Even Love can be found In Hell

Chapter 2

It has been several days since Mark returned Serra's necklace, so he believes that that had been the end of his interaction with the cleric.

However, since that day he couldn't seem to get the girl's face out of his mind, and he didn't understand why.

Every time he tried to distract himself and thought he had succeeded, her crying face would always pop back in his head.

It was starting to drive him crazy. "What on Elibe is wrong with me?"

He was pacing around the interior of his tent trying to figure out the reason for his conundrum, but so far had drawn no logical conclusion.

"Ah-ha! I know how to distract myself!"

Mark dashes over to a chest full of books and grabs the first one on top.

"A good book on tactics has never let me down!"

However upon opening the book he reads the title in the index: Bedroom Tactics 101: How to Get Your Partner to Move How You Want.

It takes Mark a few seconds to register what he just read.


Mark begins to panic."Now I can't help but think of this stuff!"

Suddenly an image of Serra pops in his head and the combined forms of both ideas leave him shocked at himself.

"AHHHHHH! NONONONONO!" Mark holds his head as if he is trying to squeeze the ideas from his mind.

Just outside his tent Matthew and Erk listen in on the noise going on inside.

Matthew is smiling devilishly while laughing, "He he he… I do believe he found our little present."

Erk listens only for a minute before he asks, "Just how is such a book going to get Serra and Mark together?"

Matthew begins explaining, "obviously it's to keep his mind on Serra. It turns out that after their encounter, Mark has begun to develop feelings for her. However he is unaware of his feelings so we have to help him figure that out, understand?"

He nods his head at his idea. "It is much easier to expound on feelings that already exist rather than try to create them from scratch."

Erk is shaking his head in disagreement. "I don't really think that this will help him and Serra get together."

Matthew turns to Erk with a look of slight annoyance.

"Hey, the book was your idea in the first place, so you don't get the right to complain about the method."

Erk throws up his hands in defense. "I only mentioned the book as a joke! I didn't think you would actually use it in such a way!"

Matthew holds up his hand to silence the mage.

"Shh, this is about to get interesting."

Erk looks around the corner of the tent and sees Serra walking toward the noisy tent.

Mark is still trying to figure what to do with the book when Serra suddenly bursts through the tent.

"HELLO THERE!" shouts the Cleric with a smile on her face.

"AHHH!" Mark throws the book into his chest and slams the lid shut.

Mark quickly turns around and stammers out "Se-Serra! What a surprise! Wh-What do you want?"

Serra however quickly takes an interest in what just happened.

"Oh? And what may I ask, did you just do?"

Serra is grinning wickedly at this point.

"Nothing you need concern yourself with! Now what do you need?" Mark is desperately trying to keep himself calm in hopes that the cleric wouldn't investigate further.

Serra takes another look at the closed chest, but decides to let it drop… for the moment.

"Well if you really must know, you see the weirdest thing happened this morning" She pulls out a book and shows it to Mark. "I found this in with my clothes!"

Mark examines the book "The Philosophical Tactics of War? What is this doing in your tent?"

Serra only shrugs "not sure, but in my grace and charitable attitude, I decided to give this to you. Am I not wonderful?"

Mark looks at her with surprise and confusion on his face. "Wait… your giving this to me?"

Serra huffs at him "Of course I am! Do I look like I read this stuff? Now hurry up and take it" Serra presses it into his open palms.

Mark looks down at the book in his hands. "Well… I… Thank you Serra."

But when he looks around for Serra he sees that she is already opening his chest.

"AH! Hey!" he throws the book on his cot and runs at the cleric.

Serra is one step ahead of him and grabs the book on top and hops out of the way, causing Mark to collide into the open chest.

Serra is holding the book in one hand and is giving the victory sign with her other hand. "HA! You can't hide things from me!"

Mark is rubbing his face and is scowling at her "Why you little-!"

Serra is laughing victoriously and starts to run out the tent.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Mark leaps at her and grabs her by the foot, causing Serra to fall flat on her face.

"OW!" Serra yelps as she hits the ground.

On impact she lets go of the book.

When Mark sees this he pounces on the book, believing himself the victor.

However Serra recovers quickly and jumps on top of Mark, attempting to take the book from him.



Mark struggles to keep the book out of her grasp and is holding it just out of her reach.

Mark and Serra continue to wrestle for a few more minutes, when suddenly a knight with light brown hair and wearing green armor comes through the tent opening.

"Mark! I require your wisdom to-"what he sees silences him.

Serra is sitting on top of Mark with her dress rather messed up and breathing heavily. Mark was also in the same shape except he is underneath her.

There is a few seconds of awkward silence.

"Eh he he… sorry about that… I'll let you get back to it then." The Knight's face is a very bright red as he closes the tent flap.

A few seconds later the pair hears "KENT! YOU WON"T BELIVE WHAT I JUST SAW!"

"OH HELL NO! STOP RIGHT THERE SAIN!" Mark quickly pushes Serra off and runs after him, dropping the book on his way out.

"Ow!" Serra falls on her butt and starts to grumble.

"Well, that was rude." Serra is rubbing her busted backside as she gets up, when she suddenly notices the forgotten book.

A grin starts to slide across her face. "Ha! Told you that you can't keep it from me!"

However when she picks it up, the title of the book surprises her.

What Is Love and How to Understand It.

Serra's eyes scan the title a few more times to make sure she read it right. After a few more seconds of examination, her face starts to blush but she also smiles as well.

"Wow… I didn't know he felt this way, he must be too shy to admit it"

Serra begins to stroke her chin in thought. "I wonder who he likes?"

Serra smiles and puts the book in her pouch. "Well I guess I better find out!"

The cleric begins her search by opening Mark's chest of books.

She starts to scrounge around in the chest, pulling books and scrolls and haphazardly throwing them aside, trying to find some kind of indicator to Marks supposed hidden love.

After completely messing up the contents of the chest, Serra then begins to look around the tent itself for any clues.

"Now if I had a secret love, where would I hide the evidence?"

She thinks about it for a moment, when it suddenly hits her.

"Since it must be valuable it must be hidden under his bed!"

The cleric gets on all fours and looks under Mark's bed.

She finds a large amount of scrolls neatly rolled and tied together.

"Bingo!" She grabs the large pile and begins to untie them.

But before she can undo the knot, a very worn out and angry looking Mark walks back into the tent grumbling to himself.

"Great, just great. Now that Sain has totally misunderstood, the whole camp is gonna think I like to assault-"

Before he can finish his thought, his attention falls on the scattered books and scrolls all over the ground.

He also notices Serra holding some very important looking documents.

Marks anger quickly boils into a fiery rage.


Serra, not knowing that he had come back, jumped at the sound of his angry voice.

"Eep!" She quickly throws the scrolls back under the bed and stands back up in haste.

She stammers to get a response out. "Uh… um… well…you see… I was… looking for something! Yeah that's it!"

Mark only looks at her, knowing that this was an obvious lie.

"No you're not; you're going through my stuff trying to find out something about me. Now go, before I decide to call Hector and have him drag you out of here."

Unknown to Mark, he said this with a little more venom in his voice then he had meant to.

Serra is rather upset at the anger in his voice and curtly replies as such. "Well fine! I was just trying to know something else about you, you know!"

Serra quickly storms out of the tent, but not before she hits him in the back of the head with her staff.

"OW! You little-!"

He attempts to grab her, but she is already long gone.

After a few seconds of silence, Mark angrily kicks a book across the tent.

However, he kicked the book with such force that it hit the chest and flew back to smash him in the face.

Marks glasses break as the book collides into his face, which in turn draws blood.


Mark applies pressure to the wound to stem the bleeding. Thankfully the cut is shallow and Mark quickly finds the first aid kit.

After he patches himself up, he goes and sits on his bed, contemplating what just transpired in the last ten minutes.

" Well… this day has perhaps been the worst I have had in a while."

"But of course, the fault does lie with me this time again."

Mark simply does not understand why he keeps getting so touchy with the Cleric recently or why he simply can't seem to help but think about her.

"I guess I had better apologize to her the next time I see her, but first I better clean up this mess and try to get a new pair of glasses."

As Mark is cleaning up the mess, he sees the book that he got from the cleric on his bed.

He picks it up and sighs, "Yeah… I really need to apologize to her"

He examines the book for a few more seconds and places it on his pillow, he grins lightly as he goes back to cleaning.

Just outside of the tent Matthew and Erk had listened to the entire scuffle.

Matthew was grinning like a child while Erk was seriously thinking that this was not turning out too well.

"He he… things were kinda tense there but I think we have made progress."

Erk looks at Matthew in shock. "You call that progress? She just smacked him in the head!"

Matthew turns to the mage "How many times must I tell you? We don't care if she likes him back or not, as long as he is the one to fall for her. Which I must say is happening much faster than I thought it would."

Erk only shakes his head. "Now Matthew… I may not be the best when it comes to feelings of love, but I do think it should be both ways, else it is just cruel and unusual punishment for Mark."

Matthew rolls his eyes at the mage's suggestion, but gives in.

"Fine… we'll do it where both try to fall for each other, happy? But I guess you already planned for it, seeing as how you put that book in Serra's tent."

Erk looks at the thief in confusion

"Wait… you mean, you didn't?"

Matthew gives Erk the same look

"I thought you did."

The pair looks at each other for a few more seconds trying to figure it out.

The two of them simply come to the agreement that it was "Divine luck" and leave it at that.

Unknown to the pair that they were being spied upon by a woman wearing a light blue tunic and has her long green hair tied into a ponytail.

She was shaking her head but smiling all the same. "Seriously…" She then quickly departs.

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