Hi My name is Katherine Marie-Joy im 16 years old and i have a secret. A secret that i shouldnt be telling you about because you might be one of them. Im a vampire. Im not your usaul vampire though. I have wings. I have black hair that is always in a ponytail and purple eys but they are sometimes blue. Im 5'7and my wings are black with a light purple tip on the top of them. I hope youre not one tof them if you are reading this. And what i mean by
one of them' is that i hope youre not a vampire hunter. I go to school
at Midnight high school. If youre wondering yes i can walk in the
sunlight. I can walk whenever except for for the nights of Eclipses. I
go full vampire then. And what i mean by that is that i kill anything
and everything in my way. Oh and by the way the person who wants me the
most is my father. He hates me. He left me when i was born because i
was half vampire. Oh you mean i didnt tell you I was only half-vampire?
Oh well i just did. My dad doesnt like vampires. He hates them. Well me
in particular because i have specific powers. I can read minds and I'm
telepathic. I live by myself and only my best friend Justin knows about
me being a vampire. My mom died when i was really young. My dad is
always hunting me. I cant stay in one place for more than year. Justin
always moves with me because he is a former vampire hunter. He can
figure out where the vampire hunters and we plan on killing out the
whole entire population of vampire hunters. Anyways lets stop talking
about me and get on with the story shall we? I was getting ready for
school when Justin showed up at my door. "hey Katherine you ready
to go? Its almost time for school." He told me. I dont know why but i
couldnt stop looking at his body. He was 6 feet tall and had blue eyes
and blonde hair. He was skinny and and apparently had a six pack
because he was wearing a shirt that showed off his abs "Yeah I'm
coming. I'll be done in a minute." I got done and I came downstairs and grabbed my book bag. Then I walked outside to see my dad holding Justin in a headlock.