is a rescue!"