Chapter 2: A New Promise

He stood there shocked and stunned at the sight in front of him. He stood there in total silence, afraid to say anything to it. Vegeta just stared at him drinking his coffee and sitting there silently. Finally, IT spoke and said...

"Good morning, lover."

Vegeta just stood there looking down at either his feet or the floor. He didn't say a thing to him, he didn't want to, in fearing of getting him mad again. He just swallowed hard and kept silent. But then he remembered what today was so he knew that nothing could be done to him. After all, a promise is a promise.

"Good m...morning, Goku."-he was still nervous, even though it was a promise, Goku wouldn't mind breaking it nor would he care; among other things

Goku looked at his small and petite lover and smirked at the thought of him being scared of him on this day. Even though Goku thought that he had every reason to be, because after this day everything would go back to normal. That meant no more of being merciful to his often disobedient lover. Goku got up and walked over to where vegeta was standing and wrapped his arm around his waist. Vegeta tried to slide away from him, but was caught by goku and pulled towards him. Goku took his index and thumb and grabbed vegeta's chin and pulled him into a forceful but gentle kiss. Vegeta was going to pull away but he felt how gentle it was and decided to relax his body and get into the kiss. He let goku take his lips. Goku felt how vegeta tensed up when they kissed.

"Now, that wasn't so bad was it, love?"-he said in a smooth voice

", it wasn't."-vegeta said in the voice of small child

Goku took his small prince by the hand and led him to the table where the food was still steaming. Vegeta was surprised at this, usually because goku really wasn't much a cook, but more of an eater. Vegeta looked at the wide spread of food and was very amazed how nothing came brunt. He came to the table and to his surprise goku pulled out his seat for him. He sat down and saw that goku had already made a plate for him. He cracked a small child-like smile.

"There it is. That's my beautiful smile I've been looking for."

Vegeta blushed the brightest shade of red.


"Yea, love?"

"Don' to"-vegeta said in a small meek voice

"No, honey, I took the day off just to be with you. I didn't want to spend our anniversary working long hours at that stupid job."

"But, I thought that the job meant a lot to you. That's why you took it, right?"-vegeta now was confused at goku's sudden disregard for his job

"It does, but not more than you to me, my love. You're the one I care for the most of all. You're the one I need and want in my life."

Vegeta stared at goku in amazement as how long it took him to come up with such...a...self-absorbed piece of crap like that.

"Hon, you okay? You're barely touched your food."-goku said in what seemed to be a concerned voice


Vegeta stayed silent as his lover continued to ask him questions about what was wrong with him that day. But goku saw the look of sadness and fear in his eyes and on his face and he could already tell what was wrong with his little wife. He then proceeded to then walk over to vegeta.


(gasp) "Please don't hurt me kaka, please!"

"Vegeta, listen to me. (he takes a seat and takes his hands in his) I can't take back what I did to you last night or over the last four years but for one day and one night every year I get a chance to show you that I can be sensitive to you and your feelings and your body. I can't think of any excuse as why I do things I do to you, but I can tell you that I love you and I know that I need to do this instead of saying it. But I promise that this time will change for you and for us. I promise that I'll try to control my anger to the best of my ability and not ever lay my hands on your beautiful body like that again. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. I will never, ever hurt you again, baby. Just...please...please say you forgive me."

Vegeta felt implied to forgive goku. I mean he was his mate and you can do whatever you want to you mate whether they like it or not. And the forgiveness thing was a factor in this too. Sure, vegeta could forgive goku, he loved him too much to want to lose him. Or his life. And then, goku takes a red rose from behind his back and hands I to vegeta and smiles at his little prince.

"Goku, it's beautiful. I don't know what to say except...thank you. I love it."

"You don't have to say anything. The look on your face is all I need to make my day even more brighter. All I need is that beautiful smile to get me through the day. And you know speaking of...what do you want to do today?"-goku said as he slightly kissed vegeta on the neck

"What?"-vegeta sounded confused at what goku had asked him

"I asked , what do you want to do today, my handsome prince."

"I don't've never asked that of me before."

"I told you before, things are gonna change around here. Starting with us, baby."

But the more goku said it, vegeta just didn't believe him. He knew that goku wouldn't keep his promise. He knew that goku would break it like he did all the others, but he kept up his hopes that goku would keep this promise despite of the ones he'd already broken.

"We can do anything I want?"

"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way, babe."

"Then I want to go see my son."

Vegeta waited for an answer, but he also waited to see if goku would get furious at him and try to him. He was...terrified of goku. So, terrified in fact, he would do anything to please him, anything.

"Okay, babe. We'll go see him."

"Really, goku? You would take me to my son?"-vegeta surprised that goku said yes, goku didn't like Trunks for two reasons (1) he took Goten's virginity and (2) Bulma was his mother and he looked like her

"Of course. I said anything you want. I wouldn't break a promise to you, my love."

"Oh, baby. When can we go?"

"We can go right now if you want."


Vegeta was excited to see his son again. It'd been two years since they had seen each other or even talked to another. He ran upstairs while goku waited downstairs. He got dressed and was about to go back down when he noticed the phone. He forgot that Bulma didn't like surprises and that they hadn't talked in almost two years. They still kept in contact after the divorce, kinda like how friends do with each other. So while goku was downstairs, vegeta took the phone in his hand and dialed.

"Hello."-a voice not unforgettable to vegeta answered

"Hey, you."

"Vegeta."-she instantly recognized his voice

"Yeah. Um...look I'm coming over today to see you and trunks. I hope that's alright. Seeing as how I haven't said anything to you guys for two straight."

"It's not your fault. You can't help who you end up with as a mate. Besides everyone's here, so you'll have time to catch up with everyone including me and trunks."

So, vegeta hung up the phone and went downstairs to his waiting mate. They kissed and flew off together.

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