This is an old Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show I made up, based on Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Hope you like it!

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Tristan: On in 5… 4… 3… 2…

Yami: Welcome to Name That!

Téa: Today, we have a special guest, Bandit Keith!

Keith: Hey, stop calling me that! It's Ken, now! Not Keith, Ken!

Yami: Sure, sure. You've said that one million, two-hundred-and-forty-seven-thousand, three-hundred-and-fifty-two times now.

Tristan: Yeah, what are you, a record player on repeat?

Yami: Tristan, be quiet. You're the cameraman now. I stole— I mean, I was given your job!

Tristan: No, you sabotaged me! You broke my camera, talked to the boss behind my back, and tricked me into wearing a clown suit to work!

Téa: Oh, so Tristan does have brain.

Yami: Téa, you have no right to say that. No right at all.

Téa: Oh, woops, I wasn't thinking when I said that!

Yami: No duh.

Téa: Tee hee!

Tristan: Téa, why is your name spelled like "tea"?

Yami: Oh, no, he lost it again.

Tristan: Yes, yes I have.

Téa: Yes, yes he has.

Yami: Téa, no right, remember?

Téa: Oops!

Tristan: She remembers!

Yami: Didn't I tell you to be quiet?

Tristan: But I've been talking this whole time!

Yami: And you were being intelligent this whole time, as well.

Tristan: Oh.

Téa: Yeah.

Yami: Téa.

Téa: Sorry!

Yami: All right, why don't we ask Bandit Keith a few questions?

*Ding Dong*

Téa: Well, that bell means we have to go!

Yami: Téa, that was just the doorbell.

Téa: Yeah, but that means Bakura is here!

Tristan: You mean that British gay person is here?

Téa: Yes, that's exactly what I mean! Run for it!


Yami: What's with the three exclamation points? Oh, right, Bakura's coming. Oh crap! Run away!

Keith: I feel forgotten….

Bakura: Hey, it's Bandit Keith!

Keith: No, it's Ken!

Bakura: You changed your name?

Kieth: Yes. And why is a British person in America?

Bakura: So you are Bandit Keith!

Tristan: Told you so!

Bakura: Tristan, where did you come from?

Tristan: That was my "coming out of nowhere told you so" attack.

Bakura: Okay… well, go back to wherever you came from.

Tristan: Okay, bye!

Keith: Forgotten, again….

Tristan: Oh, bye, Bandit Keith!

Keith: It's Ken!

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