Originally Tom had believed the prophesy meant he had to personally defeat the boy to be invincible. However, it did not take long for Tom to discover what precisely the boy's mother had done and what it meant for himself.

Lily Potter nee Evans had always been an inordinately talented and powerful witch and when she learned of the possible fate of her son she set about to protect her son as best she could. She found her answer in an ancient and powerful magic that survived to this day only in myths, legends, and the wild imaginings of wizards and witches so entrenched in the theory of magic that they could understand little else. And being the intuitive and brilliant witch she was, she somehow managed to make it work for her son. Tom theorized himself that the reason the magic died out was because it came from a time when the human species itself was less intelligent and driven by their instincts and subconscious'- the two parts of the being closest to the soul, which was itself the source and power for this magic. He thought that it must have been the fact that he attacked when the child was so young, awakening the mother's instinct to protect that is so powerful, particularly when the child is young, that allowed Lily Potter to power the magic with her own soul that would forever protect her son.

This was such a powerful magic because it took the entire magical power of the being in question and tied it to the being's soul which is stripped of everything but a single purpose that it could adapt in any way possible to fulfill. In this case the purpose was to completely protect her son from Tom Marvolo Riddle, which incredibly encompassed anyone Riddle commanded, directed, or manipulated into trying to harm the boy. It was not perfect but it was powerful enough to affect events nearly everywhere in little, and sometimes not so little, ways to protect the boy.

With this knowledge came the realization that Riddle must try to distance himself from his actions to kill the boy as much as was possible, and that he must avoid direct confrontations with him as he could not predict how the essence that was Lily Potter would react.

Eventually he came to the conclusion that the best way to defeat his possible downfall would be to make the entire wizarding world believe the boy guilty of such a heinous crime that they would act to end him. It was not a coincidence that if he succeeded the boy would be sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss an act and attack supremely suited to destroying soul based magic as the creatures themselves were known to feed upon them.

November 3rd 1996

Vigilante Killing Death Eaters

Last Tuesday Ministry Aurors discovered a scene of true horror in the manor of late Nott senior. The Aurors arrived on scene after the Dark Sensors, that the Ministry has only just recently able to place all around the country in wizarding and muggle cities, detected something at the site. "These sensors, are only capable of picking up the very most powerful of disturbances in the magical flow of the world, especially when in this case the magic was performed behind wards specifically designed to hide such magic from detection." Says Ministry auror Dawlish. The Aurors have only just now finished analyzing their finds and released them to the public, almost six days more slowly than is standard. When questioned as to the delay Dawlish says that "It took so long because we had to piece the bodies back together again without magic to avoid triggering any lingering dark curses and to identify the subjects." At my look of horror and question as to why they expected dark curses on the bodies Auror Dawlish responded, "We didn't expect curses on the bodies, that is how Curtis Flemmings died." Curtis Flemmings, an auror who arrived with the original team at Manor Nott. Once this reported gathered herself, and she has no trouble admitting that at this point that took a great deal of effort, she asked one final question, if you say you had to piece the bodies back together again to get an identification and to determine the exact number killed how was it that you were able to release to the public less than an hour after arriving on scene the correct number of 12 dead? "When the Aurors arrived the first thing they saw, lying out in the greeting hall, lined up one next to the other were a dozen left forearms, all bearing the Dark Mark." While I cannot deny I am glad to know there are twelve less Death Eaters I need fear in the night this reporter is horrified that someone would go to such depths of dark magic to fight them.

December 17th

The Dark Slayer Continues his Vigilante Killing Spree, 13 Found Dead

January 2nd

Dark Slayer Slaughters Aurors to Escape Scene of the Crime

February 15th

Dark Slayer Caught in the Act, Identity revealed- THE BOY WHO LIVED?

THE wizarding public is reeling after the discovery of the Boy-who-Lived behind the black mask of the Dark Slayer who has killed so many, both Auror and Death Eater with magic darker than any seen since the darkest days of the first war…

February 29th

Dark Slayer-Boy Who Lived Sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss

After weeks of court battles and struggles it seems every piece of evidence has been analyzed and none of it in the favor of the boy once proclaimed as the savior of wizarding Britain. Albus Dumbledore, known to have been fond of the boy and to protect him in the past is at a loss, "I could not believe it of him, I still cannot, but I have searched through every nook and cranny of my mind and even those of some of my students for any evidence or way to prove his innocence and have found only incriminating evidence." After exhausting every other avenue Albus Dumbledore convinced the court to administer Veritaserum, a truth serum so powerful and dangerous it is not normally permitted on underage witches or wizards, to prove the boy's claims of innocence. Although Dumbledore was initially against its use in the beginning because, "the boys mind contains secrets of this war not safe to expose the public to," he had since spun full circle, and placed all his hopes upon what he and everyone else saw as the last hope to prove the once-savior of wizarding Britain's innocence. The truth brought out by the serum paints a bleaker picture than even we had hoped, and did little to aid in the boy's case. With the boys own admission of trying to live up to the expectation placed upon his shoulders, not only by the wizarding public, but also by his mentor and headmaster and a prophesy not previously public knowledge, the mediwizards asked to attend, in case of complications due to the serum, suggested that the boy had cracked and gone, if not totally, then partially insane under the pressure placed upon him and had sought any and all means possible to fulfill them. Even with this evidence and the prophesy it was decided that the boy was to powerful to be restrained and treated at any medical facility, and again too powerful to go without some permanent solution to the threat he poses, "Despite how is pains us to say it, we cannot allow him to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named only to replace him and be all the worse for it." Eventually, against the pleas, attempted bargains, and machinations of the boy's friends and mentor, the court has decided that the Dementor's Kiss is the kindest and most permanent end they can seek without outright killing the boy, which is illegal due to his underage status. Many suggest that death would be kinder. Although it is cruel to say it at this point we are awaiting notification as to either his suicide or the destruction of his soul. This reporter cannot help but have her heart go out to the child that faced with such opposition could not continue and fell deeper than he could be retrieved from and now must pay the ultimate price.


Not many people realize what happens after one is Kissed by a Dementor, few are curious enough to find out and most merely assume that the body is permitted to wither and die. This is not so, for the body represents the perfect opportunity for experimentation and study, for even though they have been around since the beginning of time little is understood of either souls or Dementors. Also a body without a soul is physically and magically identical to one with a soul, it is merely incapable of independent and intelligent thought, as the soul is the true container and source of all emotions, memories, and impulses. Thus all that is left is the living body, innate magic, and the instincts of the body; the perfect subject for any experiment or test too dangerous or mysterious for a real person. This practice, although not particularly nice, is acknowledged as moral as it has been proven that the body resulting from the Dementor's Kiss is in fact identity-less and that its condition never changes, no matter how long the body is sustained or what stimulus it is presented with. Indeed the Kiss destroys everything that is unique to a person leaving only the material and magical aspects unmarred.

Thus it was that every living subject of the Dementor's Kiss found itself in a large series of rooms and facilities within the Department of Mysteries where they provided the much needed resource of raw material for the experiments done there.

It was there that the body that was once recognized as the container for the person Harry James Potter was left. Only, unlike every other body there this particular one still contained a small sliver of a soul; approximately one seventh of a soul.

A Dementor is not, as many believe, a magical creature, it is instead a magical construct. Designed to tear a single soul from a body and to twist it and direct it to contain the magic itself and drive a single body- a body which the magic abandons when it becomes too used. Often to be replaced by the body of one of the victims. Thus the only thing constant to a Dementor is the magic which will pick up new souls and discard the old twisted and useless souls of its previous victim, just as it will discard the old and twisted remains of the bodies it directs and uses. A Dementor can only contain a single soul at a time and the less twisted, in other words the "fresher," the soul the more powerful it is, thus every time a Dementor feeds it discards the old soul and uses the most recent, temporarily making that particular Dementor considerably more powerful than its companions.

Thus when the Dementor was placed before the body of Harry James Potter it found itself confronted by not one soul but two and a fragment of a third. The Dementor cannot, however, detect the presence of a soul only the emotions it gives off so it was not aware of the strange circumstances that surrounded this particular person. When the Dementor Kissed Harry James Potter the soul and magic of Lily Potter acted, as it could not permit its charge to be killed, even if this time the threat did not come directly from Riddle. The result was that the magic that once belonged to Lily Potter dispersed, as is normal at death, when her soul, the fragment of Tom Riddle's soul and the majority of Harry's own soul were consumed all at once by the Dementor. Those who witnessed it saw nothing out of the ordinary, and the body containing a small sliver of Harry's soul showed no sign that it was not the soulless vessel it should have been, as the small sliver of the soul within fell dormant, just as a Horcrux would, because the majority and most powerful portion of the soul was elsewhere – within the Dementor.