A/N: I recently did props work for the full version of Once on this Island. In the production, during The Human Heart, Agwe and Erzulie ended up right next to each other, and I thought: "Huh. What was our director trying to say about these two?" So then I wondered, knowing that Agwe and Asaka were supposed to be married, what would happen if Erzulie tempted Agwe into an affair and how Asaka would react – Would Papa Ge get involved? What would be created – and how (maybe) Ti Moune would regard this, later, after Papa Ge had claimed her. My first of a few OOTI fan fictions.

It was the night that Ti Moune snuck into Daniel Beauxhomme's room. At first, the rich Frenchman had threatened to call a guard, but she began to heal him with a little help from Erzulie.

Of course, to provide a better mood, she came to Agwe. He was busy bringing up the tides of the ocean on the beach of that island in the French Antilles. She knew that he was THE God of Water, and a bit of fog wouldn't do any harm to help them.

"Agwe," she called from behind him. He was sitting in a tree (thanks to Asaka, his lovely wife) cross-legged. When he heard her voice, he turned around, calming the seas down a bit.

"Erzulie! How are you doing with Ti Moune and that grande hommes?" he asked pleasantly. The Goddess of Love appeared a bit younger than the others. Even Papa Ge appeared a bit older than her. While she wasn't innocent, she radiated youth and happiness, which always cheered Agwe up.

"Well, I need a bit of help…"

"I already brought the two together. I thought Asaka wouldn't let me interfere anymore—"

"Oh, I know she's your lover, and that's alright…but I just needed a bit of fog to roll into the room to help them truly feel the love in their hearts."

"Can't you do that?"

"Not fog, no."

Agwe looked down and away for a moment before standing up. "Why not. I'll follow you. But just this once. Asaka wants me to help the people in the village water their gardens."

"But of course!" Erzulie nodded, her chocolate-colored curls bouncing on her head. The water god smiled and followed her to the Hotel Beauxhomme.