Even love can be found in Hell

Chapter 1

It was one of those dismal mornings where one could tell that the day was about to go from bad to worse.

The unfortunate victim of this feeling was a young man with messy brown hair, a light complexion, and sky blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of half moon spectacles on his face, a pair of well worn brown leather boots, a simple pair of white pants, a light green long sleeve tunic, and to top it off a large dark green hooded cloak.

The young man was busy carrying a large pile of books and scrolls that were stacked rather precariously in his hands. "Easy now" he thinks. "Just a couple of hundred or more feet and you can rest for a sec."

The young man, however, is so focused on the stack that he doesn't notice the pink haired cleric sneaking up on him.

"Hey Mark! What are you doing?" Shouts the girl as she jumps on Marks back and hugs him.

"AHH!" shouts Mark as he drops his heavy load from the shock. Mark stares at the mess all over the ground and starts shouting. "SERRA! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!"

Serra lets go and huffs in annoyance "what? I was just coming to see how you were doing. No need to get angry, geez"

Mark can only glare daggers at the cleric, but levels his voice. "What are you doing here anyway? Do you need something from me?"

Serra seems to brighten up and says "no I don't really need anything. I just thought I might brighten your day with my beautiful self that's all."

Mark can only sigh at the girls' remark. He then gets down on all fours and starts to pick up his books "well if you have nothing better to do, help me pick this stuff up then"

Serra looks as if he just asked her to strip. "Pick up those dirty books and ruin my clothes? No thanks."

Mark is seething in anger at this point and can no longer keep his voice level "THEN GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE YOU PLAGUE!" he angrily starts to pick up his books again.

Serra only watches in stunned silence for a moment before she starts to get angry at him "Who are you calling a plague! That was very mean!"

She then proceeds to start hitting him in the head with her staff while yelling "you should be calling me many wonderful things instead you jerk!"

Mark throws up his hands to shield his head from more blunt force trauma

"OW! stop that you- OW! I told you- OUCH! THAT'S IT!" Mark launches himself at Serra and grabs her around her waist and pulls her to the ground.

"AHHH!" Yells the cleric as the pair hit the ground. Mark then grabs both her hands and pins her down. "HA! Try hitting me again!" Mark smiles victoriously at winning the little bout.

Serra struggles to get free and yells "Let go of me!" the little scuffle happened to attract attention, and a young man with light brown hair came running from a distance shouting " what's going on over the-" He stops short when he sees the little display in front of him but thinks it is something else entirely.

Mark looks up and notices the position he is in "Uh... Matthew it's not what it-. "But before he can get another word in, Serra kicks him right in between the legs in her struggle "HURK!" Mark rolls over to the side and quickly grabs his injured nether regions.

"Oh!" Matthew winches at the blow that Mark received.

Serra, seeing her chance, gets up quickly and grabs her staff. She sticks her tongue out at Mark and quickly runs away.

Mark, fighting past the pain, yells out to her "YOU BETTER HOPE I DON'T STICK YOU OUT ON THE FRONT LINES!" But quickly shuts up as a fresh wave of pain over takes him.

Matthew, trying very hard not to laugh, comes over and helps Mark up.

Mark, though still in pain, recovers enough to stand.

"Thank you Matthew" the thief only smiles for some reason "well young sir, I thought you were just a book worm that enjoyed simple pleasures, but it would appear that, you too, can have some questionable taste in woman."

Mark looks at Matthew as if he just insulted him "What! That was a misunderstanding! There is no way that-"

Matthew starts walking away with a smile on his face "don't worry my lord; your secret is safe with me."

"Wait! It's nothing like that!" Matthew seems to ignore the helpless tactician and simply keeps walking.

Mark can only watch as he goes. He then starts stamping the ground in frustration "great! Just what I need! Another problem to add to the quickly growing pile!"

After a few more seconds of raging, Mark stops and takes some slow deep breaths to calm himself down. When he is done he looks around at his scattered books and scrolls, and only sighs.

"Well" he says putting his hands on his hips "I better pick this all up before anything else happens".

Mark then begins his gathering when, suddenly, he notices something shining on the ground.

Curious, he picks it up and finds that it is a bright silver necklace with a wing shaped pendent on it.

"Strange, who could this belong to?" Matthew? No, he doesn't wear stuff like this.

It suddenly hits him "Serra…" he instantly begins to regret even finding the thing, because he knew he was honor bound to return it to her, and he did not want to meet with the pink haired cleric right now.

Mark only sighs and puts it in his pouch and continues to pick up his books.

Xx several minutes later xX

Mark had managed to get all of his stuff back to his tent and was lying on his cot examining Serra's pendent.

Mark noticed a few things about the pendent when he looked at it closely. First off it was rather worn and looked to be old. Second it also had some letters engraved into it but they where faded so badly that he couldn't make out what they said.

" Hum… strange…" Mark sits up and puts the pendant back in his pouch "well no use wondering about it" Mark stands up and proceeds to go and find Serra.

Upon exiting his tent Mark spies a purple haired young man in the distance and calls out to him "Hey Erk! You got a sec?"

Erk turns to face the tactician and when he gets close proceeds to ask "Yes Mark? What do you need?"

"Do you know where Serra is? I need to see her for a personal reason" best not to tell anybody about the pendent, in case it's a secret.

Erk shakes his head and says "Sorry, no I don't"

Mark only sighs "well if you see her tell her I am looking for her" he then proceeds to continue his search.

Erk shivers at the thought of talking to Serra but another thought crosses his mind "why would anybody seek out that girl? Let alone the tactician…"

Suddenly Matthew appears behind Erk and says "well from what I saw he is looking for her for a romantic reason"

Erk jumps at Matthews's sudden appearance, but quickly recovers "What do you mean 'a romantic reason'?"

"I mean that he must be in love with her, I mean you should have seen it, if I hadn't shown up Serra might be a little less 'holy' right about now"

Erk gave Matthew a look that says he didn't believe a word of it.

Matthew sighs in defeat "alright so maybe it was something else entirely, but think about it. This is the chance of a lifetime!"

Erk raises his eyebrow in question "how so?"

Matthew closes his eyes and lightly laughs "he he… picture it if you would my friend, in a world where Serra leaves us alone because she already has a vassal that loves her unconditionally! And that lucky, or in this case unlucky, somebody is Mark!"

Erk is nodding his head at this point, but quickly comes to a thought "but what about getting Serra to like him back? How are we going to do that?"

Matthew looks at him as if he was stupid "why do we care if she likes him back or not? As long as she is out of my hair I don't care."

"Don't you think that seems rather… cruel?"

"Do you want her to get in the way of your blossoming love with Priscilla?" that clinched it.

Erk nodded his head in agreement "so when do we start?"

Xx Serra xX

The cleric was in her tent taking care of her hair while fuming about her confrontation with the tactician.

"I can't believe that jerk! I, in the goodness of my heart, come along to cheer up his gloomy day and he has the nerve to call me such a nasty name!"

She undoes the braids on her pigtails allowing her hair to come down, and continues to brush.

"come to think of it we were really close to each other, and he isn't bad looking either" Serra slightly blushes at the memory, but starts shaking her head

"Nonononono! What am I even thinking about! He is a jerk and makes me work far too hard! "

A lavender haired girl walks into the tent looking rather tired and worn out.

Serra hears her and turns around "Oh Florina! You will not believe what the tactician did to me today!"

Florina quickly realizes that she isn't going to be able to get away and just sits down, waiting for it to be over.

After a few minutes of over dramatizing the scenario Serra huffs in anger "don't you think that he was rather cruel to me Florina? I mean I just wanted to cheer him up cause he looked depressed!"

Florina seems to think about it for a sec and for the most part figured out the real truth "but… Serra… don't you think it kinda is your fault? I mean… you did surprise him and… you know how he is about his books"

Serra sheepishly looks away and starts twirling her hair "well yeah but… ugh fine, I will grace him with my presence again and allow him the chance to hear me apologize"

Florina only sighs, knowing that this was the best she could do.

"Alright! but first I need to straighten myself up. A lady needs to look good at all times!" Serra then goes back to combing her hair, while Florina begins to undo her armor.

Suddenly Serra screams out "IT'S GONE!"

Florina jumps at Serra's yell and stammers out "wh-whats gone?"

Serra, however, doesn't seem to hear her and begins to franticly look around the tent "where! Where did it go!"

Serra runs out of the tent in desperation.

Florina gives chase and shouts out "Serra!"

Xx Mark xX

Mark had been searching for the cleric for a good ten minutes now and was very much annoyed at his lack of progress

"How…" he starts "in the nine plains of bloody hell does nobody know where that little plague got to!"

Mark takes a deep breath to calm himself down "I wonder what on Elibe my problem is? I mean I usually don't get this annoyed or angry at such things." He thinks about it for a little bit.

"Yeah like when I was with Serra, I mean she wasn't trying to bug me or anything, but I just snapped at her *sigh* I guess I should apologize to her when I find her."

Suddenly, somebody runs past him in haste. Mark takes a look and notices that it is Florina and she looked rather upset about something.

"Hey! Florina! What's wrong?"

The lavender haired girl stops quickly and turns around to see Mark. Though still afraid of men Florina had less trouble talking to Mark then others.

She came over to Mark and quickly asks "Mark! Did you see Serra run past here?"

"No, why is something wrong?"

"Well… I don't really know what the problem is either, but she was very frantic about it"

Mark thinks for a sec and reaches a conclusion "alright you go to the southern end of the camp and I'll go to the western end, and if we don't find her then we go in a circular formation just in case she shows up in the place we were just at, agreed?"

Florina seems slightly confused at first but seems to get the gist of it and nods her head.

"Good now let's go" Mark and Florina both run in there general directions, but after Florina is out of sight Mark stops and runs in the other direction

"I already know where she is going to be."

Mark runs to the place where he and Serra fought and finds her there, but when he sees her he jumps behind a tree to hide.

"Why in the name of Saint Elimine am I hiding from her?" Mark peers around the corner of the tree and what he sees stuns him.

Serra is on all fours searching on the ground. Her clothes where dirty and from the looks of things so was her face. But she continued to look around on the ground. On closer inspection Mark sees that Serra is crying.

"Well…" he says to himself quietly "that explains how dirt got on her face."

Mark watches her for a few more seconds and decides to show himself.

"Hey Serra"

Upon hearing a voice Serra quickly gets up and tries to wipe the tears and dirt from her face.

She turns around and greets him "oh hello Mark, what? Come to call me more names?"

Mark could see that the cleric looked absolutely miserable, but when he looks closely he sees that her hair is down. He didn't know why but he thought she looked rather cute right now.

"Uh… no. I was just walking around trying to find you actually"

A look of surprise crosses her face and she asks "why where you looking for me?"

"Well…" Mark reaches into his pouch and pulls out the pendent "I think this is yours."

Serra gasps in surprise but quickly snatches it from his hands.

"Where did you find this?"

Mark continues to rub his neck "well… I found it after our little… fight earlier, it took me a little while but I figured it was yours, so I came to return it."

Serra simply looks at him for a second, but she then does something that Mark had never seen her do before.

She lightly bows to him and says "thank you, and sorry about hitting you earlier" she then starts to run off. Mark is stunned for a moment but he suddenly remembers something

"Oh! Wait Serra!"

Serra stops but she doesn't turn around.

Mark tries to grab at the words in his head "Uh… you see… I'm sorry about calling you a plague earlier, I didn't really mean that. You're actually kinda usefully to have around."

Serra stands for a second longer but she quickly runs off, unknown to Mark the pink haired clerics face is bright red.

Mark watches her run off "well I'll be damned… she can be cute when she wants to be." Unknown to the pair they were being spied on by a very quiet thief.

"He he… this is even better than I could have anticipated!" he continues to laugh and slinks away, devising for his plan.

So how did you like it ?

This was a pairing that I only just recently thought about, but I never expected it to turn out this well.

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