I Kat Be In Love Part 4

Coop stared in disbelief at Tara. "Um... did you just say that me and Kat are... uh..." he stammered, unable to find the words to continue. "Yes Coop, you and Kat are true love" Tara said. Dennis looked freaked out, but not as much as Kat. Coop sighed. "I might as well tell you then" He turned to Kat, and told her about his dream. When he was done, Kat ran out of the room, and came back with her collar. Kat pressed a few buttons before putting it on her neck. She then said, in human language, and female voice, "Coop, I had the exact same dream" "Wh-what?" Coop said, surprised. Kat merely nodded. "Alright, then" Tara said. "I can get you a cool disguise, Kat" she added. "So... I guess we're going on a date, then?" Coop asked carefully. Kat grinned as she said, "Of course we are" Coop smiled back.

On the night of the date, Coop wore a tuxedo, and Kat wore an aqua dress that flowed around the bottom. She had a sky blue handbag, and a blonde, curly wig. "Wow. Kat you look... wow" Coop commented, or tried to comment. "Thanks, Coop" Kat said. She was wearing her collar, so Coop could understand her. "You look great, too" she said. They stepped outside to see the limo Coop had ordered was pulling up. Kat smiled as Coop opened the door so she could get inside. She got in, followed by Coop. "I thought we could go someplace fancy" Coop said, blushing a little. Kat smiled at Coop's attempt to make her happy. "Coop, this limo alone must have cost a fortune!" she said. "Don't spend more than you need to" she added, cuddling up to Coop's arm. "Actually, I just told them I knew Tara, and they gave me everything for free" Coop said, blushing at the fact he was acting like a total tightwad. Kat looked into his eyes with a look that said, 'I would love you if our date was in a dumpster' Coop smiled. The limo pulled up to very fancy restraunt, that served all kinds of fish, so Coop knew Kat would love it. They got out of the limo and waited to be seated. While they waited, Kat pondered whether or not she loved Coop. 'That dream... But it was just that, a dream' But she was having a hard time convincing herself. Suddenly, they were called on by the waiter, and they took their seats. They ordered one glass of milk, so they could share. The waitress brought out two straws, and took their order. They ordered one plate of fish, so they could share that, too. When they were done, they paid and left. Back at home, Coop turned to face Kat, at the front door. "I've got a surprise for you" He said, blushing a little. "Really? What is it?" Kat asked. "Close your eyes, and you'll get it" Coop said slyly. Kat closed her eyes. Coop leaned in, and gave her a kiss. Kat opened her eyes, and smiled. "It's just what I wanted" she said. "I'm glad you like it" Coop said romantically.