The Marauders Pattern


Not age
Not alphabetized
Not leadership
Jus m
Just right

First was Prongs
It was S
(They all expected it)
No one saw i n

Next was Padfoot
As the truth came out
Still {no one} saw the signs
Too big a mess
{&} only t w o
Soon they'd see

After him came Wormtail
(the little traitor)
His own hand did the job
No one cared
So no one saw
Except the one who'd follow suite
(He always was the smart one)

Lastly Moony
(Not far after, if one must say)
He'd seen it though
{&} went in a ' S fashion

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot {&} s
The Marauders Four
Th played out
They noticed too late
An unmeaning pattern
A death sentence
Written by their own hand

This kind of came to me when I was writing a Scenario for somebody else (I've got a challenge on HPFC - My Scenario, Your Challenge, check it out) and I realised they couldn't really turn it into a story because it was too much & it would look better as a freeverse - and I kinda started writing this. I mean really, I think I woke up in the middle of the night after finishing the last book (OK, I finished it at midnight and had read the whole day, so maybe the middle of the day) and was like - what a sec, the Marauders died backwards. I mean seriously, I can't believe somebody else hasn't written something like this - and if they have, send me the link, I'd like to read it.