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A Need Too Strong.

Chapter One: Watching

Quiet breathing filled the air as a lone figure watched from the shadows.

Kelly Jones was an individual. She didn't fit into any of the St Trinian tribes and she always kept herself apart from others. She never let anyone in and she never needed anyone.

Which was why she couldn't work out why she was standing in front of the new girls bed, watching her sleep in the middle of the night like a creeper.

She watched the gentle rise and fall of the girl's chest as she breathed, the way her hands gripped the sheets like a life-line. The girl was beautiful.

'What the hell am I doing?' she wondered.

She remembered watching the girl during her 'introduction' earlier. She'd felt bad for the obviously shy girl. She was easily startled and upon finally returning to the dorm (still naked) she'd obviously been scared of what the girls would do to her. Kelly had been waiting on Taylor's bed with a towel which the new girl had gratefully, if suspiciously accepted.

Evidently the girl was used to pranks.

Kelly had found herself hanging around the dorm until lights out despite the fact that the new girl had climbed straight into bed after getting dressed.

She'd noticed Polly shooting her knowing looks and had been grateful she took the YouTube video down after everyone else went to bed.

She'd headed off to her own room and spent the next hour tossing and turning until she finally caved to her desire to see the new girl and make sure she was okay, which brought her to the present moment where she was still staring at the girl another hour later.

A sudden light and vibration in the new girl's bed had Kelly shifting back into the shadows by Andrea's bed.

The new girl woke up and carefully looked around before getting up.

'No, no, no. Don't leave. You can survive here. Just give it time.' She thought frantically.

She didn't speak up though, only watched as the new girl dressed and got her things. She followed the younger girl out of the dorm and down to the entrance hall, listening as she called her father.

'Guy sounds like a selfish jackass.' She thought.

She watched as the girl dropped her phone and hit it with her hockey stick.

'Nice shot.' She thought in slight surprise, the girl was stronger than she looked.

She looked on in amusement as the girl was signed onto the hockey team.

'This should be interesting. Can't wait to see her in the skirt.'

That last thought pulled her up.

'Oh Christ no! I can not have a crush! I'm Kelly fucking Jones! I don't like anyone! Publicly at least. Except the twins…and Polly…and the new girl. Shit. I so have a crush.' She realized.

She followed the girl back up to the dorm and watched as she changed and crawled back into bed.

"Guess I'm stuck here. Can't be worse than Cheltenham. And Kelly seems nice. Maybe I can find some friends here." The younger girl mumbled before finally drifting off to sleep.

'She thinks I'm nice? She's so cute. Maybe there's hope for her here yet. Maybe. I hope so.' Kelly thought.

Finally deciding she needed to sleep herself; Kelly exited the dorm and headed to her own room. Changing back into shorts and a tank she crawled into her double bed, her thoughts still lingering on the new girl.

'We'll just have to see how she goes. I'll get over this crush. After all, I'm Kelly Jones. I don't need anyone.' She thought.

With that she started to drift off to sleep.

"Goodnight…Annabelle Fritton." She whispered to the empty room.