Characters and locations belong to J.K. Rowling. I've just borrowed her characters and made them more to my liking. This is rated T due to mentions of child abuse and the use of bad language. At the present time there are no plans for anything sexual. If this changes I will be changing the rating.


Laying there in a pool of blood, locked away in his bedroom, he knew he was not going to survive. The damage was just too much. "I don't know what I did this time girl. But Uncle Vernon was really pissed." he whispered at the snowy owl who was pecking at his head, trying to get his attention. "I don't think I can make it, girl." He groaned as he opened his eyes a slit and looked at the owl who was his first real friend. In the owl's talon he noticed a piece of parchment."I can't girl. I don't have anything to write with." A thought entered his pain fogged brain. Slowly he moved his hand to the parchment and with shaking hand he printed ' HELP HARRY' in his own blood before he passed out.

Back at Hogwarts, Severus was just making his way from the great hall toward his rooms when he was dive bombed by a snowy owl clutching a piece of parchment. "Go away you bloody pest. Go bother someone else" he snarled. The owl persisted until Severus finally took the parchment. Opening it he read 'HELP HARRY' written in red. For a moment he thought it was a joke or prank until he realized that the red was blood not ink. "Bloody hell, Potter, what have you gotten yourself into now?" with that Severus took the owl and went to the nearest apparition point. Looking into the owl's eyes Severus spoke "I need you to take me to your master. I need to apparate to where he is but I don't know the address." Hedwig looked deep into Severus' eyes and sent the information to him knowing it would be alright even though her master did not give her permission. Once he received permission, he disappeared with a pop and ended up behind the house at Number 4 Privet Drive. Casting a spell to make himself less noticeable he let himself in the kitchen door, listening intently he proceeded into the house. Hearing nothing he slowly went upstairs checking rooms as he went. When he made it to the third door he was extremely puzzled, this door was locked with six different locks. With a flick of his wand and a spell or two the door finally opened. What met Severus' eyes almost made him vomit.

Taking a step toward the bloody mess on the floor, Severus held his breath as he tried to tell if it was alive or not. Suddenly Severus heard a low moan which spurred him into action. Kneeling next to the boy on the floor Severus felt for his pulse which was weak and thready. "Tibby, I need you at once" Severus commanded. Suddenly a small house elf appeared ready to do her master's bidding. Placing Harry in a stasis spell Severus picked him up. "Tibby, I need you to take us to Prince Manor, The heir's bedroom then go get Poppy. I don't care what she's doing bring her and her bag to me immediately." With that the elf took Severus' arm and with a pop they were gone from Harry's room and were standing by the bed in another room. Tibby was gone in an instant. "Taffy I need you." Severus spoke and with a pop a smaller elf was standing there. " Pull down the blanket, cover the bed with several layers of sheets, then get me basins of warm water, flannels and white towels." Once the sheets were down on the bed Severus gently laid the boy down and practically ran to his lab and came back with his arms loaded with vials of potions. Severus was just setting them down when Tibby returned with Poppy.

"Severus, what is the meaning of this? I was just getting ready to go out." the medi-witch said in a huff.

"Poppy, looked what those damnable muggles did to Potter." Severus swore as he removed Harry's clothes with a spell while leaving him in the stasis spell. Poppy looked to where Severus was pointing and gasped out loud.

"Merlin, Severus, how is he still alive." she asked as she began running diagnostic spells. Meantime Severus charmed several blood replacement and pain potions directly into Harry's body. When Poppy finished she and Severus started to work on healing the worse of the injuries. Poppy placed Harry into a medically induced coma so there was no chance of him coming to until they were done. Poppy and Severus worked hard until they were both exhausted and there were still injuries they didn't heal because they were afraid to give him any more potions right then. When they finally finished cleaning Harry and bandaging the wounds they hadn't healed yet Severus sat in the chair next to the bed and picked up the diagnostic that Poppy had run. "Tibby," Severus called quietly, the elf popped into the room. "Would you be so kind as to bring us tea and the bottle of brandy from the cupboard in the dining room." Severus started reading:

Medical scan – Harry James Potter – July 20, 1992


Cracked skull

Cracked cervical vertebra

Broken collar bone – Left side

Broken ribs – 5 on right / 6 on left

Broken Humerus – right arm

Broken Radius and Ulna – left arm

Carpals of both wrists

Metacarpals and Phalanges of both hands

Broken Pelvis – left side

dislocated hip – right side

Broken Femur – both legs

Broken Tibia and Fibula – left leg

Cracked Tibia and Fibula – right leg

Broken Tarsals – both ankles

Broken Metatarsals and Phalanges – both feet


Torn Pectoral Muscle – left size

Torn Trapezius Muscle – left side

Torn Rectal muscles

general bruising to most other muscles


Eyesight Damage from previous injury acerbated

Bruised Larynx

Punctured Lung – left side

Slight Tear Lung – right side

Injured Kidney – left side

Crushed Testes – left side

Bruised Testes – right side

Bruised bladder

Tear in Spleen

Torn areas in Colon and Large Intestines


Bruises and Contusions to most surface areas

Eyes swollen shut

open wounds appear to be inflicted by narrow leather strap.

extensive wounds on buttocks and thighs from wooden

cane or other similar object.

Deep bruises on neck appear to be from a pair of hands.


Patient has been severely injured by non-accidental means.

Extensive medical intervention is required.

Complete recovery can not be assured.

Both Physical and Mental therapy will be required.

Some memory loss should be expected.

Eyesight correction should wait until patient is mostly healed. Glasses will still be needed until patient has reached full maturity then other means may be tried.

Scan performed by: Madam Poppy Pomfrey

medi-witch at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Scan verified by: Professor Severus Snape / Lord of the House of Prince

Master of Potions, Professor of Potions at Hogwarts School

of Witchcraft and Wizardry, certified Emergency Healer,

"Bloody Hell, Poppy, Potter is lucky to be alive at all. It's going to take a bloody long time to get him healed enough to function on his own. Merlin only knows if we can get him back to how he was before all this. What is he going to do Poppy, he's such a tiny thing." Severus and Poppy sat there for a long while not speaking just sipping their tea laced with brandy and running things through their minds.

" Severus, now that we have him stabilized in the coma do you think we should transport him to St. Mungo's or the Hospital wing at the school?" Poppy questioned, the pain visible on her face as she looked at Harry.

Severus looked at her like she had lost her mind. "Potter stays here. There is no way we can keep him safe at either place. Besides the press doesn't need to find out and spread it to the whole wizarding world. Here I can brew whatever potions he needs fresh daily, I have trained house elves to assist me in his care and no one can get to him here that I don't personally allow." Severus said patting her hand. " Between the two of us we can start him healing. I'll have to talk to Minerva she is his head of house and he cares as much for her as she does for him. I'll also have to tell the headmaster but I will do all that I can to prevent him from meddling. He's going to have to figure out someone else to be his golden boy. He can wait until he gets back in a couple weeks."

" You're right of course, Severus, first things first." Poppy agreed. " There's not much more we can do tonight. If you'll be alright for tonight I'm going home, bathe change and figure out how to torture certain muggles and not end up in Azkaban." Severus gave Poppy a disbelieving look.

"Madame Pomfrey , if I didn't know better I'd swear you were a Slytherin. Things will be fine here with the help of my elves. I think I'll do a little planning on my own but I'm planning real punishment. I have several friends who can assist me with the muggle authorities. If it works out the way I hope Mr. Potter will not have to deal with the wizarding world at all about this." With a half smile Severus turned to Poppy and placed his hand on her arm. " Thank You, Poppy, I'll be expecting you tomorrow. I'll add your floo to mine so you can come through when you need to. I trust you won't be letting just anyone through but I'll have it password encoded. If you speak to Minerva you can bring her through so we can fill her in on what's happening."

"Until tomorrow the Severus, try to get some rest." Severus snorted. " You're going to need it. Merlin knows rest will be lacking when we bring him out of the coma." Poppy smiled and gave Severus her stern no-nonsense look. " I know you, young man, once he's awake you won't be far from his side." Severus gave her a glare then a smirk.

"I have some potions to brew then I will rest. I promise, Madame Pomfrey" Severus told her as he escorted her to the floo and added her residence to his fireplace floo network giving her the password.

"I'm honored Severus, ' til tomorrow" Poppy smiled as she flooed home.

"Bloody meddling witch" Severus growled " What would I do without her." Severus headed for his lab after asking Taffy to remain in Harry's room and come get him if needed. After brewing more skele-grow, blood replenishers, pain relievers, healing potions, bruise creams and nutrient potions Severus showered and went to sleep.