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Chapter 1: Good Day, Sunshine

Mandy's POV

"Mmm... Paul..." I cuddle closer to the mass next to me. "You're so comfy and... fluffy? ...the hell?" I reluctantly open my eyes not to Paul McCartney but to my pillow. "Goddammit... Well, it was nice while it lasted..."

I yawn and lay here for a few more minutes, trying to remember the dream I just woke up from. It had something to do with Paul (obviously), rubber ducks, and marshmallow pie. How odd. All I want to do is go back to sleep, but with one glance at my phone, I know that's out of the question. It's already 9:48am.

After peeling myself off my very comfy bed (which sadly isn't near as comfy as dream-Paul), I begin muttering about tea and make my way down the hall. I blindly reach into one kitchen cupboard, searching for my beloved drink, but to my dismay there's none. "Stupid mofo, I had some there yesterday! I swear it was in tha- oh, wrong cupboard..." There it is, stacks upon stacks of boxes of tea. My personal haven.

"Hm... which one..." I'm trying to pick one out from my vast collection, which takes up the entire cupboard. "Let's go classic today. Where's my green tea?" I need the caffeine today, I have a huge project to start on in art. I start the water boiling and now begin my hunt for the crumpets. On the fridge? Nope. In the bread box? Nada. How about the cupboards again? I was just there! My mental checklist is really starting to piss me off. Where are my crumpets? Suddenly, it hits me. "Amanda," I sigh. Of course.

I march down the hall singing "Good Day, Sunshine" as loud as I possibly can. I pause at her door, then turn back to go into my room. Once armed with a pillow, I walk back to her door; by now I'm nearly screaming the chorus. "GOOD DAY, SUNSHINE! GOOD DAY, SUNSHINE! GOOOD DAAYYY, SUUNSHIIINEEE!" Building up my courage, I peek around her door. How in hell is she still sleeping!

I slowly inch my way through her door and to her bed. Reaching her, I gently prod her with my finger, gripping my pillow tightly with my other hand. "Amandaaa," I hiss. "Amaaannndddaaaaa..." I poke her harder. No reply. Time to bring out the big guns. She's gonna kill me for this...

I walk back to her door then charge at her full speed, screaming, pillow raised. "AAGGHHHHHHH!" I slam the pillow on her. It's not like I wanted to do this, she forced me to use such methods.

Out of nowhere a mass flies onto my face with great force. Okay, she's awake... But that's only half the battle. "Amanda!" I scream through the pillow that's attacking me. "IT'S ME! LAY OFF!" Still the pillow-bashing continues. She's starting to scare me again with her maniacal laugh. "AMANDA! LOOK! IT'S GEORGE!"

"OMIGOD WHERE!" She spins around, forgetting me in her hunt for that lovely Harrison boy.

Before she can resume her assault, I scramble out of the way of what no doubt would have been a pillow to my face in a couple of seconds.

"There's no George," she pouts. Unexpectedly, she turns on me. "LIAR!"

"OH SHIT!" I scream in terror, getting up and running away, still holding my pillow. It won't be much of a shield now that she's set for murder. I scramble over the couch and hide behind it. She'll get tired eventually. "Oh crap..." I look at my phone. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! It's 10:00! If I'm late again, he'll kill me! My college classes are starting in an hour, and I still have yet to shower, drink a pot of tea, calm down Amanda, make sure she gets ready, then get dressed and all that stuff. Oh dear lord, this is gonna be hell.

My body tenses as I hear her stalk into the living room, grumbling something about pillows and George Harrison, her beloved favourite Beatle. Despite my fear, I grin. At least I got her up! That in itself is an accomplishment.

Shouldn't my water have boiled by now? I shake the thought out of my head. For once, tea wasn't the main event in my morning. I slowly peek my head over the top of the couch. Good... she's distracted.

I carefully climb back over the couch and onto our trippy-coloured rug. Thank god it muted my steps, or else she'd have found me right away. While she's still distracted, I grab a large blanket and creep toward her. Throwing my arms around her, I hear her shriek in surprise. As fast as I can , I tie the ends of the blanket around her so she cant move. She plops onto her arse and glares at me. "Well, you're no fun."

"Ya woulda killed me!" I argue. "You were out for blood!"

"I was noootttt."

"Yeah you were, ya shoulda seen the murder in your eyes."

"C'mon, now how could I hurt you?" She made her already large eyes even larger, in what seemed to be an impression of Ringo's puppy eyes.

"Don't give me that bull. You're about as innocent as Lennon."


The stricken look on her face almost makes me burst out laughing. "Oi, 'shagger' is my word! Now get your arse up and get ready. Classes start in an hour."

"I'm kinda tied to the ground," she points out the obvious.

"Oh, la, like ya coudn't have helped yourself."

"Well I'm not usually tied up in a make-shift straight-jacket, am I?"

"And how would I know this? I don't know what kinda kinky crap you're into!" I start gigging madly at this. I love teasing her.

"Ehem, I never said that I was into kinky crap! NOW UNTIE ME WOMAN!"

Amanda is tiny, but goddamn she's mighty. Her lung power almost out-does mine! I cock an eyebrow at her, struggling on the floor. "Only if you promise you won't attack me. Or glomp me."

She heaves an overexaggerated sigh. "Fineee... Now help me up!"

I chuckle at her predicament while I untie her. She immediately bounces up and away into the living room. I go back into the kitchen to make my tea, thankfully the water's still hot. While it's steeping, I finish the rest of my morning routine, and then make sure Amanda's ready. I walk into her room, only to find her sitting in the middle of her floor doing who-knows-what. "Amanda," I chide. Though she's older by about a year, I'm usually the "mother."

"What? I'm ready!"

I spare a glance at her Beatles tee and skinny jeans. Well, at least she's dressed. "Just makin' sureee..."

I skip back itno the kitchen to grab my tea. All in all, it hasn't been too bad a morning. Still having some 20-odd minutes, I pop my iPod into the stereo and out blasts Back In The U.S.S.R. Having finished my tea in a matter of minutes, I put another cup onto steep and spend my free time dancing and loudly singing along.

"Flew in from Miami Beach, BOAC

Didn't get to bed last night

On the way the paper bag was on my knee

Man, I had a dreadful flight

I'm back in the USSR

You don't know how lucky you are, boy

Back in the USSR

Been away so long I hardly knew the place

Gee, it's good to be back home

Leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case

Honey, disconnect the phone

I'm back in the USSR

You don't know how lucky you are, boy

Back in the US, back in the US

Back in the USSR

Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out

They leave the West behind

And Moscow girls make me sing and shout

That Georgia's always on m-m-my mind

Oh, come on

I'm back in the USSR

You don't know how lucky you are, boy

Back in the USSR

Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out

They leave the West behind

And Moscow girls make me sing and shout

That Georgia's always on m-m-my mind

Oh, show me round the snow-peaked mountains way down south

Take me to you daddy's farm

Let me hear you balalaikas ringing out

Come and keep your comrade warm

I'm back in the USSR

Hey, you don't know how lucky you are, boy

Back in the USSR

Oh, let me tell you honey!"

After that amazing rendition, I belt out Octopus' Garden, Michelle (which is quite fun to blast), Drive My Car, and an assortment of other Beatles' tunes.Amanda walks in to see me on the floor, laughing at my own stupidity. "Aw, you had Beatle-y fun without me?" she pouts.

"H-h-haa..." I try and choke out words through my laughter. "I-I-I... I'm stupid." I finally manage, still giggling.

"Yo Mandy, ya know how you've been bugging me all morning to get ready?"


"It's 10:45."

"Oh shit!" I scramble off my arse, sprint into my room to grab my bag, make sure that I have my phone, and get on my shoes. Through it all, I feel as though I'm missing something. Despite my feeling, Amanda and I run out the door and into the car. Halfway through the drive, I realised what I was missing.

In our haste, I'd forgotten my tea.