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Chapter 2: Gazille and the thirteen signs of Loves!

Summary: how Gazille finds out about his feeling for a certain petite bookworm

It was an ordinary sight at Fairy Tail Academy of Dramatic Arts- Levi McGarden and Lucy Heartphilia sitting by the window, their noses in their respective books, occasionally exchanging muffled commentary or quoting a passage that had caught their attention. The picture was so common no one paid any attention to them anymore. Or so it seemed.

Juvia for once ever since she and Gazille moved to the Academy was not staring at Gray, her heart affection. Instead she was staring at a certain anti-social senior, who was in turn, staring at the petite bookworm. The blunette frowned. Ever since moving to this school, Gazille-kun had been acting weird. Instead of stalking the hallowed halls and terrifying everyone that gets in his way, he now occasionally would stop and be nice to people.

Okay, maybe only to one person.

Levy McGarden, lit major and current president of the Book Club. Who was also the girl he was currently staring.

She frowned, struggling with what she just noticed, and shrugged. Maybe she should talk to Lucy. Maybe she knows more about it. Juvia turn from watching her friend and back to ogling at certain black-hair chemistry senior.

"Lucy-san?" Lucy looked up from her desk to see Juvia looming over her.

"Kyaa!" she squealed in shock before laughing uneasily. "Juvia" she scolded, "Don't do that. You nearly give me a heart attack."

Juvia merely shrugged. "Anything to get rid Juvia's love rival."

"I'm not in love with Gra-" Lucy tried to protest for the umpteenth time when Juvia cut her off. "However, it not Juvia want to talk today, Lucy-san. Juvia wants to know if Lucy-san is aware about Gazille-kun and Levy-san."

"G….Gazille and L-l-levy?!"

Lucy frowned as she walked toward her new day job. She was currently working at a new bubble tea café, which has good pay and most of all; Natsu would never go into a shop like that. (Though sometime, a little part inside her kinda missed the crazy pinket. Even though he's an idiot jackass that broke her heart by going steady with his childhood best friend after dumping her into a trashcan… literally)

Other than he was a transfer student from Phantom Music Academy, Lucy know almost nothing about him. Apart from he's scary, like metal-crafting and cousin to a pinket Yankee. (There was a rumor circling around about Natsu, Gray and Erza went to the Music academy and trashed the entire area. She wasn't really sure about the details as she was at the hospital nursing Levy, who was involved in a car accident at that time.) She mentally rifled through her memories for the last 1 month and immediately notices one important thing about him.


He always smiles, talks and sometime, stares at her best friend.

She always wondered if he had planned something sinister for the petite blunette. Come of think of it, of course the love theory makes sense. She briefly wondered if she should tell Mira-san but shudder as she remember what happened the last time the enthusiastic matchmaker had meddled in someone love life.

She spent months at the hospital with Juvia visiting Gray after Erza…

Shudder. Enough said.

Lucy was musing in front of the counter about the Gazille-Levy question and about a certain Pink pamphlet that Mira gave her the bell door chimes.


"Welcome to Tapioca Express- Lily-san!" Lucy exclaimed in surprise as she stared at the black-haired college senior. Lily had just being accepted into one of the prestigious military academy (there was a rumor that Erza was also tapped by that academy) and she haven't seen the boy around for weeks. And judging by the beautiful girl that also walked in with him, it wasn't intentionally.

"Hi Lucy. It been a long time, hasn't it?" the blonde girl nodded happily. Compared to Gazille, Lily was nicer and polite to people. "I like to order a large kiwi slush and…Shagotte, you want the strawberry and passionfruit slush with boba, right?" the white-hair girl merely nodded and smiled at Lucy.

"That will be eight forty-five." Lily gave Lucy a ten before turning to speak to Shagotte as Lucy turned to make their order.

"Lucy," Lucy looked up from sealing the cups to see Lily staring at her, "I heard you were muttering about my cousin. By any chance you like him?"

Lucy blanched in shock before shaking her head frantically. Her and Gazille? Scary thought there. Of course if he does go out with Levy… Lucy suddenly smiled. She had the perfect solution for both of her problems. "Lily-san would you do me a favor?"

Gazille grumbled loudly as he stalked into his house. If it wasn't for Levy he would have tossed the two idiots into the nearest smelliest, maggot-filling trashcan he can find. Lily looked up from his assignment to stare at the percussionist and smirk. This would make the perfect time to give him that.

"Oi!" Gazille looked up and ducked as Lily tossed at him a rather crumpled pink pamphlet. "A girl wants me to give you this." Lily packed up his things and hightailed (no pun intended!) before Gazille could understand the significant of the innocent looking pamphlet.

Gazille glared at his cousin at the boy as he ran out of the room before glaring at the pamphlet.

Thirteen Signs of Love

Love is something you cannot deny in yourself. It exists in everyone and it is important that you embrace it. Here is a list of some signs that will prove that you are possibly in love with a certain person. If a lot of the signs match, then hello, darling, you're definitely in love!

He couldn't help but flinched. Of some reason he had a feeling that Mira Jane made this. Judging from all the hearts and the pink layout, not to mention the exaggerated use of smiley faces at the end of the sentences, this is definitely something that maniac matchmaker would do. Oh, there it is. Her picture's at the bottom of the pamphlet. Figures. Why would a girl even bother giving this to Lily to give him this? Is she fucking desperate or something?

It's not like he's interested or anything. He wouldn't usually give a crap about these things, but hey, it's Saturday night and he got nothing better to do. He might as well read it for the laughs and prove every sign wrong. At least that's better than staring at the ceiling or watching some dumb flick where no one gets killed and everyone cries.

Sign Number Thirteen: You can't stay mad at her for a minute or two. You actually have to try hard to stay mad.

That doesn't have anything to do with falling in love. For example, he's always mad at her. Mad at her for being naïve, trusting and so nice to the two Dumb-ass Duo. And he doesn't have to pretend not to be angry at her just because it's her. First sign has already been proven wrong. He should really throw this away now.

Sign Number Twelve:You'll keep reading her IMs over and over again.

He only read it over and over because he couldn't even understand a word she's saying. Always ramble about something that turns out to be totally irrelevant for him.

Sign Number Eleven: You'll walk really, really slow when you're with her.

With those shorts leg, how on earth, she going to catch up with him? Obviously he has to walked slowly or he' wouldn't be able to listen to what she was talking about.

Sign Number Ten: You'll feel shy whenever you're with her.

Shy? Pfft, more like fucking awkward every time she spout some literary shit she read or some weird facts she picked up from blondie.

Sign Number Nine: While thinking about her, your heart beats faster and faster.

Two days ago, his heart was beating fast—but—how can't it not beat fast when he just spent the last eight hours beating some jackass and his friends who were speaking trash about her and bunny girl. See? His heart wasn't beating for her, it was because of exhaustion. See the fucking difference? Shit, now he's talking to himself now…

Sign Number Eight: By hearing her voice, you'll smile for no reason.

He always found her read-out session to be fascinating. Especially when she's reading stuff from those horror genre books she's fond of. And when he sneaks up behind her and scares the shit out of her. Heh.

Sign Number Seven: While looking at her, you can't see the other people around you but her.

With that fricking blinding blue hair of her, it's a wonder he can see anyone.

Sign Number Six:You'll start listening to slow songs.

Gazille groaned. Even now, he can still hear that damn refrain from that song he accidentally listened last week.

Sign Number Five:She becomes all you think about.

The way her hair seemed to be a little more colorful on those bright, cloudless days. The way her smile seemed to last a moment longer than everyone else's when she laughed in a group. The way her lips pouted for a moment before she laughed. That was enough to send him daze for minutes, he even let the two dumb-ass duo walk pass him unmolested.

Oh god…

Sign Number Four:You'll get high just because of her smell.

Everything he stands near her that hint of lilacs under the musty smell of pages and ink, of old and new leather that always around her would always drive him nuts.

Sign Number Three:You'll realize that you're always smiling to yourself whenever you think about her.

Smile?! As if! Well, maybe just a little, tiny, minute smile. Let's face it, who wouldn't?

Sign Number Two: You'll do anything for her.

From scaring her admirers shitless to carry her books, cos there's no fricking way that naïve, trusting girl can take care herself. Someone had to do it for her, damnit!

Sign Number One: While reading this, there was only one person in your mind the whole entire time.

Gazille wasn't even going to comment on that.

Lily looked up from the homework he was currently revising over to see Gazille messier than ever, stalking into the kitchen muttering darkly to himself and looked quite wild-eyed as if he had spend the night planning something sinister. He smirked before clearing his throat loudly; causing Gazille to look up before he could accidentally bang his head with the wall he was heading to.

"Gazille, I suggest you get rid that expression of yours before going to school." Lily gathered his book bag and his files before walking toward the door, "you don't want to scare that blue-haired bookworm away, do you?"

"Oye," Lily turned to see Gazille glared blurrily at him, "the pamphlet. Who was the chick who gave you the pamphlet?"

"It was Lucy, Lucy Heartphilia. You know, Levy's best friend?"

Levy McGarden stared in shock. People gaping at the weird tableau as Gazille Reitfox, percussionist and scary senior to boot, hoisted Lucy Heartphilia away from her locker and away from her best friend.

He didn't even spare a glance at levy.

Bwahahahahahaha! What is Gazille planning? Is he dumping Levy? Wait, they're not even dating yet! What sinister plot is he hatching? And can anyone escape from his nefarious plans?!

Up next: the Finale!