[Next day, Xavier's study...]

Wanda and Rogue were sitting on the couch, the Professor facing them. Even though it was obvious that the Professor was pleased to see Wanda again the girls were nervous. When Wanda arrived the rest of the X-men weren't as happy to see her as the Professor. When they entered the house they could feel the air around them turn chilly and they could see hostile glances directed at Wanda, questioning ones at Rogue. Without saying a word they quickly went up the stairs and into the Professor's study.

- I'm glad you came, Wanda. - he said.

- I only came because of Rogue. That doesn't mean anything else.

- Yes. I am aware of that. - he replied. After a few seconds he nodded as if he was agreeing to something. - Rogue. Could I ask you step out for a few minutes? - he asked looking at the stripe haired girl.

- What? Why? - She asked back. - I want to stay here.

- Rogue please don't argue with me. Go out side. You can come back in a few minutes. - the Professor said. Rogue knew that tone already. The Professor wasn't going to take any argument from her at that point, but he might fill her in later. Rogue stood up and looked at Wanda.

- I'll be just outside the door. - Wanda gave her a small smile before she directed her gaze back at the Professor.

Once Rogue was outside he turned his attention on Wanda.

- Yes Wanda. What did you want to tell me that needed privacy? - he asked.

- I wasn't sure how you're going to do this... thing. - Wanda began. - If you're going to... show my memories to Rogue as well... could you maybe filter some of them out? I'd rather not have her find out this way that I was involved with Mystique. - hearing this the Professor raised an eyebrow but sat there silently, wanting for Wanda to finish - I won't try to conceal anything from you, but I don't think she should know about this. Not yet anyway. It was already a miracle that I could convince her that I wasn't a puppet in one of Mystique's schemes to win her over.

- I see. Very well then. I was going to search your mind to find out exactly how are you able to neutralize her power, then block it for a short period so Rogue can absorb your memories and see for herself. I still intend to search your mind for that answer but I have not revealed my plan to Rogue. I shall keep your secret for the time being, but sooner or later you will have to be honest with her. Preferably sooner. - he answered. Wanda nodded in agreement. The Professor mentally sent for Rogue and a moment later she opened the door and stepped in.

The meeting went down without complications and the Professor was mostly satisfied with what he saw. He concluded that she was genuinely interested in Rogue, with a slight blush forming on his cheeks, when he remembered accidentally stumbling upon a memory he had not intended to see. Wanda's mind must have wandered off while he was searching and the image popped up in front of his eyes before he could will it away.

The only thought that concerned him, one which he had kept from Rogue for now, was Wanda's strange feelings of loyalty to Mystique. The girl kept her promise and she did not try to keep anything from the Professor. He could, without any effort, hear her think that she owed as much to Mystique for bringing her out of the asylum. He also saw some remains of resent towards the Professor for leaving her there, but very slowly that seemed to fade. He could also clearly feel her deep hatred for Magneto, which was her second strongest reason not to completely abandon Mystique.

However, while he was inside her head he asked what her intentions were concerning Rogue and the X-men. She made a sarcastic comment about being obvious about Rogue, but promised that for her sake she wouldn't attack the X-men unless they attacked first. Her primary concern was Magneto. After telling Rogue what she needed to hear he let the two girls on their way.

Rogue and Wanda left the house avoiding the main entrance where they assumed everyone would be waiting for an explanation. They found a quiet place where they were more likely to have some privacy than in Rogue's room which she had to share with Kitty.

Unknown to them, some of the X-men, driven by curiosity, went searching for them after the Professor failed to shed light on the strange appearance of Wanda.

Nightcrawler happened to teleport near them and was about to let his presence known when he witnessed something he never thought he would. Just as he was about to call Rogue's name, he saw Wanda squeezing Rogue's hand, who to his disbelief was not wearing gloves. For a moment Nightcrawler expected Wanda to drop on the ground unconscious but what happened after it almost made him faint instead. Wanda pulled Rogue closer to her and kissed her. He stared at the two girls in disbelief then teleported away from the scene.

He arrived near the steps of the house where the others were waiting.

- I found them. But I think they vould rather not be disturbed right now.

- What do you mean? - Scott asked puzzled.

- Vell... I found them in a rather... private situation. I teleported just in time to see them kiss.

- WHAT? - he heard many of his team mates ask the question at the same time. - What are you nuts Kurt? This is not the time to goof around! - Scott said.

- I am not! I saw Wanda kiss Rogue. She's my sister you know... why would I say something like that about her?

- But that's not possible! Wanda should have fainted! Did you wait and see what happened after? Or did you come back right away? - they were asking him a thousand similar questions, all at the same time. They had surrounded him in a circle so Kurt actually had to teleport a few feet away, because he couldn't hear his own thoughts because of them. When he reappeared they moved in his direction but he held up his hand to stop them.

- Not so many at the same time! I can't hear myself think! Yes I did wait there a few seconds but nothing happened. Nothing at all. Wanda kissed her and Rogue even put her hands around her neck. She was touching her and nothing happened! - Kurt answered, agitated that his friends wouldn't believe him.

Some of the X-men were happy for Rogue, but some of them expressed concern, thinking it was dangerous that Wanda could neutralize Rogue's powers, and that she was not safe with Wanda.

[Back at the clearing...]

After Kurt teleported away the girls broke the kiss and both sniffed into the air, catching the smell of the smoke Kurt left behind after teleporting.

- Do you smell that? - Wanda said looking around for its source.

- Yes... it's Kurt! - Rogue said in an annoyed voice.

- Kurt? The fuzzy blue one?

- Yeah... My brother. - Rogue said in a defeated tone of voice.

- He's what? But... what... wait... - Wanda mumbled incoherently.

- He's Mystique's son. Her biological son.

Wanda was still looking at Rogue with wide eyes. She sat down on a bench near by and tried to process the new information. What ELSE did Mystique keep from me?They talked for a while, then figuring that they'll have to face the rest of the team soon, the started for the house. Rogue said she has no doubt that Kurt, being the gossip he is, had told the others if he saw them kiss.

They only got mild remarks from those who were more concerned than happy which surprised the girls. They were prepared that not everyone is going to accept their relationship, but they thought they would have to face more violent opinions like when Lance tried to join them. Getting fed up with even these mild comments they decided to go up to Rogue's room. On their way they had to pass the Professor's study again. The door was slightly opened and they heard a familiar voice.

- Hello, Charles.

- Why hello Mystique. What a pleasant surprise. - The professor said, not at all surprised at Mystique's visit. - To what do I owe this visit?

- You and I both know what I'm here for... I came to talk about Wanda. - the girls froze in their tracks and stopped to listen.

- Yes. What is it that you want to talk about?

- I want you to steer clear of her. It's already bad that I lost her to my own daughter... I cannot afford to loose her to you as well... - she said in a threatening tone.

- Well yes. I am aware of the nature of your past relationship with Wanda. However, you needn't have worried. She clearly stated that her loyalties lie with you, for freeing her out of the asylum. Even if she does love your daughter more than she did you... - The professor said.

Rogue stared at Wanda in disbelief. What the hell? Have they been involved or something?She started to back away from the door and Wanda, but the girl grabbed her hand to stop her.

- Please! Let me explain. It isn't the way you think it is. - she whispered, holding onto Rogue for dear life. But before Rogue could protest they heard the Professor ask a question which stopped both of them dead in their tracks.

- Might I ask you why you stepped back without a fight? It's not like you to give up something that's in your possession. Especially someone as valuable and powerful as Wanda. And to a member of my team no less...

Mystique let out a dramatic sigh and just looked at the professor for a couple of seconds considering whether she should answer the question or not. He knows about Kurt and Rogue anyway... somehow he also knows about Wanda and me... and so far he hadn't use that information against me. After another frustrated sigh she decided to answer.

- I did it because of Rogue. - the answer left all three listeners bewildered. - As you know, Wanda is capable of touching her. As far as I know no one else can do that. I ah... I've already been a rotten mother to her... and Kurt. - it was really painful for Mystique reveal her emotions, especially to Xavier of all people but as much as she hated to admit it, the thought that someone might understand her put her mind more at ease - Unfortunately for my ambitions I do have emotions and I do love my children as much as I can. Putting up a fight when Wanda wanted to leave me for her would have been cruel and evil to Rogue. I would have done it without hesitation to any of you do-gooders but not to her. I've already lost her in every way possible... I do not intend to hurt her any more.

Hearing her mother's words Rogue looked at Wanda with tears in her eyes. After they didn't hear Mystique's voice for some time they continued their way to Rogue's room, knowing that they had many things to talk about.

The End (?)