Chapter Three

Terrwyn looked at the clustered buildings and mass of people watching them from either side of the street as their entourage made their way through to the upper parts of the city. In the century that they had been together, Cassandra and Terrwyn had visited several towns, but Terrwyn had never been to a large city before.

They had arrived just before sunset at the behest of someone of importance called Julius Caesar. Her first impression of the city was not favorable, not understanding why anyone would choose to live in such confined spacing. The eyes on her, watching her, studying her, made her tense. It reminded her of being on the slave block, waiting to be bought. She hoped that whatever business had brought them here would be concluded quickly so that they could return to the cottage.

"I do not like this place." She said softly to Cassandra in her own language. "It is too enclosed."

"That is why the Goddess wished you to come with me." Cassandra responded in kind. "You will have to get used to places such as this. Cities are growing bigger and bigger as time goes by, and in the future, there will be few untouched forests left in the world."

Terrwyn looked at her, startled and a touch horrified. "I do not understand. Why would the Goddess allow such a thing? The forest is life. Without it, the world would slowly perish."

"It is not the Goddess' will. Mortals often do foolish things, and this will be one of them."

Their conversation trailed off as they approached a lavish Noble House. They were met at the door by a young man in ornate armor. He held himself with an air of arrogance and determination. "Ah, you must be Cassandra, the witch of the forest. I am Julius Caesar. Thank you for coming."

Cassandra's brow rose. "It is not as if you left me with much choice. The presence of your soldiers disrupts the harmony of the forest, and they were harassing the nearby villagers."

"Yes, well, they are perhaps a little overzealous in following their orders." He smiled charmingly, then turned an appraising eye on Terrwyn. "And who is your companion?"

"A servant." Cassandra answered offhandedly.

Just that quickly, Caesar lost interest in the small blonde. Terrwyn had to admire Cassandra's quick thinking. She had not appreciated how the nobleman was looking at her. She found that she didn't mind being thought of as Cassandra's servant. In fact, it brought to mind all kinds of ways that she could... serve the other woman. With an internal smirk, she quietly followed behind them as they entered Caesar's home.

"It is said that you can foretell the future." Caesar said as they walked. "That is why you are here. I wish my future told."

Cassandra glanced at the man at her side. "An unusual request for a former member of the priesthood."

After a moment's hesitation, Caesar inclined his head in acknowledgment. "Nevertheless, that is what I wish from you. You will be rewarded accordingly, of course."

"I have no need of reward." Cassandra stated. "Simply that you remove your presence, and that of your soldiers, from my woods." She turned to Terrwyn, handing her a jangling pouch from inside her cloak. "Go and secure us lodging, preferably on the outskirts of the great city. Also, see about restitution for the village."

"Yes, Mistress." Terrwyn bowed and left the room before anyone could object.

"Please, stay as my guest." Caesar offered. "I have had rooms prepared for you."

"You are most gracious," Cassandra acknowledged. "but we are unaccustomed to living in the confines of a city. We would be… uncomfortable." And Terrwyn would kill this man the first time he attempted to take advantage of her status, simply because he thinks that he can.

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"How did it go?" Terrwyn asked later that night.

"About as one would expect." Cassandra smiled, settling on the couch before the fire. "He lavished me with praises on how I kept control of the villages through their superstitious beliefs. Although, I was growing weary of his repeated attempts to get me into his bed and his employ."

"Well, I can see why he would wish you in his bed." Terrwyn commented, entering the room with a tray of fruits, nuts and berries. Setting the tray on a low table, she knelt before her lover. "You look absolutely luscious in that dress."

Cassandra laughed. "And what have you been up to, my lovely one?"

Terrwyn grinned slyly. "First, I did as my Mistress commanded me. Secured us this villa and purchased supplies and goods. They are already on the way to the village. I explored for a bit, then returned to prepare to 'serve' you when you arrived."

"You are prepared to serve me, eh?"

"I am yours to command, my Lady." Her eyes twinkled playfully and her voice sultry. "In whatever way you wish."

Cassandra shifted until she was sitting with Terrwyn between her legs. The beautiful thing about her lover was that, although she demanded control when gripped with battle lust, she had no trouble relinquishing it when she wasn't.

"Undress for me, my sweet." She said softly, running her fingers through the short blonde hair. "Slowly. Then remove my clothing as well."

Terrwyn obeyed. Sliding the garments off of her body in slow, sensual movements, and revealing herself to the Goddess' Emissary. Then she undressed Cassandra, making sure to brush sensitive flesh as she went along. Once they were both undressed, Cassandra led her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Taking Terrwyn's hands, she placed them on the headboard. "Close your eyes. Do not let go until I give you permission."

Straddling Terrwyn's hips, Cassandra leaned down to press a lazy kiss on her lover. Deliberately her touch light, she ghosted gentle fingers over the smooth skin of her throat, stroking over the still sensitive bite marks left from when she was Turned. Her lover was like a force of nature, and she knew that the restrained pace would drive her mad faster than simply teasing, but she also knew that Terrwyn would try her best to stay at the pace she dictated. It was part of the game, after all. At the light caress, she felt Terrwyn heartbeat stutter at the jolt of pleasure, then begin to pound so hard her skin vibrated. Slim fingers drift down to stroke over full breasts, cupping their weight as her thumbs flick the hardening nipples. Terrwyn arched, finally breaking the kiss and gasping. A quick glance showed the blonde's white knuckled grip on the headboard, making it creak in protest. With a sly smile, Cassandra tasted the flushed skin of her throat and pressed a kiss to the hollow of her neck.

"Cassandra." Terrwyn moaned.

"I like having you beneath me, Astr'ven'ti." Cassandra whispered. "All that power under my fingertips. Straining to touch and be touched." She scraped her nails over those hard nipples and Terrwyn nearly lifted her off the bed. "Do you want to touch?"

"Oh, Goddess, yes." Terrwyn panted. "Please let me touch you."

Cassandra didn't answer, and didn't give her permission. Instead, she moved her touch lower to stroke Terrwyn's abdomen and dip into her naval. She could tell that the skimming touches were driving Terrwyn insane. Her eyes were squeezed closed and her teeth were bared in a grimace. "Open your eyes, pretty one."

Terrwyn's eyes opened to half-mast, and Cassandra could see the silver shine. Smiling, she lowered her body to rub her nipples against the Terrwyn's. She could almost see the energy being absorbed into the body shifting restlessly beneath her. Moving down, she placed teasing kisses and sharp nips on the heaving breasts before taking a hard nipple into her mouth and suckling. At the same time, she reached down to thrust two fingers forcefully into Terrwyn's slick sex. Terrwyn cried out as her body moved to match Cassandra's driving rhythm. The witch ran her tongue over shifting stomach muscles until she reached her lover's twitching clit. Sucking it into her mouth, she carefully set her teeth and bit down gently and she pressed her fingers into that special spot that had Terrwyn screaming her name into the night.

As Terrwyn came down from her pleasure-high, Cassandra left the bed to get something from their bags. "Lift your hips, sweet one."

Obeying without thought, the Astr'ven'ti gasped as she felt a familiar sensation between her legs as the witch fastened the harness and phallus around her slim hips. "You can release the headboard now. I don't think we'll want to have to explain if you break it." Cassandra said as she once again straddled her lover. With slow, sensuous movements, she rubbed herself against the phallus, knowing that her lover could feel it as if it here a true extension of her body. Made for Terrwyn by one of the villages during one of the Celebrations of Love, Cassandra had placed a small spell on the accessory that allowed Terrwyn to feel all the sensations whenever she used it.

"Cassandra, please." Terrwyn finally broke down and begged. Slim fingers gripped the hips above her, but she didn't try to rush her lover. She gasped and thrust her hips up as the witch teased the head of the phallus with her fingers before wrapping her hand around it and stroking firmly. "Oh, Goddess!"

"Do not climax." Cassandra ordered even as Terrwyn began to match her rhythm. Terrwyn whimpered and nodded her head in sharp jerks. "Do you want me to take you in my mouth or my body?"

The Astr'ven'ti panted at the thought of either. Her breath was sawing in and out of her chest in harsh groans.

"Answer me, Astr'ven'ti." Cassandra demanded.

"Body!" Terrwyn gasped, then moaned as Cassandra shifted and she felt the head push into the hot haven of Cassandra's sex. Unable to hold out any longer, Terrwyn finally took control and, tightening her grip on her lover's hips, she sat up and physically lifted and lowered the witch on the appendage while pushing upwards in powerful driving thrusts. Cassandra cried out at the sudden shift in control, then all she could do was hold on for the ride as Terrwyn drove them both over the edge and they came together.

"Oh, Goddess, Terrwyn." Cassandra gasped.

Terrwyn held her close as she tried to catch her breath. Cassandra was limp in her arms. With gentle fingers, the young Immortal smoothed back the witch's sweat-soaked hair, raining gentle kisses all over her face as was her habit after such an intense feeding.

"Are you all right?" She asked softly. "I did not drain you too much, did I?"

"I am divine." Cassandra sighed blissfully. She stroked sensitive fingers over a sweet smile, smiling herself when her fingertips were kissed. "Goddess bless, that was intense."

"You are a Goddess." Terrwyn said, rolling them over so that she was on top, and began rocking in a gentle rhythm. "And I'm going to show you how you should be worshipped."