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Author's note: This is slightly AU. Rogue wasn't there when the Professor briefed the X-men about Wanda nor in the Mall when they first fought her. Scarlet Witch doesn't know anything about Rogue either until she meets her in this story. Not that she's an X-men nor that she's Mystique's daughter.

Family Affairs


Mystique slowly opened her eyes and stretched in bed. She hadn't been so satisfied and relaxed in months and it felt good to be lazy for a few minutes. As she swept across the bed with one hand she brushed the side of a warm body that lay on the other side. She turned her head towards the girl and couldn't suppress a smirk. Images from the previous night flashed through her mind and she rolled over to her side then hoovered over the still sleeping girl for a couple of seconds. She was lying on her side, her back to Mystique, her face half buried in a soft pillow.

With the tip of her fingers Mystique caressed the length of her arm, then holding herself up on both hands she kissed the corner of the girls mouth once, twice then she pushed her on her back. The girl woke up to the soft touch and lazily opened her eyes. When she saw the blue woman above her, her lips curled into a smile and she leaned up to kiss her. After a few minutes of morning kisses Mystique tore her lips from the girls.

- Morning Wanda. - she said.

- Mmmmm, good morning. - she said with a content sigh. - What a night... - she said with a grin.

- Mmmhmm. I could get used to it. - Mystique replied while getting out of bed. - Come on. It's very late. - After putting on her clothes Mystique walked out of the room without a glance back. Wanda just sat in bed with a slightly bewildered expression on her face but after a few minutes she followed her leader and... lover? Well, she did say she wouldn't mind a repeat session... With those thoughts in mind she went into the kitchen to have some breakfast before another busy day in the Brotherhood. Since Mystique returned with Wanda closely following behind the place was buzzing with activity again.

[Two weeks later...]

Wanda was pacing around in her room furiously, making faces and occasionally swearing out loud. What the hell does she think she is? Stupid Bitch! Thoughts stormed in her head, her rage was threatening to overcome her. Damn it! I need to clear my head... With this thought in mind she put on her coat and stormed out of her room, down the stairs where she almost ran through Mystique. When she didn't even stop to say a word Mystique spun around and grabbed her wrist.
- What's going on Wanda? You almost run me through, knock me off the stairs then you don't even bother to say sorry? - she asked, annoyance clear in her voice. Wanda just scoffed, equally annoyed that she had to run into her of all people and tried to free her hand but Mystique had a strong grip on her wrist.

- I asked you a question. I expect an answer.

- Leave me alone! - the girl snapped, raising her hand ready to attack Mystique with a severe blow.

- If you do that, you'll regret the day you were born. - Mystique warned her in a low voice. - What has gotten into you Wanda? What's your problem?

- What has gotten into me? What's my problem? Are you serious? YOU! You are my problem. You were such a damn bitch yesterday! - she could barely finish the sentence before she felt Mystique jerk her close and then push her against the wall.

- WHAT did you just call me? - She pressed the words between gritted teeth, obviously angry with the girl.

- What you deserved! Yesterday you acted like nothing is going on! - The girl spat back, with a little less rage in her voice and features. Despite being a powerful mutant she still feared the shapeshifter and right now she wasn't in a very great position pressed up against the wall like that. But she would rather take a beating than ever let her fear show. Thank god she can't smell it.

Mystique looked at her with a puzzled expression but she didn't let her go yet.

- I don't understand you. What do you mean like nothing is going on?

- UGH. Between *us* damn it! One minute everything's fine the next you act like the last two weeks didn't happen! Yesterday you acted like I was a piece of shit because I failed your expectations. - she hissed coldly. She was determined not to let Mystique see how her coldness hurt her. She was drawn to the blue shapeshifter but she learned many years ago that her emotions are best kept secret so no one can take advantage of them.

However, Mystique's eyes widened in recognition. Up till this point she didn't understand – she didn't even consider it – why Wanda acted so indifferently in the past few days. She expected me to act differently?

- Oh you silly thing. - she said in a half mocking tone. - You thought I'd grow soft because you became my lover? You clearly have no idea about me. - By this time she almost completely let go of the girl. She only held her pinned to the wall with her proximity. She put one hand casually on the girl's shoulder, and caressed her cheek with the other. Even though the girl was obviously angry she saw that she still had an effect on her, she could feel the girl shiver when she touched her. - The fact that I'm hot for you doesn't mean I stop being myself. Stop being your leader. If you screw up, I'm still going to tell you off... - she said then looking at the girl's lips she leaned in towards her ear. - However, you will find that I am a most generous lover when I am pleased. - she purred into her hair, her lips softly tracing the edge of her ear.

Wanda wanted to push her away, wanted to run. Her pride was hurt and she was angry, she didn't want to stand there like a love sick puppy, with goosebumps all over her skin just because Mystique was so close to her. But she couldn't help herself. In a half hearted attempt to push her away she put both hands on Mystique's shoulders but when Mystique felt the girl touch her she pressed her lips to the girl's neck and kissed up behind her ear where she knew Wanda was most sensitive. She could feel rather than hear Wanda moan into her ear at the contact. She pulled back to look the girl in the eyes.

- Better, my Witch? - she asked – Don't ever expect me to turn into a mush Wanda. I'm not the type. However, I am not acting like there is nothing between us. Where were you going in such a hurry?

- I was pissed off. I wanted to clear my head. Apparently that's not an issue any more.

- Good. I was hoping you'd say that. Come with me then? - she asked in a seductive tone, letting Wanda know she had a little make up session in mind.

Wanda only nodded and the two women turned to go up the stairs to Mystique's room without either of them noticing that Pietro was looking at them from the doorway at the far end of the corridor. He had a surprised and confused expression on his face.

[A month later...]

After a tiring day was finally over Wanda was sitting on her bed deep in thought. She drives me insane... she purrs behind closed doors but in public she's as cold as an ice cube. It's not like I'm asking her to be cuddly with me... holding hands all that shit. Once in a blue moon I get the urge to be affectionate and kiss her outside the bedroom and she acts like I'm trying to bind her for life. We've been together for almost two months and even the goddamn Brotherhood doesn't know about it!

Wanda played with a pen floating it in front of herself while thinking about Mystique. If she wasn't such an amazing lover when we were alone I probably wouldn't tolerate this. Her indifference is bordering on insulting... Her annoyance momentarily getting the upper hand she sent the pen flying, destroying it by crashing it into a wall. She stood up to burn some pent up energy by pacing around her room. Well two can play that game... I suppose if she doesn't want to mix emotions with pleasure that * could* be arranged... It wasn't long ago that the raven girl realized that she was developing feelings for the blue woman but knew better than to tell her. And her gut feeling seemed to be right. She passed a table while pacing and her eyes fell on a flyer carelessly dropped on it. She picked it up. It was a concert she wanted to check out. Just what I need! Dropping it back on the table she grabbed her coat and left her room.

- I'm out! Back in a while - Wanda said casually as she entered the living room where Mystique was yelling with the boys for trashing the furniture yet again.

- What? - She asked, looking at the girl.

- I said I'm out of here. There's a concert tonight and I'm going... - she answered not waiting for a reply but turning on her heels heading for the front door.

- Oh that. Don't let... - Mystique started to warn the girl but she was already halfway out of the house and she didn't hear her. Mystique frowned and continued with her furious verbal attack on the boys with renewed passion.