I Kat Be In Love

Coop woke up, ready to face the day, and more importantly, evil alien cats hellbent on destroying him. He got dressed and strolled out of his room, checking for traps along the way. He made his way to the kitchen, where Dennis was sitting there, waiting for him. "You must have been having a good dream. We already missed the bus" Dennis commented. "Sorry" Coop said, blushing. "I'll skip breakfast" he finished. Dennis nodded. "So, was it?" he asked Coop, as he put on his backpack. "Was it... what?" Coop asked, confused. "Was it a good dream?" Dennis asked impatiently. Coop shuddered, remembering the dream he had. "Sort of the opposite. Here's not the place to tell you about it" he responded. By now, they were in the car with Millie, as Coop's father started the car. Dennis nodded. The reasons couldn't tell him there were many, the main ones being that Millie was sitting there, and because of what had happened in the dream, he wanted to stall Dennis, Millie, his father, everyone from finding out what had happened for as long as possible. What had happened was this: Coop and Kat were sitting on a picnic blanket, looking out at the ocean. Coop's arm was placed around Kat's shoulder. They looked into each other's eyes. Apparently, Coop could understand Kat in the dream. "Coop, I... I think I'm falling in love with you" she said, in a female voice. Coop smiled. "I love you too, Kat" were his exact words. They kissed, for about 8 - 10 seconds. When they stopped, Kat looked into Coop's eyes again, and said, "Let's go to my home planet, Coop. We can be together, forever. Away from all these people who don't want us together" Coop smiled, and nodded in agreement. Suddenly, a UFO appeared, and Coop and Kat hopped on board, holding hands. The dream ended, and Coop had woken up. Thinking about it, he hadn't heard the school bell ring. 'What kind of a dream was that, anyway?' he thought as he hurried to class. Maybe, he would never know. Meanwhile, Kat was at home, trying to figure out her dream, which was exactly the same as Coop's in every way. She was contacting her home planet. "Well, Kat, it appears to me that you may LOVE this boy, Coop" was what someone said over the line of Kat's phone, in her language. Kat immediatly hung up. She didn't want to hear the speech she had already heard, like five times today. Maybe she could quit, after all, what were the chances that they were all telling the truth? NONE! She HATED Coop, and nobody would tell her otherwise.