Chapter 7: Healing Wounds

It's been 9 months almost since vegeta and the girls moved out of the house and moved in with Bulma. He and the girls were a little happy because 1) they didn't have to worry about goku and him doing anything harmful to vegeta and 2) they were just happy. They loved playing with trunks and goten, plus helping bulma out with her projects but most of all just like their mother, they loved to train. They did theirs with trunks and goten while vegeta did his with piccolo or gohan.

Meanwhile at the hose, goku has been cooking up ways for he and his family to get back together. He figured the best way to deal with it face to face. So he get up and ready to go to bulma's and maybe hoping to see vegeta and his girls. He finished eating and put the dish in the sink and locked the door and flew off to bulma's.

At bulma's, everyone was sitting down and eating breakfast. There was bulma, the girls, trunks and goten. Vegeta was in his gravity machine. He'd been doing that a lot lately, bulma had noticed, but also he was spending more time with girls, trunks and even goten. They were all eating when all of a sudden 'daddy, daddy's here! He's here! Goten, he here!" They all rushed outside and greeted goku.

"Daddy, daddy!"

The three of them yelled at the top of their lungs all the while rushing towards goku. And he greeted them with open arms and a warm smile. Bulma stood at the door and watched as the family got reunited with each other and shared hugs and kisses. She also saw the gravity chamber door opened and vegeta standing there with a look on his face that was new. It was a look of sadness, pure sadness. She kind of felt bad for him that he might kill her in front of the kids, but she realized that goku was there and she thought that he wouldn't want goku to see him and then all hell would break loose.

"it's all right bulma. I know he's there. I also know that he doesn't want me here and with the girls. But I also know that he can read my mind as well."

"What are you saying in your mind, goku?"

"He's reading in my mind how much I love him and the girls. And how much I want my family back. Vegeta, I know you're standing over there. Can you please come over here so we can talk to each other and work this out like adults, please?"

Goku got up and started walking towards vegeta with a look of determination on his face and set in his mind. He knew he needed to talk to his wife but he didn't want to touch the wrong subject too soon. Bulma looked admired the determination that goku had for dealing with this, but then she saw vegeta's face and it did not look like he was in the mood to talk, especially not about this. She wanted to call out to him and try to stop him, but she doubted that he would listen to her or anything she had to say.

"Goku, I hope you know what you're doing. If not the girls are gonna need a new daddy."

As bulma watched on in worry or fear, the girls watched and waited for their mother to say something, anything to their father. In hopes of them getting back together again. As goku walked over vegeta began to stiffen up at the sight of him with that look on his face and he felt the bad memories come to the surface, he wanted to run away but he couldn't do it because of the girls. He didn't want to talk to him in fear of yelling in front of the girls and scaring them, but he didn't want to be anywhere near him at all.

As goku stopped in front of him he could hear his heart beating in his ears. He looked at vegeta and as always he flashed that famous Son smile of his. He realized vegeta wasn't happy to see him. In fact he looked a little confused.

"Hello, vegeta."

Vegeta looked at him and then at bulma. She had that pleading look in her eyes that said; "just talk to him, work things out please. For the kids." And he hated that look because he knew he couldn't resist it no matter how hard he tried to fight her off. So he came up with a solution for all of them.

"Come on, kakarrot. It's best not to talk out here. These places have ears. We'll go somewhere where we can talk in private. Follow me."

Vegeta looked at bulma and she got the message. She was to take the girls inside and wait until he came back.

"Alright you guys, who wants chocolate ice cream?"

"I do, I do!"

"Alright, let's go then."

Ayasse ran over and tugged her daddy's arm.

"Come on, daddy. Let's go eat ice cream."

Goku was going to say something but vegeta cut in. He went down to his daughter's level and spoke to her in a calm tone.

"No, sweetheart. Papa and I are going to go talk and when we're finished I, Vegeta, as the prince of sayians and as your mother, promise to bring him back so that he can eat ice cream with you and your sister. Agreed?"

"Okay mommy."

"Good then. Now go in the house and eat."

He then picked her up and gave her a big kiss. She giggled and squirmed in his arms. Finally he let her go and she ran to take her sister's hand. Vegeta then turned around to face goku and saw that he had a look of contempt and peace on his face.

"What are you looking at you, you baka?"

"Nothing. I just love you haven't change with our girls. That you're still showing emotion towards them and showing them you care and love them. It makes me happy to see that."

"Well I am happy that you like what you see, baka. But just because I have the most honorable disgust for you, doesn't mean my children are going to suffer because of it. Now are you going to stand there or are we gonna get going?"

With that, they took to the sky and left the yard. While they were flying, Goku thought about how much vegeta had changed. How he had changed for the better, for their girls. He loved that vegeta was doing right by their family and not letting it affect the love he had for the girls. He also loved how vegeta would show more affection in public towards the girls and wouldn't shy away from them. It was really heartwarming to see the once cold prince of sayians to be tender, and in a public place at that. He couldn't even imagine him like this when they first started.

"Hey, clown! Land down there. I'm tired of flying. Let's go and get this over with."

As they landed, he started to think to himself 'what am I gonna to him that's gonna get him to come back and work things out and what if he tells me to fuck off and that he doesn't want to see me anymore or what if...what if he's found someone else to be wit, what if they've I won't go there vegeta would never let a human touch him, he said himself he wouldn't let someone in a lower class touch him, but I'm a "third-class clown" and he's let me get him pregnant so what's to stop him from sleeping with someone else.' After talking to himself, he looked around to see where they landed, it was some type of forest; nice actually, not too dense and cloudy, or too clear and see-through (you get the picture). He thought to himself saying he could live here if given the chance. He was smiling his usual goofy smile and looking around, ignoring everything else around him. Mean while vegeta was thinking about a way to get out of this so called confrontation with his ex-husband.

'What does this baka want? Hasn't he hurt me enough in the past 4 and half years and my children in the past year? I don't want anything more to do with him but yet he insists on making himself look like a fool. The past weeks have been nothing but a pain in the ass, with the flowers and apology letters and the phone calls and the messages, why won't he take no for an answer, I don't want him anymore, why can't he get it through his thick head. After all he's put me and my children through, why can't he just leave us alone and let us be happy. Why must he torture us by doing this over again? I just hope we can end this peacefully and not cause each other trouble, for the girl's sake.'

Goku was through looking around and he spotted vegeta, he almost forgot that he was there.

"Here go nothing; hello vegeta."

At first vegeta was a little hesitant in speaking to him. Really, he just wanted to fly off and not look back on it. He wanted to take the girls and hide from him and never resurface. But with a little courage he was able to say..."Hello, kakarott".

"Well you wanted to talk privately, so talk. What is it that you want to say to me? Not saying that I haven't heard it all from you before. If it's something new, it'll be surprising. If not, then I should leave now and not look back on this mistake."

"Is that what you call our love, a mistake? Is that what you call the birth of our girls, a mistake? Is that what our marriage was to you?!" He yelled to vegeta at the top of his lungs

Vegeta flinched when he yelled at him. He started to back away but not too much for goku to notice what he was doing. Fear showed on his face like the first time he got really angry at vegeta. Vegeta couldn't go through that again, he started remembering one time on specific where goku hurt him badly. It was time where he thought that goku was going to kill him.

Warning: Violent flashback no one under 21 allowed

Vegeta had been home all day for goku to get off work. That was a few hours ago, now it was night and he wondered where goku was. He was in nothing but a small tight see through lace nightie that stopped just to show little butt meat, considering vegeta's resembled a cantaloupe, round, thick and juicy. Goku liked when he wore it though mostly it ended up on the floor or some other mysterious place when they would participate in certain activities. He called the place where he worked and they said he left at 6 this afternoon. Vegeta looked at the clock on the wall; it was 3:30 am. He knew he would go out drinking with some of the fellas to either celebrate or get some of the day's stress off them. Goku did forget to call sometimes but he always came home at a decent hour, he would slip up once or twice but never like this. Vegeta was afraid something bad happened even though he could protect himself from any danger. He was about to all some of their friends when the door opened with a loud bang, that went throughout the house. It made him jump almost out of his seat. He was so happy to see him but then again he was nervous.

"Hello, baby".-He said with a smile to his handsome face

Goku said nothing but started taking off his clothes. So being sweet, he went over to help him and get him comfortable for the night. When he walked toward him, Goku lifted his head and smiled like the devil himself. Vegeta didn't notice when he led him to the couch and started to take off his shoes. He left the couch to turn on some relaxing music. He walked over to the cd player and popped a cd inside. When he turned back around, he ran smack into goku's chest. Vegeta looked into goku's face and he felt a little uneasy, he always did when his lover would act strange.

"Goku, what's wrong? Are you okay? Is there something you need love?"

"Shh, shh, shh, shh. Quiet, baby. It's okay, just relax and let me take care of you." The music started to play and the mood was set for the night. Goku took vegeta's hand into his and pulled him close to him and started to slow dance. The last thing done was the lights turned low. Vegeta didn't like when goku was lovely-dovey, not that it was a bad thing it's just that usually this was the calm before the storm and he didn't want goku's wrath, not tonight. He heard goku moan and purr.

"Hmmmm. This feels so good, this position. Although I'd rather be on top of you, naked. I noticed that you're wearing that nightie I brought our first year together. I though you said you weren't gonna wear it anymore after the first time. Not that I mind that you have it on, but I like it better off on the floor. You look soooo sexy and delicious and edible in that and I just wanna eat you all up."

"Thank you love."-Vegeta blushed bright red but he ducked his head down so goku couldn't see it

'He doesn't seem to be in mood for sex. Looks like I'll have to put him in the mood. I just hope he doesn't fight back tonight. I don't feel like smacking him around tonight. Well let's see what's gonna happen.

Goku started forming a plan in his hand to get vegeta into bed. Now he could force him to it wasn't that hard, considering vegeta was weaker than he was.

"Baby, you know I love right?"

"Yes, I know. I love you as well."

"So, you know what would feel really, really good right now? Come on, guess."

Vegeta knew what he was talking about, but he wanted to talk to him about the past two weeks and he couldn't do it if he had his mind on just sex for the night.

"No, I don't. I can't think of anything right now. What is it?"

"I'll show you."-With that he started to rise up the nightie and cup his tight ass and lick and suck his neck and lips

Vegeta struggled in his arms. Goku though he wanted to play a little rough, so he smacked his ass hard enough to leave a mark.

"Ow! Goku that hurt! Stop it!"

"I don't wanna. I like when I do that, it jiggles so nicely when I smack it."

"Okay, just don't do it again, okay. Please?"

Vegeta let him molest his body. It was tempting to let him have his way, but he remembered that he had to talk to him about what's been happening, so he couldn't let him get that far into his ministrations. Then he felt a hot pain in his neck which made him jump out of goku's arms and way from him.

"Goku! What the hell is wrong with you?! Why would you do that?! (sighs deeply) We need to talk."

"About what? Me coming home late. Vegeta, we've already talked about this. You know I go out with the guys to have a couple of drinks. What's the big fuckin' deal? Why do you have to bitch and moan about every little thing that I do at my job?"

Vegeta looked hurt by that comment so all he could do was go upstairs, move his stuff in to a different room and stay there until goku wanted to talk to him like an adult and not insult him while they were talking. He started walking away to go upstairs.

"Where do you think you're going? Get back here, I'm not done."

"I'm going upstairs and I'm gonna pack my stuff to go into another room. And when you're ready to talk like an adult then you know where to find me. Not that I'll be waiting, there's no point in doing it. Goodnight, kakarott."

Vegeta began his ascent up the steps and to the bedroom. He got to their bedroom door and he thought about it and decided against it.

'I don't feel like moving my stuff tonight well actually this morning. I'll do it sometime today. Just not now, for now I'll get a blanket, a sheet and a pillow and lay in here for a couple of days, or maybe… I don't know. I just have to see what's going to happen over the next couple of days.'

He collected his things and prepared the bed for his slumber. For the majority of sleep, he was able to stay that way but something told him to wake up, like a sixth sense of danger. He woke up and looked at the clock it was 5"45 am. He groaned, it felt like he had to pee, so he sat up only to be held down, tightly. Someone was holding him down and he didn't understand what was going on then he felt something being pressed in his mouth. He tried to resist against it but whoever it was, he was stronger than him.

'If he puts this in my mouth I won't be able to scream for goku.'

He tried to kick at the man but he put his small legs in-between large massive ones. He tried to scream against the cloth like fabric but they only came out muffled. He started to panic and thrash against the attacker. He was then turned over and came face to face with his attacker and he froze under the stare that was directed towards him.

"Guukoo."-He sad against the gag that was in his mouth

"I told you I wasn't finished with you and if you had just let me fuck downstairs like a good obedient little slut that you are, then I wouldn't have to result to this. If you weren't so damn worrisome I would actually feel sorry about doing this to you, well too bad I don't. Now I have to use my hands to get what I want so I'm gonna let your hands go and I'm gonna take the gag off, DON'T try to pull off the gag or scream for help, not that anyone's going to come. I can't wait to get you naked. I'm gonna count to three and on three I'm gonna remove my hands and you are to keep them at your sides until I say so, if not then I'll tie you up and then I won't be nice for the rest of the night. Okay, one… two… three."

He let go of vegeta's hands and he waited for vegeta to do something, he didn't, then he took off the gag. Then he looked down at vegeta and to him and the sight was beautiful, vegeta in that nightie, eyes red from crying, and his body visibly shaking, his sculpted chest rising and falling very fast, his breathing irregular, fear visible on his face and was a delicious site. He loved it, He loved it when he heard a small whimper from beneath him. He looked down at vegeta and smiled, he really was that scared of him. So he wanted to see what he if he tried anything with him. He let his hands roam down to the bottom of the nightie and he heard vegeta inhale sharply and tense up tightly.

"Shh, baby. It's okay just relax. You're gonna enjoy this just like me."

He sat up and started to raise the nightie farther up until it stopped above his belly button. Underneath, vegeta had a small pair black panties and goku began to finger the sides to pull them down. He didn't feel like pulling them down so he ripped them off. Vegeta let out what seemed to be a mix between a scream and a sob.

"Aw, baby. It's okay. It's not gonna hurt. You wouldn't act like this any other time we would do this, please stop it. I don't want you to hurt me, please. I can't do this with you, not now."

"P..p..please, this. Don't do this, let's talk about this please. Goku I don't wanna do this , please stop it. I don't want you to hurt me, please. I can't do this with you, not now."

"Stop your bitching. Just shut the hell up and spread your fucking legs, so I can bust a nut and get some sleep. Now don't scream."

He grabbed a fistful of the nightie and yanked back hard. Mainly the entire front except a little of the top and some of the back came off. He then let his hands roam over vegeta's body and started to grope and pull at certain areas. Then he stripped his shorts off and then forced vegeta's legs open and forced him down on the bed and held his arms and laid between his legs, rubbing against him.

"Noooooooooo! Please, stop this kakarott. Don't hurt me please. I know you love me too much to do this to me. No don't, please don't. Why?! Why are you doing this to me?! If you loved me you wouldn't be doing this to me. Stop this please, don't hurt me."

Goku ignored him, instead he wrapped vegeta's legs around his waist and began to thrust inside vegeta repeatedly, vegeta's pleas falling on deaf ears. Goku was in heaven, vegeta was just so tight and the heat was amazing. He thought that vegeta needed to hear his praise.

"Oh, god vegeta! Mmmmm, god, you're just so tight. Man, I'm in heaven. Oh god I almost forgot what it feels like to be inside of you for so long. I love you so much, baby. Oh, baby, mmm talk to me. Let me hear you voice, don't hold back. Let it out, I want the world to hear that you're mine. I wanna hear you scream my name so loud that the windows will shatter to pieces. Let's cum together. Oh, baby, baby. Oh god baaaabbbbbbby!"

He expected to hear a scream of mind blowing pleasure. Instead he heard a small whimper and then a choked loud noise that was between a sob and a wail. He looked down at vegeta and felt confused about why he was crying when they just finished having mind blowing sex. After he felt himself go flaccid, he pulled out of vegeta and he started stroking his face and hair. Vegeta flinched away from him and crawled from underneath him and went over to the other side of the bed and curled into a ball when he tried to touch him.

"P..p..p.. d..don't to..touch me. I don't care what you do anymore, just don't touch me ever again. I don't care what you do or who you do it with, just never touch me or mention sex to me again."

Goku stared at him with a look of confusion on his face as to say that he didn't understand what he was saying. He just got up and went to the bathroom but before he did he said…

"get some rest in 4 hours I'll be waking you up so we can go at it again. We'll keep doing it until I'm satisfied with you and don't need you anymore for the night."

Vegeta's eye went wide with fear.

'he can't be serious. No, no I won't let him do it to me. Not again, not so soon. I have to get out of here while I have the chance.'

Goku walked over and leaned down and kissed vegeta's lips and said

"get some sleep, baby. You'll need it for later."

He waited until goku went into the bathroom and closed the door and he heard the shower come on, he ran. He took a pair sweat pants and a shirt as well as a pair of Chinese slippers and rushed to put them on. Then he ran down the steps and careful not to fall, and he bolted out the front door. He didn't care where he was running to as long as he got away from the house, away from him and all the bad memories. He was soon tired, his legs screaming at him to stop and take a break, but he kept running. He ran for about an hour and a half before he stopped at an abandoned shack in the woods and he stepped inside. He hoped that he wouldn't find him and that he could get some help before he was found. He looked around and found a bed that looked almost brand new. It had sheets and pillows that were pure white and it looked inviting. The place looked deserted, so why did the bed look like this ? He took a step forward only to have his legs almost give out on him, so he decided to get some sleep but first he locked the front door and the bedroom door and then he took off his shoes and laid in between the covers and fell to sleep as soon as his head hit the covers. The last thing he saw was a clock that read 8:40 am. He prayed to whoever was up there that he was going to be safe from his lover.

4 hours later….

Vegeta woke up form a good sleep. He knew that if he wanted to stay ahead of goku then he would like to. He got up and looked at the clock, it was almost 12:30. He had to get moving quickly. He got up, cleaned himself from last night and got dressed. He opened the mirror to the cabinet to look for an extra toothbrush and to brush his teeth. After brushing his teeth he put the toothbrush back, but when he closed the mirror, it was the last thing he saw before everything went black. He woke up with a headache and a bruised forehead. He looked around the room, it wasn't the same.

"Wh…where am I?"

"You're at home baby. It's funny you don't remember what your own room looks like. Although getting conked on the head like that, must've done some damage to your little noggin. It's okay now, you're safe."

Vegeta began to sob loudly.

"Why can't you just let me go? Please, you don't love me. Why can't you let me go and let me be happy, please?"

Goku got a look on his face that didn't settle well with vegeta so he tries to back away from him but it did him no good seeing as how goku twisted his arm behind his back and forced him on his stomach.

"NO! NO! No, please not that, anything but that please. Don't do that again please."

"Shut up."

Vegeta kept sobbing loudly and it was getting louder by the minute. This pissed goku off badly.

"I said shut the fuck up and stay quiet, god-damnit!" He slapped him across the face and vegeta's head flung to the other side with a snap and he just kept crying

Goku figured since he kept crying, he would just have to keep hitting him until he became quiet. So he hit again, and again, and again until vegeta was unconscious and barely breathing. Every time he hit him, vegeta would scream bloody murder. While he was beating the crap out of him, vegeta though…

'Maybe if he kills me, I won't have to deal with this anymore. Although I hope no one else has to go through this. If he kills, there's no pain, no more fear., no more abuse, no more lies. I hope he kills me, that way he'll be doing me a favor.'

The next time he woke up he was in a hospital bed surrounded by machines. He tried to sit up when a gentle hand pushed him back down. He looked up and saw a man in his late 60's early 70's standing over him.

"You have to rest you've been through quite an ordeal. It's best if you don't move for a while."

"How did I get here?"

"Your husband bought you in. Said someone broke into your house and that they had hurt you. You're very lucky to have been found in time otherwise you would have died of blood loss. We were able to fix some of the internal injuries but the rest are gonna heal on their own time. The external are gonna take some time as well probably more."

"What type of injuries?"

"Well where do I start? You have a broken arm, a fractured leg, which we were able to put back in place so that should take 2 days at the most to heal up, 5 broken ribs, a concussion, your collarbone is cracked on the left side so your neck will hurt for a few days, lots of bruises and cuts on your back, stomach, face, between your legs. We couldn't find any seminal fluids inside of you, so we won't be able to tell you who did this to you, but we have notified the police and they are going to investigate, with your permission of course. Just tell me what you want to do and I'll let them know. Don't decide now, think about it. Okay, now rest."

Vegeta nodded his head, when the door swung open and in walked the bastard that did this to him. He looked for a way out, he looked outside and saw that the doctor had left goku and he alone. He walked into the room and sat down next to vegeta. Vegeta was trying to move away from him but every time that he did, pain would shoot up into his body and he would cry out.

"Baby, you know that you're not supposed to move. The doctor said so, that's why you get hurt all the time, you don't listen to people when it's good for you."

Vegeta sat there crying his eyes out. Goku got up and wiped them away.

"Stop crying baby. I wouldn't have to had hurt you like that if you had just stopped crying. I mean I was already mad at you for running away from home and not thinking that I couldn't find you. I'm guessing you want to know how I found you. Well, a good buddy of mine told me about the place because he used to take his girlfriend there for when he wanted to do things that required a little more…what's the phrase oh yeah, a little more space for them to scream her little heart out. I mean seeing as how no one could hear them, he was set. I'm not sure about what happened to the girl though. Lost contact years ago. Oh well, I hope this will teach you to do what I say when I say it and not run away again. Understood?"


"Good then get some sleep. We have to get you home tomorrow."

Goku then kissed his head and walked out. After vegeta got out of the hospital and had healed up, everything went right back to the way it was. Goku would come home at ridiculous hours and rape vegeta until he was satisfied, if vegeta stepped out if line, he would beat him, not enough to send him to the hospital, although he came close a few times, but so that he wouldn't forget his place. Every night vegeta prayed to whoever it was above, to end his life so that he can be at peace.

(End of flashback, back to present)

Vegeta stood there with waterfalls for tears streaming down his face. He wasn't going to let Goku worm his way into his life and abuse him. He couldn't risk it, not with so much on the line now. He powered up and flew off. He could hear goku behind him, he didn't know where he was going, he just wanted it to be somewhere far away where he could lose goku and go back home.