A/N: I think I may have done a couple of mistakes here since I read Hunger Games a couple of months ago and totally forgot the descriptions,etc...I just borrowed the books from the school library so I hope you guys bear with me.

Percy's POV

I was ushered in a small room with charcoal-colored couches. I sat on the couch and waited for something to happen. I drummed on the seat, changed leg positions, and hummed a pop song. After a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." I said as I opened the door revealing Nico, Annabeth and a worried Peeta.

"Dude! You are bound to die in the arena." he exclaimed as they stepped inside and sat on the couch. Nico chuckled and shook his head.

"He's invulnerable, "Savior of Olympus", son of Poseidon, etc." Nico rambled "There's no way a couple of teenagers gonna kill him." he grinned. Peeta raised an eyebrow. Annabeth realized he was going to start asking questions so she explained everything about Greek myths being true. He nodded and surprisngly took it lightly.

"Okay then. But still be careful man." he ran his fingers through his hair. "Can you do me a favor?" he asked and faced me eye-to-eye level.

"Protect Katniss for me?" he finally responded. I nodded as his shoulders relaxed and rested his back against the couch.

"Percy, we need you to give us the watch." Annabeth said as she reached for my left wrist. I held my wrist close to my chest in protest.

"We need it just in case to visit Chiron." she explained. I sighed to her explanation thinking she might be right. I undid my watch and instead gave it to Nico.

"Nico deserves to wear it since he found out how to work it." I smirked at Annabeth who stuck her tongue out. Nico happily wore the watch on his left wrist.

"Percy, if you ever meet another demigod, try getting some info and IM us as soon as you can." Annabeth's eyes were now tearing up and her voice was cracking. I realized she might be thinking I might never come back...alive.

"Sure I will." I croaked out and hugged her. Nico and Peeta also joined into the group hug before it was interrupted by the pink-haired woman.

"You may now leave." she ordered politely. I kissed Annabeth lightly on the lips and whispered an "I Love You" to her. She nodded and said "I Love You" back and squeezed my hand with tears streaming down her face. Peeta gave her a look with a twinge of sympathy. Nico seemed to be calm and gave me a I-know-something-you-don't smirk. The woman closed the door behind her and flashed a huge grin at me.

"I'm Effie Trinket and I'm going to be your escort!" she clapped happily. I stared at her blankly on my spot until she snapped in front of my face.

"Better get going!" she grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the small room and led me to outside to meet my fellow tribute, Katniss.

We were ushered into a car and paraded around the town. Katniss stared outside the window and looked sad. She must be recollecting memories at this place. My ADHD kept me moving in my seat and that seemed to annoy our escort, Effie Trinket. I could've swear she was glaring daggers at me.

We finally arrived at a train station that looked like a typical normal New York subway. We entered the train and it looked totally different from a New York subway. There was a chandelier in the middle of a dining room and a lot of suites from the right hallway. Effie showed us to our rooms and left us be. I was in a large room with a metallized oven looking thing*. It had a microphone attached to it and I was wondering what it meant. Since I was hungry, I sarcastically said into the microphone: "pepperonni pizza and blue cherry coke". Which to my surprise, a plate of pepperonni pizze and a can of blue cherry coke on a tray appeared out of the oven. Cool I thought to myself as I took out the tray and placed it on a table. I rummaged through my backpack, found the extra clothes I packed and decided to take a bath.

The bathroom was totally futuristic. In the shower, there were a lot of buttons that read: hot water, cold water, rinse, etc. I stepped in the shower and decided to have a cold refreshing shower. After rinsing off the soap and the lather from my hair, I stepped out with fresh towels on the railing of the wall. Man this is the life I thought to myself. I quickly dried off and slipped on my underwear, jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

I went out the bathroom and sat in front of the table and wolfed down a few slices of pizza before realizing the need to breathe. I drank half of the can and finished eating the rest of the slices. I turned the television on and skimmed through a few channels and settled on the news since it was the only programme on without black-and-white static or rainbows bars.

I took another sip before turning the tv off. I was getting bored so I decided to slip on my sneakers and went outside my room.

I accidentally bumped into Katniss looking a little refreshed and relaxed just like me.

"Sorry, didn't see you there." I said as she nodded and walked to the end of the hallway. I decided to follow her since:

1.) I was bored

2.) She knows the Hunger Games more than I did and

3.) Peeta asked me to look after her.

She was walking towards the dining room with Effie Trinket, a guy chugging a bottle of vodka and two servers standing by the corner. She sat beside the guy with an annoyed look. Effie gestured me to sit beside her. I obeyed and sat down. I looked at the huge assortment of food in front of me. I didn't feel hungry so I decided to eat some ice cream.

"This is Haymitch your mentor." Effie said formally. Katniss snorted and rolled her eyes in disgust.

"I have one advice for you two: Stay alive and don't be killed." after he said that he laughed merrily and began to chug another bottle of vodka. I felt anger rising up. How could he not be serious? This is our lives at stake! I thought as Katniss tackled him. I followed her way and pinned Haymitch to the ground.

"We are serious about this Haymitch!" I threatened.

"Now stop being a drunk and pull yourself together!" Katniss shouted and shook Haymitch's shoulders. Haymitch smirked as we pulled away from him. He stood up calmly and straightened his clothes and grabbed the bottle of vodka he had and walked away in a sober way. Both Katniss and I stormed off to our rooms, fuming as we slammed our doors loudly shut.

I jumped on the bed and yelled into the pillow. I was getting pissed and annoyed at our mentor. I slowly drifted off to sleep and had another demigod dream.

I was in a forest. There were birds chirping on tree trunks and squirrels scurrying about in the bushes. I saw Katniss bending over a trapped rabbit in a snare. She was obviously trying to get the dead rabbit out but a voice quickly yelled. It was the same boy I saw in my dream before. He scolded Katniss something about his game and asked her name. She whispered what sounded like 'catnip'.

"Catnip?" the boy asked in an amuse tone. "Katniss! It's Katniss not catnip." she raised her voice to be heard better by the boy.

"Well, my name's Gale. You know, that's my rabbit, in my trap." he pointed out as he unsnared the rabbit from the trap. "I can teach you how to snare some traps so that you can get your hands off my game." he smirked at Katniss.

"Uh..sure, thanks." was all her reply. The dream shifted into a different scene. It was Katniss but a lot much younger version of her looking through a bakery window. Peeta noticed Katniss outside looking hungry and accidentally burned the loaves of bread into the fire. Katniss ran alarmingly at the side of the bakery and settled on the grass. I can hear his mom yelling at him before she striked a blow to his chin and ordering him to give it to the pigs. I saw him gather the burnt loaves outside the bakeshop and quickly threw the pieces of bread at Katniss' feet. Her eyes shone a flicker of hope and gathered the burnt pieces of bread and mouthed a silent thank you before running back to her house.

I quickly woke up from the sound of knocking on the door. I yawned and stood up from my bed and opened the door. It was Effie Trinket grinning like a happy mad woman. She was still wearing the bright pink wig from yesterday.

"Morning! We are almost arriving at the Capitol so you better prepare." she flashed another grin before leaving. I groaned as I closed the door. I better freshen up I thought to myself as I went inside the bathroom.

We arrived at the Capitol with people what the Aphrodite cabin considers as a fashion disaster. I wasn't joking, people were wearing weird, crazy clothes with eccentric colors. Katniss rolled her eyes and crossed her as she stepped out the train. I followed her from behind. Effie led us to a car that took us to a tall, glass building. We entered the lobby and Effie ushered us towards the elevator. I felt nervous being this high up. I was wondering if Zeus would blast me off the elevator for being too high up to the sky. I could now smell smoke from my clothes and tried a silent prayer to the lord of the skies to not incinerate me in front of the mortals. Somehow, the smell of smoke stopped. I heaved a sigh and received a confused looked from Katniss. We finally arrived at the top floor meeting a couple of other tributes from different districts. Oh boy.

A/N: *I forgot what it was called/described so I used my imagination. I did remember something like that in the first book.