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Chapter 3: Levy and the Surprise.

A week or so Later. Fairy Tail Academy of Dramatic Arts. Between World Literature and Calculus class.

Levy frowned as Lucy muttered another half-baked excuse before running off to her next class (Lucy has Biology class for next period). The blonde was avoiding her ever since Gajeel had hoisted her off. In fact, she frowned, most of her friends were up to something; whispering furtively before running off when she noticed them.

"E-Excuse me," the petite bluenette turned to see a freshman looking quite terrified with himself, "G-Gajeel-s-senpai d… I m-meant s-sent me to d-deliver a m-message to you." He stammered.

"What, he's too busy that he can't ask it in person?" she asked waspishly but then regret her tone when he turned pasty white. "It's ok, I was mad at you. You can tell me that message." She said gently.

"H-He said t-to e-empty y-your s-schedule t-tomorrow c-cos y-you will be n-needed somewhere." The boy ran before Levy could even reply; most likely still horrified with whatever Gajeel threaten him with.

"Hey Levy." The girl turned to see her other two best friends, Jet and Droy running toward her. "Can we escort you to Calculus?" Levy felt almost guilty at the eager looks of her male friends. Ever since she hung out with Lucy (and Gajeel), she had ignored them. "U-um, sure, why not?"

"So," Jet asked casually as Droy munch his way through another packet of crisp, "I noticed you being alone for the last few days. Is it true Gajeel abducted her in front of you and ignored you?" she missed the glint in his eyes.

"U-Um, I supposed he, I meant she must busy with all the assignments due date getting close." She said lamely.

"Do you want to hang out tomorrow, Levy –chan? I heard DQ showcasing their new ice-cream sundae down at the mall." Droy injected as he tossed the empty packet away and started on a packet of marshmallows.

"Nah, I kind of have something to do tomorrow, sorry." Levy stopped in front of her classroom. "Maybe next time, okay?" the girl smiled brightly at the two of them before entering the room, leaving the two boys smiling sadly at her retreating back.

The next day, McGarden Apartment, Fairy Hill

Levy stared at the mirror, tugging half-heartedly at the orange ribbon on her hair. She couldn't help but wonder what Gajeel had in plan for today. The last time he had an surprise date, he had taken her to a Sabertooth concert in Harjeon port (he said something about broadening her knowledge of music) and to a bookstore that sells and treats old books and documents (she was over the moon with that one).

A loud knock break her reverie and Levy quickly opened the door. "Ohayou Ga… Er, why are you guys here?" she stared in confusion when she saw Natsu gang (plus two) standing outside her doorstep, nope, no Gajeel anywhere.

"Someone looked nervous," Lucy laughed.

"I'm not! Anyway, why are you guys here?"

"Good," Erza nodded, ignoring Levy's question, "Natsu, Gray, implement operation: Levy Surprise, part one!" Levy yelled when a grinning Happy pull a blindfold out of nowhere as the two boys lugged at her, "What do you think you're doing? Lily-san, help!"

Gajeel's cousin could only smirk as Lucy tries to tie the black blindfold over her eyes. "Sorry Levy, can't repute order from higher-up, A.k.a my ass of a cousin. He wants us to blindfold and drive you to the place."

"The fuck I'm letting you guys doing this to me." Levy scoffed, futilely struggling away.

"You just said fuck." Lucy said in shock. "Who are you and what have you done to my innocent best friend?!"

Gray meanwhile snorted as others laughed in shock. "Are crazy, Lucy? This is good shit. Hey Levy, will you say it again and let me record it?"

"Haha, very funny." Levy tried to glare but couldn't due to the blindfold and in the end settled for crossing her arms defiantly.

"No, I'm totally serious! I've never heard you cuss before. Please?" Gray pleaded, quickly pulling out his phone.

Levy was silent for a moment before snatching the phone out of his hand and pressing the record button (how on earth did she find that?). "Fuck. Shit. Damn. Hell. Whore. Bitch. Asshole. Bastard. Douche. Jackass. Dumbass. Oh and just for good measure, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck. Happy?"

"Oh Mavis!" Natsu said, laughing. "That has to be the funniest shit I've ever heard come out of your mouth."

"I'm so glad that I amuse you." She snapped as she tossed Gray his phone back.

"We are so sending that to everyone." Natsu said, laughing, snatching the phone from Gray and gave it to Happy.

"Don't!" Levy yelled.

"Too late." Happy said beaming. "Now everyone has the Levy Curse in their collection!"

Erza looked at her watch before clapping her hands. "Hey guys, we have a tight schedule here, come on!" Natsu and Gray quickly frog-marched the blind-folded bluenette to Lily's car.

Levy hated the blindfold. She loathed it, detested it, repulsed by it, etcetera, etcetera. Everyone in the car had being unresponsive to her questions, as if she was in fact invisible. The atmosphere was making her getting all antsy and highly uncomfortable (she did felt a bit smug when she accidentally kicked Natsu on the shin).

The drive itself was a few hours long and she had to endure Happy's off-key singing (thank you Lily for making him shut up) and Natsu-Gray argument over their latest videogame. She sighed in relief when the car finally stopped and reached for her blindfold.

"Nuh-uh-huh," the bluenette felt a hand stopping her. "Not yet."

"Oh come on!" Levy said exasperatedly.

She can hear the car door open and then felt someone's hand on her shoulder. She let someone (most like Natsu, judging from the rough burn marks on his palm) help her out of the car and guide a few feet forward before coming to an abrupt halt. "Stay here." Erza said and walked away. This is ridiculous! What kind of date is this? Is this one of his sick jokes again?!"Here, take this." Lucy grabbed her hand and put into onto a long rough surface. A rope?


"Now, follow this rope. When you feel the tug, stop and take off the blindfold, okay, Levy-chan?"

"Um, Lu-chan, I don't know about this." Levy said nervously.

"Quit being a baby!" Levy can hear Erza's leg hitting Natsu for the yell.

"Just trust me, Levy." Lily said comfortingly, before adding wryly, "Or rather trust my insane cousin."

Levy let out a frustrated sigh and nodded. She followed the rope slowly, alternating it between her hands, growing more anxious and more impatient the further she got, especially when she felt the ground under her began to rise. What is this? Some weird Jack and Jill date?

She continued to walk, before finally stopping when she felt the tug of the rope. She took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves, and slowly took the blindfold off. The petite bookworm gasped at the bountiful view in front of her.

She was standing on a hill just outside Magnolia, the field was full of lavender and on the very top, and overlooking the town was an old oak tree where a certain young man was sitting under it, smirking at the blushing bluenette.

"Gihihi, like the surprise?" the metal- pierced senior smirked as Levy gingerly sat beside him. "Bunny chick told me you revered this type of view." His smirk grew larger as Levy gaped at him.

"D-Did you just use big words in front of me?"

"A pretty kitty told me would be impressed." Seeing the blush on her face, Gajeel couldn't' resisted to add, "And a little turn-on, right?"

"Gajeel!" Levy glared at the man but was distracted by a beautiful music playing. She turned to find the source of the delightful sound just to stare weirdly back at Gajeel. "Gajeel, why is your cousin playing the violin behind the grove?"

"Gihi, Raitos (its Rogue, old man!) Owes me a favor and bunny chick told me you like classical instrument."

Levy could only stare at him before shrugging it off as one of Gajeel insane moments. "So, um, how exactly did you managed to planned all this?"

"Gihihi, I just had to ask bunny chick for help." The boy smirked.

"You mean coerced."

"Semantics. Who cares?" Gajeel pulls out a slice of triple blueberry cheesecake out of nowhere. "Do you want it or not?"


"Um, isn't this the time where you go down one knee and ask me to be your girlfriend?"

"Gihi, I'm not going to ask you out," he said bluntly. "I already heard the two idiots got turned down in two seconds flat. So I'll just claim you as my pal, and then do whatever the hell I want."