Chapter 1- The dream

She was standing near the edge of Sidestep Cleft at Wyrmroost. Gavin was standing a few feet away.

"Kendra, please. Just listen to me. I'm really sorry. They made me do it. You have to believe me." begged Gavin.

"No! You're Navarog! You're the Demon Prince of Dragons! Why should I believe you? You were gonna kill me!" she screamed back, referring to when he had first presented himself as Navarog.

"That wasn't me Kendra!" he replied. "That wasn't me… Please Kendra, you have to believe me. That was Navarog. I… please Kendra, you have to believe me."

"No! I won't! You're Navarog! You betrayed us!" she screamed, hiding her face in her hands. She heard the ring of metal sliding against metal and she looked up to see Gavin standing with his sword drawn, his face hardened. He had had enough. He had obviously lost patience with her.

"You're right." He said, stepping closer ", I am Navarog. I lied, that was me."

"This is it" Kendra thought, "He is going to kill me, and there is nothing I can do about it." She closed her eyes, bracing herself for the death blow. She waited, but it never came. Finally she opened her eyes. Gavin was standing over her with his sword lowered and his face less hard. "But I wasn't lying when I told you that I am sorry Kendra. I –"

"I thought you liked me Gavin." Kendra muttered, "Just shows what a fool I am." She lowered her eyes.

"I do like you Kendra. Just not how you liked me." He sighed. "But that's not the reason I called you here. I need your help."

"Wait a minute, what?"

"Meet me outside your house at sunset on the side facing your bedroom window." Gavin said, his voice fading "Come alone. If it makes you feel better, you can bring a weapon. I will be alone and unarmed." As he said this his voice faded completely and he stepped backward into a swirling, gray fog that enveloped his body.

Kendra began calling his name over and over, but he didn't respond.

When the fog finally cleared, Gavin was gone, and in his place stood an enormous black dragon stood in his place.

"I'm sorry about this Kendra." The words weren't spoken aloud; instead, they were spoken directly into her mind, not unlike when she speaks to the fairy Queen, except without feeling the emotions. Kendra saw Gavin swipe a foreleg at her, but seconds before it hit her, she woke up screaming.

"Kendra! What is it?" Seth said, standing over her bed with a concerned look on his face.

"Nothing, just a bad dream. I'm fine." She said, trying to convince herself of the same thing.