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Chapter 4- Day Tripper

Amanda's POV

The world seems hazy, as if I was looking through a foggy mist. The faces around me seem to distort and spin around in my vision. The only thing I can hear is a voice speaking loudly in my head.


I blink a couple times and my vision clears. Four mop tops are looming over me.

"Ey, you alright?" a thick Liverpudlian voice asks me.

"Wh-what? Who are you? SHIT! Where am I? Oh my god... if you took my v-card away I'm gonna be PISSED!" I shout hysterically. Oh lord if I've been shit! Oh god.

"Uh, I'm George Harrison. No, we did not rape you, we are not rapists. Never heard of The Beatles love? You are in our flat, in London." one of the four faces informs me.

"Wait...what? Hahaha! Nice one! Mmmhmm... and it's 1964 right? HAHAHAHAHA! You're funny 'George Harrison'!" I exclaim.

"It is 1964! What are ya, mental?" a man who looks incredibly like John Lennon asks me incredulously.

"T-that's impossible!" I say just as my world goes black.

Dhani's POV

I wake up to hearing a voice inside my head screaming to save George and John, and Amanda shouting at four men that if they raped her she would kill them. Oh, not if I kill them first! A guy who looks a lot like my dad did when he was about my age is talking to her. Wait...did he say 1964? Wait...what? Oh shit, Amanda's about to pass out! I rush to catch her before she falls.

"Damn, Georgie! Have you duplicated yourself?" a guy who looks just like my Uncle Ringo exclaims, indicating me.

"Uh, hello, I'm Dhani...who are you? And where are my other friends?" I ask them.

"I'm Ringo Starr! Pleasure ta meet ya Dhani! You mean that tall guy and the other girl?" he replies cheerfully.

" are too young to be Ringo Starr! You look maybe a year older than than me! Damn it... Dad what the hell did you do?" I ramble.

"What d'ya mean too young?" he replies.

"Never mind! We better get Amanda to a couch or something." I reply, gesturing to the unconscious girl in my arms. Ringo, the younger version of my dad, and I take Amanda to the couch and begin working on waking Mandy and Oli. What the hell is my dad trying to do sending us back in time? Does he want us to stop his younger self from smoking, to stop the lung cancer? Probably. Does he want us to stop Mark David Chapman? Probably. Damn! Why couldn't he have warned us?

Mandy's POV

Ugh, me head hurts like hell and I'm hearing voices! Have I finally lost it? 'Bout time... Did someone spike my tea? Whomever did this is gonna have hell to pay! Hell. To. PAY!

"You alright love?" Paul McCartney asks me. ...wait PAUL!

"P-P-Paul! Holy crap! OH MY GEORGE! PAUL FREAKING MCCARTNEY!" I shout hysterically. I can't help going fangirl on my favourite Beatle. That's it, I've gone mental.

"That's my name, don't wear it out! Just calm down, love! We're only human!" he chuckles.

"Only the most awesome, fantastic, amazing, fab, gorgeous humans ever! Wait...what year is it?" I ask them.

"1964," all four of them reply. I tilt my head to the side, trying to figure out what the Harrison just happened. Wait, those roses! Those trippy roses! They sent us back in time! DUUDDEE! I smile happily. Good, they're still adorable and non-druggie. We're in the innocent days! Yay! I gotta find a way to keep Paul away from that horrible facial hair... bleh. Totally not sexy.

Oli comes to, and he looks confused as hell. If I wasn't having a panic attack or if James Paul Friggin' McCartney wasn't right in front of me, I would have thought it was incredibly adorable.

Oli's POV

Whoa whoa whoa. Wait just a mother fuckin' minute. Where the hell am I? And why are there nonexistent noises in my head?

"WHAT THE HELL?" I shout.

"Welcome to Mars. We come in peace, human!" Amanda says with a grin.

"Whaaa? Awww, shut it Tharp! Be serious! Where the hell am I?" I swat at her.

"Beats me, these four jokers say we are in London of '64," she shrugs.

"I think dad sent us back in time with those bizarre roses," Dhani informs me, while the four guys who look like The Beatles look at us in bewilderment.

"Those roses were freakin' trippy!" Mandy adds.

"Hold on a minute! Are you four saying you are from the future?" John questions.

"Uh...yeah." Dhani, Amanda, Mandy, and I all say at the same time. The other four just stare at us in disbelief. Oh god, this is going to be interesting.

Mandy's POV

"There's no way you could be from the future!" John Lennon paces the floor in front of me.

"Well it's either that, or I'm hallucinating. If Amanda spiked my tea, she's dead," I reply completely casually.

"I did not!" she denies.

"Then I have no idea." I shrug much to John's annoyance. I try ignoring the fact that Paul McCartney's been studying me like I'm an interesting insect or something, but inside I love his attention. I can't believe Amanda hasn't already glomped George or something. Or that I haven't tackled Paul. Strange...

"Did ya hear me?" Lennon shouts in my ear, jerking me away from my thoughts.

"Ow! What in bleeding hell do you want?" I snap. "The world doesn't revolve around you!" My ear aches from his loud interruption.

He backs up and cocks his eyebrow at me, staring at me with an amused smirk. "Well, someone's feisty. What is it, yer week?"

My mouth drops open and I glare at him. "What did you just say? Who in hell do ya think you are?" I stand up and shove my finger in is chest. Surprisingly, I'm almost the same height as him.

"John Lennon. Duh. The famous Beatle? One o' the blokes ya called fab and amazing earlier?"

I sneer at him in disgust. "Ya know, I thought you might have actually been decent, but it appears I was wrong. You're a pig."

He smirks smugly, but before he can reply something witty and biting, Paul grabs my arms and drags me away. Amanda starts cracking up next to Dhani who's staring at us with huge eyes, and Oli still looks utterly bemused. Paul sits me down next to himself and I cross my arms and look everywhere but Lennon. I know he enjoys this, why else would he be such an arse?

Because his mum, I silently tell myself. I know it's true, but arrogant jerks really bug the hell out of me. I tiredly rest my head on Paul's shoulder. If this's a dream, better get the most out o' it, right?

Dhani's POV

"Wait, I thought you two were Beatle fans!" I whisper to Amanda.

"We are! She just hates egotistical jerks. Really, she and John are a lot alike, besides that part," she answers just as quietly. She's grinning widely at her mate that's using the Paul look-a-like as a pillow.

"Really? I wouldn't remember..."

"Yeah! I'm Ringo all the way!"

I look at her and start chuckling as an image of Uncle Ringo comes to mind. "I can see that."

She continues smiling while Oli tries figuring out what's going on. Really, I don't think any of us will find that out soon. Dad, what did you do?

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