Urgent announcement!

Hey fans loyal and somewhat new! This is animajunki here!

Now where you might have been hoping to see a new update To pale roots or love and hell, instead you get this ugly little blurb about how my life currently sucks.

I'm not sure how many of you looked at my profile, but I put up the news there, but since not many people check out a profile, I'll tell you in the chapters.

I've lost my computer.

It died on me a week back, and after saving enough money, I paid a guy to try to fix it. He told me he would try, but that he wouldn't promise anything. Turns out, he couldn't. so I asked him to try get the files off of my computer. I thought that after paying the punk 75 bucks, he could at least do that much. Turns out he couldn't.

So, Pale Roots and Love and Hell will not be updated for a very long time, if ever.

I have practically lost the will to write right now.

I had at least a new chapter for love and hell ready, and I had over 52 pages of text ready for Pale roots, all of that gone in a flash.

The only silver lining I can see in this whole situation is that the guy gave me at least half of my cash back.

That and I bought a new computer.

Soooooooo… sorry about telling you so late, but until either the will comes back to write or I can pull my stories off of my old computer, Both stories are on current Hiatus.

From, Animajunki123