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So please give NICE criticism, I got this idea out of the blue. This story takes place AFTER the Unova adventure. I know it's not finished yet but you know... Anyway basically it's about MOST of the characters from Pokemon all traveling in the same region, Kyukyoku. Some of these characters are Ash (OF COURSE), Misty, Brock, Dawn, May, Max, Drew, Paul, Gary, Leaf, and many more. Just so you know I might have kind of twisted somethings such as relationships, past, story plot of the manga/anime, stuff like that. Please excuse the OOC-ness





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After traveling the Unova region and battling the league there, are hero Ash Ketchum is now back home with no idea of where to go or what to do next. He is bored out of his mind.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked his master.

"Oh don't worry about me Pikachu," Ash reassured Pikachu.

Pikachu nodded.

"Ash honey!" Delia called, "Professor Oak is here!" After hearing this Ash races down stairs, for he knows that when Professor Oak is here somethihng exciting may happen. Of course while running he slipped and fell down the flight of stairs. PIkachu, Delia, and Oak sweatdropped. Ash quickly got to his feet.

"Hi, Professor Oak!" Ash greeted as if nothing happened.

"Hello Ash," Professor Oak replied.

"So, what brings you here?"

"Well I have some exciting news for you."


"Well, I have news and a... person."

"Who is it!" Ash now only seemed to care for the person.

"Gary, can you come in here?" the front door opened,

"Hey, Ashy-boy." Gary greeted smoothly.

"Hey Gary, how ya been?" Ash replied, ignoring the nickname.

"Fine, you?"

"I've been good."


"Oi! Gary how long are you going to keep me waiting?" A girl with brown hair that reached her mid-back, wearing a light blue tank top and a red skirt walked in. (GASP where's her hat?)

"Leaf, why didn't you wait outside?" Gary demanded.

"I was waiting!" Leaf screamed.

"Leaf?" Ash asked himself.

"I told you to wait outside!" Gary yelled.

"Well you were taking too long!" Leaf countered. The two of them continued to bicker, with Oak and Delia just standing there(sweatdropping), while Ash was trying to remember Leaf.

"THAT'S IT!" Ash exclaimed. Everyone turned to him.

"What's wrong Ash?" Delia asked.

"I remember who you are!" Ash pointed to Leaf. She was a bit taken aback.

"You... You forgot me?" Leaf asked disappointed that one of her best friends forgot her.

"Um-well-you see-it's not like -um..." Ash, as dense as he is, saw what he had just implied. Everyone knew what Ash had just done, and they really don't need a depressed Leaf.

"Come on Leaf, you know Ash, remember that one time he was looking for his hat and it was on his head the whole time." Gary said trying to comfort her.

"Yeah, or the time he fell on to of you when trying to get his hat back." Leaf chuckled at the memories.

"Yeah, and there was this one time when he fell into man-" Gary started.

"Okay we get it, I am a very forgetful and clusmy person," Ash stated flushed.


"So Leaf, what happened to you back then, when you went missing?" Ash asked.

"Yes Leaf, I must say I quite a bit curious myself." Professor Oak stated. Leaf looked at Gary, he nodded.

"Well, I was... kidnapped."

"WHAT?" Ash was shocked.

"Yes, I was kiddnapped by the Masked-Man."

"Wha-how, and how did you get away?" Ash needed to know what happened to his best friend.

"Well, it all happened when we were five..." Leaf began.


Leaf, Ash, and Gary just finished playing in the park by themselves, no parents, and were now about to head home.

"Bye Ash!" Leaf said, "Bye Gary."

"Ba-Bye Leaf, see ya tomorrow." Ash grinned.

"See ya Leaf," Gary said. (~Did you notice that when Leaf said "Bye" to Gary there was a period., and to Ash there was an exclamation mark(!), and when Gary said "See ya" he should no real emotion. That is for two reasons, first they are sort of rivals, and second they are trying to hide their "puppy love".~)

Gary and Ash left together since they were next door neighbors. Leaf headed the other direction. As she was walking home she saw a shadow in the trees.

"Hello, who is there?" she asked. An unknown pokemon then jumped out and grabbed her, it was a very large pokemon. It carried her to high elevation so she passed out before she could scream.

Her parents were worried and wouldn't stop searching. Everyone in Pallet Town was informed, then the whole region of Kanto was informed. She was never found. In fact she wasn't even in Kanto anymore, she was in fact in Hoenn. Leaf and a few others were trapped in a secret hideout for years.

The pain of losing Leaf was to much for her parents, so they moved to the Sevii Islands.


"And that's about it," Leaf finished.

"Wow," Ash said.

"But, how did you escape Leaf?" Professor Oak asked.

"Now, that is something Gary should answer." Leaf turned to Gary.

"Why?" Ash asked.

"Well-" Gary started.

"Gary saved me." Leaf put simply, "He's my savior, my hero."

Gary blushed at the previous statement, a very deep blush.

"Gary's embarrassed!" Ash screamed as it were the end of the world. No one really paid any attention to him though.

"So, Gary, how exactly did you find Leaf?"

"Well," he started once again," it's a very long and complicated story."


(if this is considered one)

Gary POV (with some 3rd POV)

It's been about 8 years since she disappeared. I will not stop searching for her. As of right now I am in Hoenn. And I am still looking for her. My best friend, my first rival, the first person to steal my heart. My Leaf. Everyone gave up. Even Ashy-boy, but I never did. After our Kanto journey I told him and myself that I would become a reasearcher like Gramps. And I really did, however I also used that time to get more information on where she could be. Now I have a very HUGE lead on where she could be! Some people may think I'm obessed, but who could blame me, I lost my first crush.


This is it, Gary thought as he stood in front of what SEEMED to be an ordianary abondanded warehouse, however he suspected that Leaf might be in there. I walked in and saw some red on the floor, blood. I looked for a sign of life. Nothing... I was about to head out when the door behind closed shut. Then, the next thing I knew I was falling through the floor. I closed my eyes for a hard impact, in the end I landed on some random people. They got knocked out. I looked at them carefully they looked like normal grunts. After taking a look at my surroundings, I heard a ear piecing scream which seemed to come from a girl. I followed the source of the sound. As I come closer to the sound, I heard more screaming then,

"NO! Please stop!" then cries. The voice sounded familiar, but... I wasn't sure.

"Alright guys a few more hits, that should teach er' to listen to me." An unruly voice said. I quickened my pace. As I came face to a door that was wide open I saw a girl, about my age, looking terrified, she looked as if she hadn't showered in a while, she asl looked in pain, and she had these red line marks all over her body. To her left I saw a man, in his mid 30's, with two others, both men, same age, standing behind the man who seemed to be giving the orders.

"All right, little miss, if you agree to do what I say this last hit won't hurt." the man said untrustingly. The girl, though terrified, looked up to the man and spat in his face then said,

"No way," pause. "pervert." the man was far beyond aggrivated. He slapped her across the face, when she turned to face him there was this huge red spot on her face.

"Ya' know what, this last hit will not be the last, and it will be the most PAINFUL yet," he laughed evily. I saw a black whip in his hand, he raised it up. The girl braced herself. That's when I came in. I knocked out the two guys who were just standing there. Then I pushed the "leader" to the wall. All three were motionless.

"That'll show em'." I said to myself. Then I remembered the girl. I turned to her,

"Are you alright?" I nearly whispered. We looked into eachother's eyes for about a minute, then something in me just clicked. Before I could ask her who she was she,

"Gary," she was on the verge of tears, "is it really you?" I slowly nodded. She pulled me into a very tight hug. And she started to sob very softly, then she let it all out.

"Gary I-I was so scared!" she began, "it was so scary-SNIFF- it-it was so dark and t-t-they-they..." she kept crying.

"It's all right Leafy, I'm here now." I comforted her.

"H-h-SNIFF-how did you find me?"

"I don't know, but does that really matter?"

"No," There was silence. By now we let go of each other. I stood.

"Well let's get out of this messed up place," I offered my hand, she gladly took it. She still had tears coming out. She tried to stop them, but failed.

"It's okay to cry, you don't have to be scared anymore."

"I know, but... I'm not sad anymore." She looked at me with her tear-stained face and smiled a big, bright smile. I tried not to blush.

"Gary, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," I replied, "here," I wiped her face with my sleeve.

"Thanks," she muttered.

"Your welcome," I replied. I grabbed her hand and led her out of the room. I started to think about the events that led up to and caused this. I didn't notice where I was going til' I saw that we were outside.

"How did we get here?" I asked.

"Why are you asking you led us up here." Leaf replied.

"Whatever," I called my Pidgeot (Gary had a Pidgeot in the manga: Electric Tale of Pikachu) out. He helped Leaf on and sat behind her.

"Wait! Why am I sitting here?" she asked.

"Do you want to fall?" Gary asked as if it were obvious."

"Right," she replied. He put his arms around her and told her to hold on tight. She nodded in response. They then took off.


"That's quite a story." Professor Oak said.

"Yeah..." Gary replied. Leaf, Gary, and Professor Oak started a conversation. Ash was growing impatient by the second.

"Professor Oak," Ash started, "What's the news you came here for?"

"Oh! Yes, about that, well I am waiting for about 2 more people." Ash twitched.

"WHAT!" Professor Oak winced.

"Um... well they are very close people you haven't seen for a while so you should be exc-" the doorbell rang. Delia opened it. There, in the doorway stood Brock and Misty.

"Hi guys!" Misty greeted.

"Brock! Misty!" Ash ran to the doorway. Ash hugged Misty, she blushed. Brock just awkardly stood there.

"-WHISTLE- Looks like Ashy-boy has a girlfriend." Gary smirked, "and she's pretty cute, maybe I should steal her from you." Misty blushed tomato red, Ash blushed out of fury and embarrasment-fury since Gary called Misty cute and embarrasment is pretty self-explanitory-, while Leaf was red of jealously since Gary called Misty cute. Misty was the first to recover. She whacked Gary on the head.


"Hmph." Ash was the second to recover. He just glared. Leaf was the last recover. She slapped Gary on the arm, REALLY hard.

"You're an idiot."

"That hurt Leaf-y." he empasized the Y (ee) part.

"Good Gar-y." she was hurt, but she knew he was joking. Everyone started to laugh. Then Ash remembered.

"Professor Oak, the news?" he asked.

"Ahh, yes," He started, "now you must all be wondering why you have been called here, well you and some others are going to the new region called Kyukyoku." everyone became excited.

"Wait, who are the others?" Brock asked.

"Um, let's see," Professor Oak thought for a second, "Dawn, May, Max, Paul, Drew, and thats about it, however that doesn't mean that you won't encounter other people. Also Professor Rowan and Professor Birch are telling the others as we speak."

"So basically we are going to be a 'family' traveling together in a new region." Misty concluded.

"Precisely." Professor Oak replied.

"What are we going there for?" Ash asked.

"Classified, just do your ordinary thing." That left them wondering.

"When do we leave?" Gary asked.

"You will depart to the Sinnoh region to Twinleaf Town tommorow, and meet everyone there, Professor Rowan, Professor Birch, and myself will then video phone the 10 of you there."

"Is that why you told Brock and I to pack?" Misty asked. Professor Oak nodded.

"We will be staying at the lab, okay?" Everyone nodded. Ash went upstairs to pack. Gary had already packed like the other two. Leaf just stood there.

"Leaf your already packed?" Misty asked. (let's just imagine that Leaf, Brock, and Misty had already officially met early at some point)

"Yep, thanks to Gary," Leaf giggled. A few minutes later Ash came down with his bag.

"Let's go!" he exclaimed.

Everyone arrived at the lab.

"Everyone get a good rest, tommorow is a big day." Professor Oak announced. Everyone slept in Gary's room (well except for Professor Oak). There wasn't enough pillow's and blankets for everyone to share so Gary and Leaf shared, Misty and Ash shared, and Brock got his own.

"Night," everyone said to each other. Everyone was exhausted from all that happened, so they were out like like a light. (LAME ENDING)

That was a lame ending! So here's something a little extra... OLDRIVAL TIME!

Gary awoke in the middle of the night due to muffled crying. He turned to see Leaf frightened, but still sleeping.

"Leaf?" he gave her a nudge. She opened her eyes and looked at Gary,

"Gary?" she saw concern in his eyes, she couldn't help but break down.

"Leaf, what's wrong?"

"I-i-it was horrible!" she whispered screamed.

"You had a nightmare about being trapped, didn't you?" Leaf nodded.

"Remember what I said, I'm here now, I'll never let them or anyone get you ever again." He pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you," she whispered, then they went back to sleep in the postion of hugging.

That was a much better ending! So sorry if this chapter was too, Oldrival based, it just happened. Anyone please give reviews. I hope it was good. Thank you for reading! Please keep reading this!