Megatōkyō, Kōtō Ward, Friday 1 March 2030, before dawn . . .

"So when are ye gonna tell yuir daughter about what will happen tae Chikage?"

A snort escaped the elderly man in the flowing robes of a Shintō high priest, currently standing beside one of the meson-reinforced plexiglas floor-to-ceiling window panels lining one side of his reception room near the top of the Megatōkyō Spiral.

Located in a rectangular plot of land two hundred hectares in size, the Spiral was a 2.5 kilometre high, needle-shaped tower ringed by four clockwise-spinning rings of glowing diamond meson shaped like the D.N.A. helix, the whole framed at its base by four kilometre-high archways that bracketed the tower's foundations, resembling a framed "X" when viewed from the cardinal directions. Surrounding the tower were curved memorial walls, ten to the south and four to the north of the foundation. Each of these was five metres tall and extending for five hundred metres in length from the central walkways of the Memorial Grounds right to the border walkways. Each section of dark marble on those walls was etched with the names of the over two million casualties of the Second Great Kantō Earthquake and its aftermath, which struck an unsuspecting city of Tōkyō and its surrounding municipalities on a late Saturday morning five years before. New names were added as the most profound aftermath of those events - the coming of the artificial intelligence known colloquially as the "boomer" - extracted more and more lives from those who resided within and near the world's largest city.

Gazing out at the vast megalopolis around his magically-hidden home and work base - said city now glittering with the lights of evening as the first rays of morning light began to peek over the horizon far to the east - Ryūji Hirosaki tried not to smirk too much as he considered Nicole McTavish's question. While still possessing a considerable fraction of the magical strength he had on returning to his home dimension in the early summer of 1939, he knew he wouldn't long be for this life. The two years immediately after Second Kantō had nearly destroyed Tōkyō and condemned his poor granddaughter into a horrid quasi-life as a disembodied spirit - kept "alive" thanks to the near-sacrifice of a young warrior mage from Wales as he strove to save the lives of his twenty-nine students - had been more draining on him magically and spiritually than even the intensive seven years (plus the six summer side trips elsewhere) he had spent at Hogwarts alongside people like Glaston Tore and Wilma Skegness. Erecting the Spiral - a tower that served as a living, functional spiritual memorial to the dead of Second Kantō as well as a physical patch for the wrecked ley lines left behind by that earthquake - in under twenty-two months had nearly killed him as well as many of the spiritualists and wizards that had come to aid him in his vital task. In a way, it HAD guaranteed he will die within the next few years. But it had been worth it.

He had vowed this long before he began his Quest in the early summer of 1932:

As long as he lived, the spiritual needs of ALL around him would be answered!

And he would see to it that Chikage would understand that as well.

"She will find out when it is far too late to stop it, Nicole," Ryūji said as he gazed on his guest, who was currently enjoying some of the red pepper-spiced tea the Grand Magi of the Second Kantō Victims Memorial Association (as the overall group that supervised the Spiral and the surrounding Memorial Grounds in the name of His Imperial Majesty called themselves as a group) loved. "Your godson nicely arranged that when I asked him to do what he did for Chikage. He was actually quite appalled when he heard how much Jalynda strove to stop Chikage from exploring her full potential."

Nicole's eyes narrowed as she stared at him. "And ye still want her to go to THAT time in that other universe?" she wondered. "To be with HIM and HER?"

"What better way for her to learn it all," he responded.

The Matriarch of the Clan McTavish of Killiecrankie and the co-chairwoman of Toratotaka International L.L.C. took that in, and then she nodded. "There will be precautions, of course," she automatically warned. "We cannae allow Chikage to go over tae that universe with the knowledge of what happened to the Harry and Rose Potter of this universe. Even if the wee ones in that universe were nae raised on a different planet as ours were, they were living together at yuir friend's place in Somerset."

A nod. "Fair enough . . . "


Ryūji and Nicole both winced on hearing that sharp voice, and then they turned as the door leading from his apartment to the main elevator flew open, revealing a young girl possessing the lavender-dark pink hair and deep royal blue eyes the Grand Magi of the Spiral had possessed in his youth. She was currently dressed in a gold T-shirt and track pants, the former embossed with Toratotaka's obelisk-and-sunrise corporate logo over the alpha-numeric code CC010HC on the left breast, the name CHIKAGE in script over the right. Her hair was now loose and tumbling well past her shoulders in lieu of the high bun she normally wore it. And her new clone-bioroid body . . .

This was not the Chikage Hirosaki of 2025 reborn in a new body.

This was the Chikage Hirosaki of five years earlier, when she was eleven.

When she could have gone to a place like Hogwarts . . .

. . . and if her mother hadn't done everything she could to stop Chikage from going on her Quest in 2020, she could have avoided Second Kantō altogether.

Ryūji and Chikage gazed on each other, the former calm and collected while the latter had a mildly-annoyed look on her face. That was typical for his granddaughter, the Grand Magi fondly mused. Chikage had always been so unflappable even when she was a child. Seldom raising her voice beyond what could be seen as polite in modern Japanese society, she never lost control over herself in infantile temper-tantrums even when she was clearly in the right of any situation she faced. Perhaps it was because of her deep-set conviction that she had been resurrected from a previous existence in the murky past. That was fine and fair, Ryūji knew, just as long as Chikage didn't allow her past lives to weigh down on her soul as some reincarnationists did.

And she would need to keep a clear head now.


Chikage's eyebrow was arched as one of her slipper-clad feet tapped impatiently on the floor. Noting that, Ryūji smirked as he turned away. "You were prevented from exploring your power and potential in 2020 because of your mother's insane fear of magic and her belief that it was magic itself that killed your grandmother," the Grand Magi stated as he clasped his hands behind his back. "Would you care to take the chance to go on your Quest now?" he then wondered as he stared knowingly at her.

She returned his look, and then a light smile crossed her face.

"I believe we best get started," she answered . . .

Harry Potter and the Icemaidens: Philosopher's Stone
By Fred Herriot

Scene suggestions by Daniel Lindberg. Language advice by Tommy King. Old English translation by Philsc.

Based on Harry Potter, created by J.K. Rowling; and Sister Princess - Onii-chan Daisuki, created by Sakurako Kimino and Naoto Tenhiro.

The Song of the Dead (1896), written by J. Rudyard Kipling. Through A Glass, Darkly (1922), written by Gen George S. Patton Jr. USA.

Also including characters and situations from Mahō Sensei Negima, created by Ken Akamatsu; Bubblegum Crisis, produced by Artmic and Youmex; Tokimeki Memorial, created by Konami; Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi; and Highlander, created by Gregory Widen.

Also including characters and situations from the fanfic series Urusei Yatsura - The Senior Year, created by Mike Smith and Fred Herriot; and Harry Potter and the Sun Source, created by Clell Harmon.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-fiction story written as one fan's salute to the creations of the above-mentioned writers and artists. It is not meant to infringe on any copyrights.

NOTE: Writer's notes for this story will be at the end of the story text (when the story is in one single file) or on a separate page (when posted to fan-fiction websites). All direct quotes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone were taken from the Raincoast Books hardcover edition, printed in 2000. The class schedule used here was created by the fanfic writer using the pen-name "Musings of Apathy." Said schedule is available at Herman Tumbledweed's Yahoo Group in the Files section (you must become a member of the group to access the file, though). The layout of Hogwarts as described here is based on the map of the school created by Randwülf.

Note that all names in this story are written in Western "family name-last" order.

Beckery Hill, Wednesday 31 July 1991 . . .

"Here you are, Mistress Chikage. Are you sure you don't want anything more?"

Chikage shook her head as she took the vitamin-filled strawberry milkshake that had just been prepared for her by Bessie Bunter. It had been an hour since her arrival at the Garden of the Galaxy, enough time for the elves that lived at Reevetor Somerset to recover from the backlash of the amount of sheer POWER that had been necessary to transport Ryūji Hirosaki's granddaughter across the dimensional veil and nearly forty years back in time. "No," she said before taking a sip of the frothy drink. "This body came out of storage not a day before my soul was properly inserted into it and I was allowed to awaken. Because it was in storage for a short while after it had been gestated, the next two days will force me to keep the consumption of foods that will tax my stomach to a minimum." Another sip. "Mmmm. Just as good as Shirayuki's."

"Who's Shirayuki?" Harry Potter asked. He, his sister Rose, their friends and Bessie were currently relaxing in the living room of the Reevetor while the adults were in the dining room next door discussing the implications of the coming of "the Second Traveller" (as the goblins from Gringotts were now calling Chikage) on their world. Having just joined them were Dudley Dursley and his younger brother, Alfred.

Chikage smiled. "One of my half-sisters: Shirayuki Osamu. She normally lives with her mother and stepfather in Nagoya; that's west of Tōkyō." She refused to call the city of her birth by the unimaginative moniker that had been given to it in the wake of Second Kantō, when the Genom Corporation began to transform it into Megatōkyō, the "technological capital of the future." "She's an aspiring chef. Quite good with desserts and other sweets; she's pushing herself . . . " - the traveller from another Earth didn't feel it odd to completely ignore the five-year long "gap" in her life and the lives of those like her - " . . . to expand enough so that she can open her own restaurant when she graduates from high school in a few years." Another sip of the milkshake, and then she nodded. "Very nice, Mistress Elizabeth. My thanks."

Eyes flicked to the bespectacled human-shaped elf as her cheeks suddenly turned cherry-red. "Sh-sh-she called m-m-me 'M-m-m-Mistress?'" Bessie stammered as her whole body began to quake, and then she squealed in embarrassment before popping away.

Laughter filled the living room from the older children there. "Why'd she go away?" Alfred asked, a confused look on his face as he gazed on his brother and cousins. Save for him being more slender, he was a double of Dudley at age four.

"It's because Chikage called her 'mistress,' Al," Achelois Runcorn answered. "Elves don't like the idea of humans calling them that." She then gazed on Chikage. "Though I suspect Chikage actually meant to look on Bessie as the 'mistress of the household.' Which is, in an old-fashioned way, what one would call someone like her?"

Alfred looked even more confused. "'Mistress of the household?'"

"A very old term in your society, Alfred," Chikage stated. "It means that even though your cousins are the true owners (so to speak) of this tower, Mistress Elizabeth (as the one who keeps it clean and neat) is the real boss here!"

The young boy took that in, and then he sighed. "Magic is weird!"

"Al, what did you expect?" Rose wondered. "With us, 'weird' is NORMAL!"

More laughter filled the room. Even Alfred found himself smiling . . .

"So our children's magical potential is above-average?"

Hamilton St. John nodded. "Yes. I suspect that it will remain this way until they get to Hogwarts and begin training in earnest," he said as he tapped the sheet of paper on the kitchen table with the results of the Neuwied Tests he had done on the younger Dursley children. Alfred had rated a 128 while Anne and Violet - who were now being watched over by Jane Porter, though both Petunia Dursley and Lilian Evans were keeping an eye on them - had scored 134 on their tests. "I doubt the null-magic field Reggie Spelthorne set up over your home town will affect them at all. Have you had a chance to take them outside of Little Whinging? Any incidents of accidental magic?"

"Possibly one," Petunia noted. "We visited the zoo at the Chessington World of Adventures for Dudley's birthday. When we passed by the snake exhibit, Alfred said the boa constrictor that was there felt 'funny' to him." She stared at Lilian. "Didn't Lily tell me of some magical language skill that allows people to speak to snakes?"

Lilian nodded as she sipped her apple juice. "It's called 'parseltongue.' It's traditionally seen as a 'dark' magical gift, though it's just simply the ability to converse with a magical serpent or other such reptile. One can speak to dragons with parseltongue as they themselves are just a different type of reptile closely related to the dinosaurs." A sigh. "The Dark Lord himself was a parseltongue; that's where most of the modern fear of the skill comes from. It's not so surprising; Salazar Slytherin was one himself and the Dark Lord is his last living direct-line descendant." She then sighed. "We just discovered this a month ago: Harry has that ability."

Every one not of the Reevetor and Reevewick perked. "No doubt inherited from the Dark Lord himself that night at Godric's Hollow," Severus Snape noted.

"Snakes talk?"

Eyes locked on Violet Dursley. "Magical snakes do, my dear," Albus Dumbledore - who had been busy reading a letter Chikage had presented him from her grandfather - stated. "It's a truthfully harmless skill, though many do not look on it that way."

"How did you learn of this?" Minerva McGonagall wondered.

"The kids were tearing up the south part of the hill in wand practice when Harry heard someone cry out in joy," Lilian replied. "Both of them looked around for a half-hour before they discovered an adder that was busy gulping down a mouse that had been stunned by a Reductor blow near his nest." A smile. "He even thanked Harry for giving him his first fresh meal in a week, and then he slithered off down the hill."

Remus Lupin chuckled. "Harry's a little hesitant on fighting Rose now that he knows there are animals he can actually talk to that can be hurt when they spar."

"He'll have to be warned to keep that skill hidden," Severus warned.

The werewolf nodded. "So what did Ryūji write, anyway?" Minerva wondered.

Albus smiled. "Oh, this is a formal request to allow us to take Chikage in as a student this year," he said as he folded the paper and slipped it into his robes. "He advised us Chikage had elements of her memories suppressed by Mrs. McTavish to ensure that what happened to our counterparts in her dimension would not be revealed here, so anything that could hurt people here will be prevented as much as possible. After all, while it is 1991 here, it's 2030 in that dimension. Mrs. McTavish was most concerned about a potential spill-over of knowledge of events nearly forty years before (in Chikage's eyes) and how that could potentially influence events in our dimension."

"That's odd," Lilian mused.

"What do you mean?" Hamilton asked.

"Why would Elder Ryūji - and now Chikage - be willing to cross over into our dimension to learn magic? There's a Hogwarts in that dimension. Why not go there?"

A sigh. "Ryūji impressed this on me before we parted for the final time in 1939, Lilian," Albus said. "Unlike his dimension, the magical skill sets and knowledge in our dimension - both of our world and of the Mundus Magicus - are separate and do not really influence each other. Such is not the same in his dimension. There, the two worlds have interacted with each other for over twenty-six hundred years. Too much has become blurred and mixed up. And then we have to factor in the alien and other non-magical paranormal involvement with his world." The headmaster closed his eyes. "He felt that to understand the origins of the magic in HIS universe - both on his Earth and the Mundus Magicus in his home dimension - he had to come to a place where he could learn the theories and experience it without outside taint. He couldn't do that in his home universe, so he came to this one to do that." A hum. "I've been contemplating this since we learned of what Glaston's sacrifice ten years ago did to Rose and the others touched by the Desidero Infantis he cast to save Rose . . . "

"Still, it's curious that this man was willing to allow his own granddaughter - and she's Harry's age, for God's sake! - to travel here ALONE to study magic!" Vernon Dursley cut in. "Isn't he worried about what could happen to her?"

Albus breathed out. He had read THAT part of the letter, though he would keep that secret from even Minerva and Severus. "I'm sure he is, especially given how Chikage's own mother Jalynda refused to explore her own magical potential when she became of age to engage in her own Quest." He then smiled. "Still, Chikage will NOT be alone, Vernon. Already, your niece and nephew are befriending her, as are their friends. I will gladly add Dudley to that list as well as Albert. She certainly could call upon the goblins for assistance if necessary; they do remember how kindly and how respectfully Ryūji treated them when he was here. And he WAS the man who, in effect, helped the goblins expand their interests to the Mundus Magicus, which earns them much in the way of gold that the Ministry can't touch. They will not forget that."

"Her grandfather is THAT famous?" Petunia asked.

"Oh, yes, he is, Petunia. Here's how he actually came to us . . . "

"You're a bioroid?"

That had been Dudley Dursley and Aesup Mun who had said that.

Chikage nodded. "Correct. I am what is officially called a 'cybernetically-enhanced, D.N.A.-clone, soul mental transference, biological android.' 'Bioroid' is a portmanteau of 'biological android.'" An amused smirk crossed her face. "Though I have to really wonder where on Earth they got the 'cybernetically-enhanced' part from. Save for the linkpoints in my body . . . " - she held up the back of her hand, where a diamond-shaped crystal had been allowed to emerge from under her skin over the tendon of the extensor indicis muscle on her middle finger line - " . . . there's not a single mechanical part in me." She then rolled her eyes as the linkpoint vanished and she lowered her arm. "Still, given how bad my old body looked like after it had been dug out of the rubble - this is what Grandfather told me, of course - though . . . "

"How bad?" Jane Roper asked.

"Like a regiment of Aurors used it to practice their Reductor Curses on and they discovered the wonderful joys of firing in a volley line."

Harry and Rose both made faces. "EWWWWWWWW!"

"And you were saved by a wizard from Wales trained in the ways of the Mundus Magicus?" Marian Rivers then asked. "Just like Sir Glaston saved Rose?"

A nod. "Yes. In total, there were a hundred and thirty-three of us. Negi - that's his name: Negi Springfield - was trying to save one of his students from a curse forced on her years ago as the quake got underway in 2025 up in my time. He . . . " Here, Chikage shrugged, smiling in amusement. "Well, he overdid it."

"Did he die?" Rose wondered in a hushed voice.

A shake of the head. "No, though he was in a magical coma for four years. The event almost drained all his magic from him." A sigh. "As near as Grandfather himself could determine, Negi's spell somehow mixed with the released magical and spiritual energy of the ley lines severed by the quake, thus reaching out father than he intended and saving many more than what he had hoped to save. I'm told he is very happy that he did indeed save much more than what his spell had first been meant to do."

"I bet he's famous," Harry noted.

"To an extent - and within our circles, of course - he is."

Everyone nodded. "So why come here then?" Camellia Matthews wondered.

"What do you mean?"

"Why come here to explore magic? Don't you have your own Hogwarts?"

Chikage smiled. "Just a moment . . . "

She reached into one of the cargo pockets on the inside of her white, crucifix-embossed hooded cape, and then she pulled out an opaque glass-like rectangle about the size of a small television screen. Looking on it, everyone was quick to see that it seemed to be filled with what appeared to be circuits and motherboards, but none of them were composed of recognisable mechanical parts. "A computer?" Harry asked; it had taken a while, but he could use a magically-protected Compaq Presario desktop that Remus had got for him for his ninth birthday. He had even bought a non-magically protected one for Dudley for his tenth birthday, which the latter had come to love.

"It's some sort of laptop computer, right?" Dudley asked.

"In a way, yes. Officially, this is a PADD. That's an acronym; it means 'Personal Archival Display Device,'" Chikage answered as she placed her fingertips on the glossy surface. "You're in the early stages of the Internet revolution at this time. In my time, everything is practically run through the Internet. And machines like this are the way by which we can access the Internet and all the information there." She smiled as a screen then appeared on the PADD, revealing a cartoonish super-deformed version of her beside an entry port for a password, a cursor flashing at the left side of that. At the bottom of the screen was a keyboard. "Under normal circumstances, this device would be linked to the main database of the company that supported my rebirth into what I am now: The LoopNet. However, the link can't work across dimensional barriers, much less forward and backward in time."

"What's a 'database?'" Alfred asked.

Chikage smiled. "You ever have been to a library, Alfred?"


"Has your Uncle Remus told you of the library at Hogwarts?"

A nod. "Uh-huh."

"Imagine all the information in that library - it was a count of over a hundred thousand texts back in 1939, I believe - being crammed into something the size of this?" Chikage said as she tapped her PADD. "That's a database. That is what the Internet and computer technology will become: A convenient source of knowledge."

"Wa!" Aesup breathed out. "I know wizards in Korea are adopting computer technology and developing something like a magical Internet. So are the Japanese."

"Won't see it happen here for a while," Achelois warned.

"So what are you going to do with that, Chikage?" Rose asked.

Chikage smiled. "In part, this will serve as my personal grimoire, where I will keep all knowledge that I acquire on my journey. In part, this also will serve as an emotional link back to home, to remind me of what I'm going to be returning to when I get back there." She tapped keys on the PADD, allowing a hologram to appear.

"Wicked!" everyone gasped.

"Who IS that?" Jane asked.

"My half-brother, Wataru Minakami," Chikage answered. On noting the surprise on her hosts' faces, she added, "We share the same father but we have different mothers since my mother married a man who was barren." On seeing Albert blink in confusion, she smiled. "That means he couldn't be my father, Albert, like Dudley's father is your father as well. So Mother asked Wataru's father Atsuo to be my father."

"He's cute!" Brianna Spinks gushed.

"Yes, Ani-kun is that."

"'Ani-kun?'" Harry asked.

"'Ani' is one way of saying 'elder brother' in Japanese; it's normally said as Onii," Chikage explained. "'Kun' is a name suffix we use to associate with close friends. In Aesup's tongue, it would be said 'Oppa-gun.'" She hummed. "In English, my way of addressing him might translate as 'Brother Darling.' It's hard since terms in one language often don't have the right equivalent in another language."

Rose nodded. "So why are you here?"

A sigh. "Partially because I want to help make it a tradition in my family. Unlike the magics of your universe, the magics of my universe - both from the Mundus Magicus and the Mundus Vetus . . . " - She quickly noticed Dudley's and Alfred's confused looks - " . . . Earth, in other words - have had nearly three millennia to intermix and develop into something that is, while strong and quite useful, still a blended form which obscures the origins of various magic skill sets. Coming here, to a place where the two worlds are pretty much separate and have advanced their magical knowledge separately ensures I will get what I desire - both at Hogwarts and at Ariadne (where I intend to go on one of my summer trips) - as 'pure' as possible."

"What's the other reason?" Marian asked.

Chikage closed her eyes. "My grandfather was born in 1921, Marian. It's now 2030 in my dimension, which makes him 109 years old. He's roughly the same age as Headmaster Dumbledore is now. Five years ago, when he came to be aware of the severity of the damage Second Kantō unleashed on Tōkyō and elsewhere, he poured his magic into creating the Spiral. You all saw the image of it when I came here, I believe."

The wizards in the group nodded. "How big is that place anyway?" Jane asked. "When we saw it, the image just blotted out most of the sky over the Garden."

"Two-point-five kilometres from ground level to tip of the tower. Add another eight hundred metres for the underground structure to keep it erect."


"How fast was it built?" Harry asked as Dudley's jaw dropped in disbelief.

"Twenty-two months," Chikage answered.

"Crikey!" Dudley exclaimed. "The biggest tower here is the C.N. Tower in Toronto! That's only five HUNDRED metres high! How did your granddad do that?"

"With almost all the magic he possessed," she answered. "Grandfather poured EVERYTHING he had into making that place real. He nearly drove himself into a magical coma, especially given the urgency of the task at hand. Even if he seems the picture of health now, I will tell you this: At most, he may have five years left to live."

More silence.

"That's terrible!" Achelois whispered as her eyes began to tear.

Chikage reached over to pat the other girl's shoulder. "Death comes to us all, Achelois. Don't cry for him. He's lived a very long, good and full life." She pulled her hand away. "He once heard from the Headmaster that to the well-prepared mind, death is nothing more than the next great adventure in life. I know that well. But believe me when I tell you this." She pointed out the window to the Garden. "Seven years from now, I'll depart for my home dimension through that Garden . . . and arrive within days of my departure back on my world. And I will be as prepared as I can be for when the time finally comes that I have to step into Grandfather's place."

"No rest for the wicked, huh?" Harry asked.

She shook her head . . .

London, the Borough of Greenwich, Reevetor London . . .

The core members of the Noble and Ancient Magical House of Roper of Bellacourt currently lived in Greenwich, one of the boroughs in the east end of the old County of London south of the Thames. The Reevetor which served as Hogan Roper's workplace was located on the grounds of Greenwich Park, hidden underground in a space of forest to the east of the Royal Observatory. While it - like many of the magical Reeve's Towers that dotted the United Kingdom - wouldn't attract attention since it was underground, it was still heavily protected by strong normal-repellent wards and notice-me-not charms to keep archaeologists and other excavators far away from the place.

Hogan Roper himself was currently at work in his Scrying Room, scanning the diagram of the underground structure of the Ministry of Magic he had called up when the alert charms there picked up a HUGE disturbance of magic from the main work zone of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. While he didn't have any contacts among the Auror Corps or any of Amelia Bones' other co-workers, he knew if there was something that was unique or interesting that he or his fellow Magical Sheriffs had missed, the D.M.L.E. might pick up on it. And by the looks of it, something HAD happened . . .!


He perked, looking over as his wife walked in. "What is it, Ronnie?"

"Shouldn't Jane be home by now?"

Hogan blinked, and then he chuckled. "It's Harry's birthday today, Ronnie. She probably went out with him and the others to Beckery Hill . . . "

A ding! rang through the air. "Hogan?"

He whispered a spell. "Hello, Ian! What is it?" he then called out.

"Are you busy right now? I need to see you! It's urgent!"

Hogan nodded. "Come through to the living room. I'll be there in a minute."


The link with the Department of Mysteries was cut off. "What's going on?" Veronica asked as Hogan proceeded to cancel out all the charms he had activated.

"We'll find out soon enough," he said.

Once that was done, the couple side-apparated to the Roper home, located on Westcombe Park Road close to the intersection of Foyle Road east of Greenwich Park. They appeared just as the flames of the fireplace flared, allowing a black-cloaked figure to step into the living room. A pop! then heralded the arrival of Tanny Stevens, who had been quick to sense the arrival of the Unspeakable. "Good afternoon, Master Ian," she greeted him with a bow. "Would you like some coffee or tea?"

"Some firewhiskey if you have some, Tanny," Ian Boot said as he drew off his hood and shook his head of dark brown hair. "I rather need it right now."

Tanny nodded as she popped back out to get his drink. "Are you alright, Ian?" Hogan asked as he shook his friend's hand, and then guided him to a nearby couch. "You normally don't hit the sauce THIS early in the day! What the devil happened?"

Ian sighed. He was an Unspeakable, thus bound by his duty and ethics to keep whatever he had been asked to research to himself, only discussing same with his co-workers (hence the title other wizards and witches used for people like him). Being an Unspeakable, though, demanded a VERY high level of intelligence and several post-NEWT level masteries in various disciplines. And while he really liked doing his work and tolerated the emotional strain his need to keep secrets often unleashed on his marriage (not that his wife Michelle herself didn't have her own secrets to keep given that she herself was a weretiger, with all the joys THAT brought her), he knew there were times that he needed to slip the cloak off and tell someone what was bothering him. And while he didn't know exactly what his current host did for a living, Ian had, over the years, come to make some interesting conclusions about Hogan Roper's line of work.

Making the Loyal Oath to the Crown had opened his eyes to all sorts of things.

He blinked on hearing a pop! herald Tanny's return, a fresh glass of Odgen's in hand. "Ah, thank you, my dear," Ian said as he took the snifter in hand and gently sipped the whiskey. Ignoring the smoke leaving his ears as the magically-enhanced alcohol entered his stomach, he gazed on Hogan. "We just had a Class Ten event today."

Hogan blinked, his jaw dropping as his mind tried to wrap around what Ian had just said. "A Class TEN? Dear God! That's the equal of a nuclear bomb! When?"

"About two hours ago," Ian answered as Veronica moved to sit beside her husband. "Hit us all out of the blue! All the sensors we made for Amelia's department were burnt right out because of it! Our OWN sensors that we have as backup for the Aurors were also burnt right out! Right now, everyone in the Ministry's in a huge panic over this." He paused. "But we did get a trace of where it came from." He fixed his host with a look. "It's that place west of Glastonbury that we detect from time to time, but have the devil's own time trying to FIND it when we go look for it!" A sigh. "I know you have your oaths and secrets as well, Hogan. I've long respected that. But this was a little TOO big and people are starting to ask a ton of questions. I don't think you and your friends - whoever they are - can cover THIS one up, my friend."

Hogan nodded as he gazed intently at his friend and old classmate (he and Ian had both graduated from Hogwarts in 1978; they were year-mates of James Potter and his friends, Lily Evans, Severus Snape and Napaeae Collins and her clique). While he could ultimately trust Ian with everything he knew, he knew his friend had superiors he had to answer to who weren't the LEAST bit trustworthy when it came to those secrets. The truth about one particular place near Glastonbury being one of them. "Have any of your people told anyone else in the Ministry about what's out by Glastonbury?"

A shake of the head as Ian smiled. "Not at all, friend. Why do you think we keep all the really interesting stuff just to ourselves?"

Hogan smirked. "Good. That makes this easy. Do you know of Glaston Tore?"

A nod. "Hogwarts, Gryffindor, NEWT class of 1939. Best friend to the Traveller himself. He died in 1981. Just found that out thanks to the early edition of the Prophet. It just came out with a very interesting story about the Boy-Who-Lived-And-Vanished actually having a sister who survived You-Know-Who's attack - while still in Lily's womb - thanks to a sacrifice spell Ryūji created called Desidero Infantis."

"I've known Rose Potter for well on nine years."


Ian gaped. "My God! You mean . . .? It's REAL?"

A nod. "Yes, it's real, my friend. I knew Glaston personally. Like me, he was a servant of the Crown. Atop keeping an eye out on things in Somerset - which was his county of operation, just like old London is mine - for Her Majesty, he also watched over the place where his best friend created the means by which he could return home."

More silence.

"Where he went home . . .?" Ian whispered before gulping down some more whiskey. "We suspected his place of entrance was somewhere close to Scarborough, but . . .!"

"The place became magically unstable sometime in 1937. That's what prompted Ryūji to create something - which is located near Glaston's old home in Somerset - which would allow him to go home finally two years later." Hogan then sighed. "As a gift to all of us, that device - it's called 'the Garden of the Galaxy' - was presented to the Crown and it was directly supervised by Glaston until his death in 1981. As of her birth in 1982, Rose Potter was destined to take his place as the new guardian of the Garden. Thanks to the Desidero Infantis, Rose is Glaston's magical heir. But she has to survive to her OWL year first. Until that time, Napaeae Runcorn watches over it." He held up a finger. "THAT must never leave the Hall of Mysteries, Ian. We both know what sort of people runs the Ministry of Magic these days. Do you actually want to see someone like Fudge or Umbridge get control of THAT?"

Ian looked at him, and then he shook his head. "Not a chance. Not with that two-faced bastard Malfoy keeping Fudge swimming in gold, of course!" He sat back in his chair. "Much that he thinks he's powerful, Fudge hasn't got past the illusions that he can rule through magical decree after magical degree. If he wants to get something clear from us, he needs to persuade the Wizengamot to modify the secrecy laws. And we're not so stupid as to allow him a chance to do that. Malfoy and his bastards might have blinded them to what they were doing for You-Know-Who, but they can't get close to us. Too many laws stand in the way of it. And we made DAMN sure that nothing more could be learned after what Augustus nearly did to us!" He sipped his whiskey. "So what happened? Has Rose or Napaeae called you about this?"

A shake of the head. "No, they haven't. No doubt, they're busy celebrating Harry's eleventh birthday right now." With that, Hogan stood up. "Let's give them a floo call and see what's happening there." As Ian watched, Hogan reached for a small bowl of floo powder - the Unspeakable had long ago noticed that Hogan had two such bowls, one on each side of the fireplace - from the right side and tossed the powder into the flames. "Rose Potter!" he called out into the fire.

A second later, a pretty girl's face appeared in the flames which didn't bear any close resemblance to the Girl-Who-Lived (whose pictures Ian had just seen on the copy of the Daily Prophet that had been delivered to his office by his supervisor not a half-hour before everything went mad). "What is it, Dad?" Jane called back.

"Sorry to bother you, Pumpkin, but your Uncle Ian's come by for a visit with some news from the Ministry," Hogan called back as Ian walked over. "Did something happen out at the patio we need to know about right now? I know of that group Chief Director Ragnok was going to host today, but did someone else come by as well?"

Jane giggled. "You might say that, Dad! Just a moment!" She then pulled her head out of the flame for a moment before coming back. "Dad, Rose says it's okay for Uncle Ian to visit! Professor Dumbledore's here, too; they're all here to celebrate Harry's birthday!" Her eyes then focused on Ian. "You better not be drinking, Uncle Ian!" she then scolded as she wagged her finger at the Unspeakable.

Ian winced while Hogan and Veronica laughed . . .

Beckery Hill, an hour later . . .

"Sweet Merlin! And your grandfather carved all THIS over ONE summer?"

"He did," Chikage said. Ian Boot was now gazing on the runes on the trilithons of the Garden of the Galaxy, notebook and pencil in hand as he sketched some of the script carved in the magically-charged granite. "Needed a Time Turner to do it, of course; one cannot construct something this vast . . . " - She waved her hand around to indicate the entire Garden - " . . . and expect it to function correctly after rushing it to completion. After all of his experiences travelling to other dimensions through the site at the Fair, he realised he needed to create a place that could withstand both the test of time and frequent use." She reached over to trace a finger over one of the runes, which she herself had recognised from what Ryūji had imprinted on the inside walls of the Spiral in Megatōkyō. "I realise your part of Her Majesty's Ministry of Magic is pretty much separate from the other sections, so I believe letting you in on this secret won't be so much of a problem in the long term." She then stared intently at him. "But can you guarantee that others won't be nosing around?"

A nod. "I certainly can, Miss Hirosaki. The members of my department take special oaths that ensure we cannot haphazardly reveal the secrets of what we research on pain of loss of magic and our lives. And while I'm pretty sure what the Minister and his senior staff will conclude if they learn of this place - especially if they find out how much the goblins use this place . . . " - He glanced over to the tent encampment on the south side of the Hill where representatives from Gringotts and the Goms of the Mundus Magicus were currently celebrating the signing of new trade treaties between their Tribes - " . . . to further their own wealth beyond the Ministry's knowledge - well, let's just say it's a good thing they never really cared too much about how someone like your grandfather came to our dimension in the first place." He then sighed. "But that will certainly change once you appear at Hogwarts."

"There shouldn't be any problems," Hogan - who was seated on a bench nearby with Albus - said. "I'll announce Chikage's arrival to Her Majesty tomorrow morning when I see her at Balmoral. I'm sure she'll be happy to release a Magical Proclamation that will declare Chikage her personal guest, which will render her all but immune to anything Fudge or Umbridge might try to think up to hinder her presence here."

"Hogie, they WILL try!" Ian warned as he gazed on his friend. "If they don't do it on their own, it's guaranteed that Malfoy's going to push them into doing it!"

"He can try," Hogan said. "But it's easy to shut him up, Ian."

Ian blinked. "Right . . . "

Chikage then cleared her throat. "Master Unspeakable Boot?"

He tensed on hearing her formal mode of address. "Yes, Miss Hirosaki?"

"Much that I am quite relieved that no one was hurt when those detection devices at the Ministry overloaded because of my abrupt arrival here, I still feel somewhat responsible for the damage I accidentally unleashed on such equipment." With that, Chikage reached into her cape to pull out a slender shaft of crystal to present to him with both hands. "I've been told by the Headmaster that a book containing all the runic and arithmantic calculations concerning dimensional jumping - one prepared by my grandfather before his departure from here, which was gifted to Hogwarts - disappeared under unknown circumstances several years after he left. To that end, please accept this as a small token of my appreciation for your assistance in my Quest." She bowed her head to him before giving him a smile. "Especially your vow of secrecy."

Ian blinked, and then he slipped his notepad into his cloak pocket as he took the shaft of crystal in hand. Immediately, he was quick to sense the power within it. "Dear Merlin, what IS this, anyway?" he asked as he held it close to him.

"It's nicknamed 'meson,'" she answered as she pointed to it. "Properly, it's addressed as 'mesonium.' Chemical symbol 'Ms,' atomic number 181. It's not native to my Earth, by the way; samples of it came to my world through various means over the last three billion . . . " She then flustered. "Pardon me. I forgot you count things differently here. Meson came to my world through various means over the last three thousand million years from somewhere out in space." A sigh. "It's the only known element in my universe that readily bonds with any type of free gas - oxygen and nitrogen are the most common types - to literally 'grow' new meson atoms. When brought to another dimension, the original 'source' meson will phase back into its native universe within a year, but keeping it in a place with high oxygen output - say, put it in the middle of a group of growing plants - will allow it to grow atoms that will remain in this dimension for you to use. How that happens, no one can say, but there are theories." She held up the back of her hand to show the small linkpoint there. "In my universe, it is often called the 'atom of the mind and soul.'"

"And thus, of magic?"

A nod. "Exactly."

Ian whistled. "My friends will be beside themselves once they see this."

"Just one thing, though."


"It can be crystallised into much denser formats, which can be recognised by the colour of the crystal," Chikage said. "If during your research, it turns a reddish-orange shade, that is safe. That's called 'ruby meson.' Energy output will be between five hundred to a thousand times more than what's normal for 'diamond meson,' which is what you have now." A warning look then crossed her face. "But if it becomes black - entering a state of what we call 'ebony meson' - be VERY careful. It will have the power to influence your very thoughts. It could drive you insane. If that happens, contact me immediately and we'll de-crystallise it back to ruby meson. Alright?"

The Unspeakable nodded. "I'll keep it in mind, Miss Hirosaki."

Chikage nodded in return . . .

"I must confess, Chikage, you are quite the barterer."

Chikage blinked as she lowered her bottle of butterbeer. She and Albus were relaxing in the community hall. It was getting on in the evening; the hall was mostly empty save for the odd wizard or other magical being enjoying a quiet drink before they would return to their homes and apartments for the night. Elaine Buckshire was standing by the bar waiting for additional orders, though she was conversing with the bartender, a maternal cousin of Glaston Tore's named Michael Aldhelm, who attended Hogwarts a decade before Glaston and Chikage's grandfather. "I have to be one, Professor," she said as Albus took his seat. "While I knew Grandfather left some things for me to use when I came here, I'm starting just as afresh as he did in '32."

"That you are," he agreed. "I just pray that whatever fame which may stem from what Ryūji did while he was here does not come badly to reflect on you."

"Like Harry being the 'boy-who-lived,' you mean?"

A nod. "Something of the same idea."

Chikage considered that for a moment. "I can see your concerns. Part of the reason I'm here - I didn't explain this to Harry, Rose and their friends - is to see if this is a viable thing to do in the future for my descendants." She looked around the room. "My grandfather didn't have a textbook to follow when he came here. No Prime Directive or anything like that to guide or stay his hand. All he had was the basic beliefs that have governed my people for years." She sighed. "It all depended on giri. He knew he was forcing himself on others when he came here, thus he had an obligation to do all to ensure the wa of all those around him was, if not simply preserved, as enhanced as possible so that people would be better off when he left them to return home. Bringing news of a strange way of magic. Of aliens. Of interactions with a world chock-full of magical beings for thousands of years. Of metahuman and paranormal powers not influenced by magic . . . " She sipped her butterbeer. "And then asking the staff under your predecessor to teach him your ways of magic so that he could understand how magic could have developed on his world."

"He was always a man with great heart and compassion," he noted.

"He still is that. Sadly, age and experience has eroded all his patience with the way many people do things," she noted. "Perhaps when I get to be his age, I'll be the same way. I best be careful as to what sort of mate I choose to spend the rest of my life with when that time in my life comes." Another sip of the butterbeer. "Well, I'm glad this is happening now. In a few years, there won't be any time."

"He created that tower, did he not?"

A sad nod. "The Spiral? Yes, he did. And condemned himself to die earlier than expected because of it." A sigh. "Well, at least I'll be there for him. A much better thing to do than anything Mother's ever done for him." She shook her head. "Foolish woman. Condemning magic because of what happened to Grandmother."

"How did Yukiko die?"

"It was in childbirth," Chikage replied. "Grandmother wasn't the most healthy of people when she and Grandfather married, but he didn't care in the end. His love for her was too overwhelming to allow 'small trivialities' to haunt his thoughts." She closed her eyes, a single tear flowing down her cheek as she considered that. "And to make such a silly conclusion that Magic itself is what denied her a mother as she was growing up? No." She smirked. "Magic. The Force. The Te'a. The Divine Power. Many names, One Universal Thing beyond our mortal comprehension. To force human beliefs on something that is simply BEYOND human is foolish. Magic is not good nor evil. It simply IS. To believe otherwise . . . " She shook her head. "That is the one thing Grandfather learned on his Quest. And while I understand the theory . . . "

"Now it is time for you to EXPERIENCE it."

A nod. "Yes."

Albus smiled as he stood up. "You will do well on your Quest, Chikage. Of that, I have no doubt. In the meantime, I believe Harry and Rose might become worried about you, so I suggest you head back to the Reevetor for the night."

"I will."

She turned back to her butterbeer as the headmaster turned to leave.

"Harry will have to destroy Tom Riddle, won't he?"

Albus stopped, and then he looked back. "Unfortunately so."

"I will help him there."

He blinked. "You don't need to."

"I have to, Professor. It's giri, remember?" Chikage mused as she gazed on the headmaster. "All those years ago, Grandfather told Tom one thing: 'Prove them wrong.' That part, Grandmother Nicole allowed me to know when I came here, even if I don't know the specifics." A sigh. "What happened ten years ago was not what Grandfather had in mind, Professor. And if Tom does come back and tells me that it was because of Grandfather's words that he became what he did . . . " A shake of the head. "That, I will never tolerate. Even if Harry is destined to be the one welding the blade or wand that will take Tom down, I will make sure he knows how to do it."

Albus gazed on her, and then he sighed. "I feel responsible for what Tom became as well, Chikage. I should have taken your grandfather's words and used them to do all I could to protect Tom, to show him that seeking power for power's sake was not the way to be successful in life." He shook his head. "If I could, I would gladly take this accursed burden that Prophecy has forced on Harry's shoulders and shoulder it myself. Not for fame or glory, but to do what is right no matter how hard it is." A sigh. "But Prophecy is a force so strong, it will not be denied, I fear. It will have to be Harry's hand that ends Voldemort once and for all. All we can do is ensure his strike is final and true. And to do it with as minimal amount of casualties as possible."

"So it will be," Chikage vowed . . .

Balmoral Castle, Thursday 1 August . . .

"Your Majesty, announcing the presence of Your Majesty's Magical Shire Reeve of the Loyal County of London, Sir Xavier Hogan Roper; and Your Majesty's Magical Shire Reeve of the Loyal County of Cheshire, Dame Napaeae Agave Runcorn."

"Thank you. You may go."

The butler bowed, and then he retreated from the room. Hogan bowed to his host while Napaeae curtseyed to her before the Queen beckoned them to nearby chairs. "Good morning, Your Majesty," the former said as everyone sat. "We apologise for disturbing you this morning, ma'am, but we bear most interesting news from Reevetor Somerset."

"Indeed. Will this have something to do with Our Minister for Magic making a very unexpected visit to Our Prime Minister at Downing Street early this morning?"

Both magicals blinked. "Minister Fudge visiting Prime Minister Major? That sounds odd," Napaeae noted. "While I know Minister Bagnold frequently visited Prime Minister Thatcher when they were in office, I've heard Minister Fudge seems to want to do everything to keep all news of the wizarding world secret from Downing Street."

"Which I know of, Napaeae. That made this visit most surprising," the Queen stated. "Mister Fudge . . . " - Both Napaeae and Hogan were quick to sense the tone of disapproval in their Sovereign's voice on her addressing the Minister for Magic without proper title - " . . . came to Number Ten asking if the normal elements of Our Government were aware of a strange event that occurred sometime yesterday afternoon somewhere in the United Kingdom. When the Prime Minister asked for details, Mister Fudge was quite hesitant to say anything, but Director Bones - who was with him on that visit - reported that something happened which disabled all the magical energy sensors in the Ministry that scan the country for things such as underage magic in normal areas and the like. A 'Class Ten' magical event, which she states equalled the energy of a thermonuclear explosive being detonated." She then gazed knowingly at her two guests. "Something tells me you both are aware of what happened."

Hogan smiled. "Indeed we are, ma'am. We can clear this up for you - and the Prime Minister, of course - right away." A sigh. "At 2:28 P.M. yesterday afternoon, the Garden of the Galaxy was witness to the arrival of the Traveller's granddaughter, who has come to our dimension to commence her Magical Quest at Hogwarts."


The Queen had expected something from her two Magical Sheriffs.

THAT left her totally speechless.

"Ryūji Hirosaki's granddaughter?" she then gasped.

"Yes, ma'am," Napaeae stated. "With your permission?"

The Queen blinked, and then she nodded. Napaeae then looked over. "Alright!"

The butler appeared, bowing deeply to his Sovereign before announcing, "Your Majesty, announcing the presence of Your Majesty's Magical Shire Reeve (Presumptive) of the Loyal County of Somerset, the Dame Rose Jamie Potter; her elder brother, the Lord Harold James Potter of the Noble and Most Ancient Magical House of Potter of Taunton Deane; and their most honoured guest, the Loyal Servant of His Imperial Majesty, the Heavenly Sovereign of the State of Japan, the Lady Chikage Hirosaki."

The Queen rose as the three children walked in, they then stopping as Rose curtseyed and Harry and Chikage bowed to her. The latter had a beautiful bouquet of flowers with her, which she moved to present to the head-of-state of her host nation. "Your Majesty, a gift from a humble traveller," she said with a bow of her head.

The older woman smiled. "Please make yourself at home, Miss Hirosaki."

Chikage smiled as Rose and Harry came over to join them . . .

London, 10 Downing Street, later that day . . .

"You wished to see me, Prime Minister?"

"Ah, Director Bones! Do come in, please!" John Major stated as he beckoned Amelia Bones into the reception room of Number Ten. "Would you like some tea?"

"Please," Amelia said as she took her seat. She was quick to notice two other people present: Hogan Roper and Napaeae Runcorn, who both had been reported in the previous day's Daily Prophet as being two of those who, in the summer of 1986, had freed Harry Potter and his relatives from an awful curse forced on Vernon and Petunia Dursley by James Potter on their wedding day in 1978. Nodding pleasantly to them, she then smiled as a servant presented her with a cup of tea. "Thank you."

"We're sorry to have dragged you all the way from under Northumberland Avenue on such a minor triviality, but you came to us early this morning asking for assistance in discerning what happened yesterday with your magical sensory gear," the Prime Minister said. "Sir Xavier and Dame Napaeae are here to give you that explanation so that you may relay it to the necessary authorities in your Ministry for proper action."

Amelia blinked. "You're both knighted?" As the chief law enforcement officer of the British Ministry of Magic, Amelia Bones always strove to do all to understand the workings of the muggle world given how many times the wizarding world interacted with it, especially when it came to muggleborns entering Hogwarts each year.

"We're not members of any of the Orders of Chivalry, Amelia," Hogan stated. "In layman's terms, I'm a Knight Bachelor of the Realm. Nappy here is a Dame Bacheloress. We are loyal servants of the Crown as I'm sure the records - buried somewhere in the Ministry's archive of magical oaths in the Hall of Mysteries - will state."

"As Remus Lupin became five years ago," Amelia noted, her eyes flashing as a look of understanding dawned on her face.

While she personally hadn't approved of the idea of separating Harry Potter from being close to his father's last living best friend - Sirius Black, naturally, no longer made the grade - she was a servant of the Ministry of Magic. When Millicent Bagnold got the news of Remus' Loyal Oath to the Crown from John Dawlish two days after Harry's disappearance from Little Whinging in 1986, she had ranted for well over a week, screaming about how mainstream wizarding society would go insane on hearing that a "dark" creature was close to the Boy-Who-Lived. Ultimately, the Minister had no choice but to go along with it; the magical phrase "La Reyne le veult" compelled her to do so even if she had not expected something like that to be used on her.

And ultimately, it hadn't harmed anyone, least of all Harry Potter himself, to say anything of Rose Potter. If they had come to Diagon Alley yesterday whole and intact, Remus had been an outstanding guardian for the children, taking the necessary precautions to ensure Harry and Rose would never be infected with lycanthropy.

"Is Remus Rose Potter's guardian as well?" she asked.

"No. Hamilton St. John is her godfather. Nancy Snagge is her godmother."

Amelia nearly dropped her tea cup on hearing Napaeae's response to that, and then she gasped. "Healer St. John? Nancy? Weren't they . . .?" She then smiled. "Oh, God! That's wonderful! I thought they were both killed by the Death Eaters!"

"They're quite alive and well, Amelia," Hogan said as the Prime Minister found himself grinning at his guest's expression of joy and relief. "Hamilton serves as the chief healer of the magical village where Rose and Harry live - its name is 'Beckery-Under-The-Hill' . . . " - He decided that now wasn't the time to explain what the formal name of that place was, much less its meaning - " . . . and Nancy currently serves as the Chief Constable of the town, along with Remus Lupin and five other Aurors who were forced to retire in the late 1970s thanks to Fenrir Greyback."

Amelia blinked. "And their being werewolves is of no concern?"

"That property has been under the magical charge of Glaston Tore's family for well over several centuries, Amelia," Napaeae explained. That was a flat-out lie, but now wasn't the time to violently rock Amelia's boat with the revelations of what the Magical Shire Reeves were and what they could do. "All wizards and witches who live there have sworn magical Loyal Oaths to the Crown under the supervision of competent witnesses. I was the one who administered Remus' oath, by the way; I was deputised to do so by Her Majesty in 1978, the same year Hogie was." She sighed. "As far as the people living in Beckery-Under-The-Hill are concerned, the Ministry has no business interfering in their lives and dictating who will be their officers of the peace."

Amelia smirked. "Cornelius will disagree. I know Delores will, too."

"Then you best direct both the Minister and the Senior Undersecretary to read over The Magical Pardon and Oath of Loyalty to the Crown Act, Amelia," Hogan explained as all humour disappeared from his face. "It was enacted on 14 March 1703, just to guide you to where you have to go. And by the way, pay special attention to paragraphs 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of that Act. They'll be rather quite illuminating to you."

She nodded. "I'll look at it as soon as I get back to the office. So what, if I may ask, does this have to do with yesterday's events?"

The Prime Minister perked. "If I may, Sir Xavier?"

Hogan smiled, nodding. "By all means, Mister Prime Minister."

The older man sighed. "Yesterday afternoon, a traveller came to our dimension from her own, arriving at Beckery-Under-The-Hill around the time your sensors failed," he said as he watched Amelia's eyes suddenly go wide. "Following in the footsteps of her grandfather in 1932, so I've been told by Sir Xavier and Dame Napaeae. Headmaster Dumbledore at Hogwarts was more than happy to accept her as a first year student at his school in a month's time. Her Majesty received her - her name is Chikage Hirosaki - at Balmoral this morning. She is considered an honoured guest of the Crown during her stay with us and is to be accorded the same status as anyone with diplomatic immunity. Her Majesty has - under Her Prerogative and the provisions of paragraph 2 of that act Sir Xavier referenced - released a Magical Royal Proclamation declaring her desires concerning Miss Hirosaki. She - and we - would hope that you will publicly read that Proclamation to your co-workers on or after Monday, the second of September this year.

"The day after Miss Hirosaki's presence here goes public."

Amelia blinked, her mind nearly shutting down from that sudden onslaught of information, and then she carefully placed her tea cup onto the table. She was surprised that she didn't drop the cup and its contents all over her host's rug. "A Traveller . . .?" she whispered. "Ryūji Hirosaki's own granddaughter . . .?"

"That's right," Napaeae said. "And a very nice girl she is. My daughter Achelois and Hogie's daughter Jane are already becoming good friends with her. Harry and Rose Potter are both pleased to be her hosts while she's here with us." She then gave the Director of the D.M.L.E. a warning look. "Don't let Cornelius make it a political circus, Amelia. Her Majesty will be MOST displeased if that happens."

"It is Her Will, Amelia," Hogan added.

Amelia tensed on hearing that warning, and then she nodded . . .

To be continued . . .